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Empire Strikes Back HISHE - Bonus Footage "Happy Vader"

by How It Should Have Ended • 988,861 views

There were a few more "I have a son!" moments to the Happy Vader sequence in the original Empire Strikes Back HISHE, but they were taken out for time reasons. This is the full length version of the...

Greeting Cloud City, how are you? Well I'm doing fantastic because I found out I have a son! ... You may go along now...
0:09 the crew never thought the day would come
"I have a son, T.I.E. Fighters!" That is one happy Vader.
you mean the guy named Vader is a vater what a surprise 
So I take it Anakin has a son...
yea that part got me too
I didnt subscribed on this video cuz Im a Sith lol...
Darth Vader: I have a son captain solo...who is frozen in carbonite...and can't really hear me......HA HA
que bueno que tuvo un hijo jajajajaj
Lol, that part with the bounty hunters :)
This is so cute! <3 I always imagined how he thought that in the real movies, too, but didn't say anything. :D
I know that moment when your see child for the first time and I can see Vader feels the same from the look in his eyes.
No Force chokings all around! WHOO!
There was a dog on that small droid
1:03 Then I'm a JEDI!!! YAY!!!
I have a son lightspeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!
i have a son light speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
This is stupid. He knew he had a son
I have a sun planet that I just exploded
That awkward moment when: you tell Cloud City that you have a son when nobody in Cloud City really cares
No force chokings all around!
I just payed attention to the first YouTube ad ever. It was about Hetalia.
0:30 is it just me, or does he sound like the Old Spice guy in this part?
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hey did anyone see the dog on the little droid at 00:26
So far they have put a dog in every vid
"I have a son, light speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!"
I hated the original. Parodying off sponge bob is not a good idea.
no force chokings all around! I mean how could they - even - I mean you would never want to get to high up in the chain of command cause then you loose someone in a astroid field And then...apology accepted captian needar...take him away dont fail me again admiral... I don't think I wanna be promoted...?
still better than the christmas special xD
You mean the "Han Solo, who is frozen in carbonite and can't hear me" part?
@ApocalypseNext ok so yo already know, i was just tryin to help u man, unless u are somehow trolling...
"I have a son light SPEEEEED!"
I have a son captain solo! Who is now frozen in carbonite and can't really hear me lmfaoo
hmm its funny but no thats not how it should have ended
"I have a son Captain Solo!" Gets me every time
not to nerd out but if vader just found out that he had a son hon solo wouldn't be frozen in carbinite yet . . . so yeah
anyone else notice the little dog on the small droid?
the people say, what the @#%$&()& IS THAT?!
And Darth would have probably killed Han if he found out Han will be banging his daughter later.
Darth Vader == Old Spice Dude?
i could see ''i have a son'' song in the end credits like... i have a son son son son son, oh i have a son!.
0:26 there is a dog face on the little droid who runs down the hall ways :3
I'm batman, Little Droid who drives around the hallways
Han. I am your father in law. Lets get a beer and watch the Red Sox.
Your the worst dad ever! More like the most powerful dad ever.
0:25 there is a dog's face on the mouse droid. wtf.
Damn! YOu have to stop the video to actually see the dog...and I always forget lol! Is there a pattern? I mean, does it always come out in the first 30 secs. of the video?
did anyone notice the dog on the mouse droid?
"no force chokings, all around!" "Wee!" lol "'re just standing around, get back to work" LOL
no force chokings all around!
Uh, but he didn't just "find out." He and the Emperor new "the son of Skywalker" was Luke. Luke was the one who got the bad news and responded accordingly.
I would love to see this scenes in the actual HISHE.
:26 dog face on the small droid that drives around the hallways
"Hey Leia, I have a son! And guess what?! *Spoiler Alert* You're my daughter!" Leia: "NOOOOOOO!"
they did make a HISHE for return of the Jedi but it didn't have a baseball game
But the Sith can watch this video in the past, eh? Old good days of the Empire, thousands of Sith, all stuff like that.
why does the little droid that drives around the hallways have a dog face on it?
"Hey have you heard the new?" "I am a father" wohooooooooo "This is great!" "No force choking all around!"
Am I the only one who thinks that he sounds like Stan Smith from American Dad?
have everyone have u hured the news an a father! i have a son stormtroopers i have a son astroyed tie fighers i have a son hay bounty hunters i can a son did u no that?... yes.. u already new who told u wait your just standing around get back to work i have a son little mouse droid that runs around the hall ways i have a son lightspeed greting cloud city how are u im doing fantastic thx for asking because i just found out i have a son i have a son solo. I HAVE A SONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! XD
"I have a son, the end sign who is blue and in bold letters!"
I really hope their Return of the Jedi HISHE involves Darth Vader taking Luke, Leia and Han to a baseball game or something in an unspeakably awkward attempt to reconnect.
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