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The Only Exception - Paramore (Tori Kelly Cover)

by Tori Kelly • 389,113 views

not my guitar! this is before i even had my own guitar, so i think i've improved a little since then...hopefully. lol.

Lol why does she remind me of Zoe from Zoe101 in this?! 😂
my heart cannot handle this
awwww she look so cute!
great job Tori - you have a great voice!
Tori what are you wearing???? 😂😂😂 lol I love you so much dude!
I cry when I see this and then watch Tori's newest cover of this song. D: </3 love her so much
Ok, so look at her guitar skills here compared to now, 5 years later. I'm so encouraged. I am at this level now. so.. maybe in 5 years, ill be able to be half as good as her.. lol not my voice of course.. but hey, i think ill play every day and see what happens. 
It's amazing how much she has improved.
Curly Hair is much better for you ~ But still it's CUTEEE ! ^_^v
Lol. She had that Rogue, from x-men, streak in her hair back then. Tori Kelly' music gives me life though. She is such an inspiration to me. God.
Love ya Tori!!!!! Keep it up!!!
is it juts me or does she look different now? idk but how did she get famous? was it from here, or when she went on american idol?
She also looks different because she's 4 years older.
Oh my goshhh, so hilariously cute! 
Saw her perform this at Billboard's Candid Covers Live show couple weeks ago in NYC. SO much growth
you have such a beautiful voice.
I love Paramore so I'm always skeptical about covers of their songs but I was pleasantly surprised you're amazing & have a great voice :) that guitar perhaps a fender??
freaking hellll. every video of you, i just keep thinking your even more beautiful. (if thats possible ha) much love, your amazing <3
i would give die if i could sing with you tori. your so amazing and music is all ive ever wanted to do.
She's Shouting! but he's AWSOME!
sounds even better than the original version better voice than the girl with orange hair
yourr soo good i keep commenting on your veidos cause your soo good i wish i was you!!!!!!!!!! i want your voice:). =).
Tori Kelly you are the only exception!
your so cute! Reminds me of Cassidy Pope.
the only way people could've disliked this is if they missed the like button
your natural hair is so beautiful never straighten it!! <3<3<3
I like the Rogue thing goin on in ur hair very pretty
you are honestly the best singer i have EVER heard dude, EVER ! its ridiculous how freakin great you are. best singer on youtube HANDS DOWN ! & i honestly stopped watchin american idol wen they let you go . your gona get sooo far Tori keep postin new vids ! ive already watched all of these like a million times LOL you freakin rock girl (:
Your voice... wow. But I find the strumming a little harsh and overpowering. Keep it up!
Beautifully talented as always ;D
@masterzwaan she does make beats... check out her A cappella Songs
i loooove your voice and your beautiful af.
Am I the only one who loves her hair...? Im sowwie I juss hadda point that out. Lol. I love all your videos <3 ;
How can you possibly dislike this song!
she looks different here. compare to the other,it looks lke she had a tan.mind asking,is she white or latino?
Your hair is perfect curly or straight and i love your voice!
You Look So Much Younger With Your Hair Straightend :O
you are so gorgeous and so talented :]]]
your amazing here, but sooo much better now:)
sounds awesome! you kinda remind me of rogue from x-men 8)
I love your tan !.xxxxx. your so pretty and love your hair !.xx. how come your not famous yet ?.
didnt u tried out for american idol?!! o.O well u shudve won or something lyk tht lol :P ur really good.
very pretty n sounds great!! CHECKOUT MY VERSION!!!!!
i love it tori! your amazing! :) how can i become like you?
She plays guitar lefty and righty! How the heck do u do that
You should go on The Voice! You have a really good voice.
Im just keep looking for the "I LIKE ALL THE VIDEOS" button :)
@horsepower13579 She's in a video with Keri Hilson called "The Way You Love Me" You should watch it!
what do you use to video record this?
I Found The Like Button, But Wheres The 'Love' Button?? You Are AMAZING!!
your voice is so pretty keep it up gurlie :)
your straightened hair is so amazing compared to your glorious curly things :P
this was her first video on you tube. ever. the video that started it all. it must feel good for her to look back and think how much progress she's made since then. and how far music has taken her. love you tori.
And? doesnt mean you got go on about it, everyone knows she has talent so just stfu aye? thank you =)
Jealous? Yes I am. I'm pretty upset that one YouTube video can create such havoc in my entire singing career. Heheh. Anyway, you surely do have an amazing voice. I encourage you to find out when American Idol auditions are an try out.
20 people wanted to be the only exception
The commercial creeped the shit out of me D:
Good that scooter Braun discovered you !
seriously your voice is CRAZY , AMAZING , BEAUTIFUL !!! lol love it keep singing girl !
I really like your covers and you have an amazing voice, but the guitar kills me here... :/
ur hair looks good straight BUT I JUST LOVE IT ALL WAVEY AND STUUFFERS :o
Devastatingly cute! I'm not one to fall, but I think I just got derailed!! I love all about this your a cutey! Post more, please! Get some Blind Melon going!!!!!
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