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How to Make Easy Baked Chicken Breasts - The Easiest Way

by CHOW • 274,126 views

Baking boneless, skinless chicken breasts often results in a bland, dried-out dinner. But with a few quick tricks and our simple Crispy Baked Chicken Breasts recipe, the CHOW Test Kitchen's Amy...

Mayo is what, 99% pure fat? Might just as well deep fry it. Why buy skinless breast meat at a premium price and do something that evil to it? You are going to end up being 350 pounds with type 2 diabetes , legs amputated and blind in a wheelchair, good luck with all that. Keep eating that mayo and all the other crap.
Shut the Fuck up, go see a therapist with your issues, YouTube is not a place to lecture people about mayo okay. Good 
like fat is something you should be afraid of, looks like you one of this sad people who was told fat = bad, go educate yourself and come back and say sorry
it's already dead. LOL love you guys.
yea that was funny lol
I wanted to make this but I didn't have Panko, thyme, or fancy cheese, so! I used smashed up seasoned Texas toast croutons, sage and permashan cheese lol (I don't know how to spell the name) I guess it came down to using your technique... It was a hit New Year's Eve dindin lol thanks!
Browning the panko breadcrumbs in the frying pan before using them to coat the chicken will add more flavor without any more calories!
Tryin this tonight! Looks good
Made this last night and it came out incredible, the only thing I did different was use Italian panko instead of plain
In our household, this recipe is now known as "Swiss Thyme Pieces of Chicken" !
This chicken was the best I've ever made. Did it exactly like the recipe and it's wonderful!!!
Might as well eat fried chicken lol this is so unhealthy looks delicious...but unhealthy
yeah, listened for the second time and heard that about already dead ... LOL
This is definitely not the easiest.  No mayo!  Just use buttermilk.  And if you can, let the chicken marinade overnight in the buttermilk with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
I LOVE the confidence, the humor and the great production work. Those three things tell me  you have a bullet proof recipe here. I'll be sure to give it a try!
Made this for dinner last night, everyone loved it! =)
Where would you buy a cooking rack? I tried to find one on Amazon, but I couldn't find one.
Why don't Americans like mayo that much?
Go ahead, have a bowl of it. While you are at it try a bowl of lard with a hair in it.
If you've been forcing down bowls of mayonnaise you've been eating it wrong my friend.
Suzi Kamal Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Thanks Ms Amy me n my honey made it two nights your the best joe n Christina :-)
I made this for supper and it was ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!  Crispy and tender, all at once!! The best thing is......the recipe was simple and easy......Your family will LOVE it....The last 15 minutes, I put some sliced tomatoes and mushrooms on the pan, to bake with the chicken!!  G R E AT!!!!!
This recipe is great. My chicken breast came out a bit dry but I top it off with some spaghetti sauce. I will definitely make this again.
If I plan to brine the chicken, should I do it before or after I pound it down?
delicious recipes! Thank you for sharing
Easy & convenient. lOVED IT
I cant watch chow anymore! Who cares it stinks anyway
Woman, I want to wife you so hard right now. You are a life saver. Literally.
Gonna try this now! Fingers crossed.
Looks awesome, might give this a try. Thanks, CHOW!
tosstassy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
she thought she was clever. " Dont kill the chicken, its already dead."
Adam H Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
...and i actually wanted to lose weight...damn it!
No one does this right... COAT THEM TWICE. Dip them in the wet mixture, then the dry, THEN THE WET AND DRY AGAIN. See in the video, how the chicken has those clumps where it's not coated at all? That's stupid. Coat it twice, you get an even coating, it tastes better, it cooks better just... just coat it twice.
This is awesome but please don't use a wooden cutting board for your chicken. It's a quick way to get salmonella.
Yes, the mayo part does sound really nasty, as mayo is completely disgusting. Put that on my chicken and you'll be getting it jammed back in your face. The best idea in this video is the rack to keep the chicken crispy on the bottom.
This looks better than any chicken breast recipe I've seen! Can't wait to make it.
He never said he was not thankful, I love my mom and the way she cooks, But sometimes , People wished that their mom cooked better But, I'm sure he didn't mean it like "my mom sucks she can't cook like this" I'm sure his still thankful she cooks at all.
@namastearkicha - do you mean that the side dish you make along with this baked chicken must go through the method of baking or roasting? you could try making roasted root vegetables(sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cauliflower), cheesy roasted asparagus/green bean. if you're concerned about the calories from the cream cheese or parmesan that you might toss in with your vege, you could use nutritional yeast instead. good luck for your exam. :-)
listen to 0:00 to 0:05 with your eyes closed for the ultimate southwestern kick ;D
I am really loving this series.
Listen to the video with your eyes closed xD
I Subbed the mayo for ranch dressing and replaced salt and pepper with seasoned salt. It was pretty freaking awesome!
Although this does not look easy, it does look good!!
so MUCH AWESOMENESS in one MEAL!! Oo i love you *sniff*
people do NOT do this. i tried this and got the E Coli virus 2 days later
Made this. Amazing. Thank you
easiest way to cook a chicken. get a live chicken, turn on the oven, shove the live chicken in the oven. you'll have a good meal and also a great show while waiting to be cooked
This is probably one of the first CHOW recipe ideas that I'll actually try...
Just made it... so delicious.
@33 Foil doesn't teae that good. What sorcery is this?
thats not the easiest way,..... probably the best way
I would like to say is its a good theory with it cooking unevenly and could be rubbery but my mom can cook moist non rubbery evenly cooked chicken without pounding it out and all that stuff u said in the vid
Hey not all of us have good cooking mothers. I grow up eating crap and surviving off of fast food. The moment I was old enough to take over the kitchen I started cooking for myself and others. Everyone is happier now for it, we all admit her cooking was horrible. No need to try and break down someone who is just making a simple comment. Some peoples moms suck at cooking.
How about not judging a person based on their comments on the internet you lazy piece of fuck?
Damn im going to have to try that!!! That looks awesome and easy!
want to hug you tight you are nice
You're not trying to kill the chicken. It's already dead.
Any meal that requires a hammer must be a great meal.
Mayo slathered chicken: What sounds bad about that? Ever heard of chicken salad?
Wow it was never that serious, just open the door and play outside
I love this woman! and food. I dont like swiss cheese though so I might leave that out and replace it with something else
You didn't mention consomme so that wasn't even the joke anyway.
You don't have to put the cheese in there I tried it with and without & it tastes great both ways (:
Mayo and cheese... American cooking ftw
i am fasting but why am i still watching this???
I like to just dip my chicken in a doritos consomme and bake it straight for an extra southern kick ;)
Please, stop using the word 'all'! Three stars.
So much anger... guessing somebody lost there mother.
Okay i was checking my facebook at the start of the video, i hear 'show tits' then fspping noises, i was just like, umm okay...anyway....
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