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BDD and cosmetic surgery.

by Laura Lejeune • 6,525 views

Before anyone says 'I told you so'..know that I do not regret getting my rhinoplasty, I love my nose and wouldn't change it for the world! :) It was totally worth it! I made this video to share...

I am considering.
Through my psychiatrist when I was 15, which wasss...4 years ago now
Cut your hair yourself because hairdressers are too mainstream.
iloveyouu laura. Do you have a tumblr? You are beautiful.
im not condoning that you do it. but you say that your unhappy with you boobs, you can 'shrink' them with surgery
Can you even read? Thailand.Offers.The.Best.Surgeons.In.The.WORLD. Which is why I went there, yes I got a holiday too...That has nothing to do with this. How can you guarantee that there are no good rhinoplasty surgeons in Thailand...My's PROOF that there are. The ladyboys over there, they are beautiful. I was in a good state when I had the surgery, if you payed any sort of attention to what I was actually saying in this video. I am far from foolish, love.
I think that was a very brave video to make. I know that you try and keep your videos positive, to help others, which is a wonderful thing and very important. But it is also important for you to sometimes let that other stuff show through, it is from others experiences we can sometimes learn the best lessons. You came to a very wise conclusion about cosmetic surgery and mental illness. Just take it one step at a time darling!
just take your medication, and then think about plastic surgery :)
I havr bdd too. I'm 13 and I've been obsessive over my big thighs, my stomach fat, and my curly hair that never stays straight. Ppl say I'm thin but I look in the mirror and I'm disgusted by what I see. No1 could ever love me :c
youve always been stunning, i never even thought anything bad of your nose, at all, your literally stunning <3
Haha, loved the end, you two are brilliant together :) I hope things get better Laura, I'm really sorry that you feel like that. Stay strong -3
I think you have a really cute nose, sorry if I offend, but I wish I looked like you. I'm getting to the point where I cant safely walk down the street because Im afraid that people will see me and stare or say something. I've began only going out with my partner or at night when no ones around. I havent told anyone how intensly I feel about this. My partner hasnt even picked up on it though he has picked up on the fact that I wont get dressed/undressed infont of him anymore. soz this is long.
Eve using,e person is different and every single person THINKS differently and someone with BDD should know this because when someone says 'oh your beautiful' and you think no I'm not you are thinking DIFFERENTLY from them. My point of that rant is that you @scarred10 should NOT be judging anyone by how they think and how they feel. Ok?! Rant over.
im not doubting,just that a lot of people on the net refer to bdd but never even visited a psychiatrist to diagnose it.I will say you were very foolish to get cut price surgery in another country,if something goes wrong with surgery for a BDD patient,it will be a disaster ,happened to me twice and countless other patients i know online and from being in hosoital together.
being pretty doesn't mean that i deserve anything, i could be a murderer! D:
hey laura! ive commented on one of your plastic surgery photos a while back & thought i would take a look at your youtube videos. Ive had rhinoplasty too 4 months ago & i also get some of the same feelings, i forget that my nose isnt MASSIVE anymore and try & cover it! i just wanted to let you know your not the only one :) xx
Excuse me? Does my face looked fucked up to you? Nope, That's because Thailand offers the best surgeons in the world, which is why I went there in the first place. You don't talk a lot of sense for someone who has lived on this earth for 39 years. Getting surgery abroad automatically makes me foolish? How dare you.
When I was a kid I always went on and on about wanting a nose job, but I decided not to, didn't want to be unconscious and out of control while some one messed with bits of me (weird). It's good that you're working on it rather than just jumping into it in the wrong mindset. I sit in the dark and talk to myself to vent rather than videos xD *is odd* but it's always comforting to know that other's struggle with their confidence too and I'm not just some sulky loser who wants to hide.
i freaking love you! :) You speak your mind and arent ashamed of it... your bluntness is admirable. <3 i wish you the best in your journey towards "recovery."
i know you've probably heard this over & over before , but shit , ur gorgeous *-* whether u get a buttlift or a unicorn horn implant in the middle of ur forehead *-*
Your really inspiring : I love youh!!!!! :D <3
a butt lift?... thats kinda funny.. anyway im sure you really dont need that. :P but hey do what makes you happy :)
thats what i said ,you were lucky,I guarantee you there are no good rhino surgeons in thailand,you went to thailand because it was cheap and you got a holiday as well.I said it was a foolish decision ,and it is especially for rhino when you have BDD ,Youd need the best doc for that because the margin of eror is tiny.Yours looks very good however.
imagine how it would feel to sit if you got the surgery on your butt.. owwwch:/
I'm having surgery on my ears on thursday after a year of BDD treatment, the BDD having started from a previous otoplasty that was somewhat botched (so says the leading otoplasty surgeon in the UK...). My question is, your obsession about your bum, did you obsess about this at all before when you were obsessing over your nose, or is this totally new? I apologise if I'm being ignorant, this is the first of your videos that I've watched. Any thoughts on this would be grand x
I haven't been diagnosed but I am pretty sure I have bdd (I've made a few videos on it recently) and every day I think about how much I want surgery but I have an addictive personality and I know I will get hooked on it which upsets me so much because it's like fighting between wanting to do something for the better but knowing it will eventually be worse for you. Ugh. I am sorry you are struggling at the moment and remember I am always here for you! XXX
fatty will move swiftly, and once i start movin, i cant be stop. You will find out why im the silverback. Thats all i got, hope you have a great day
i need fat taken out of my legs :(
<3 I do love you :3 (not in a creepy way) ;D
i hated having curves. I still kind of do because i associate it with being fat. But now, i think i dont mind as long as its not flabby and its nice and toned. Guess ill be hitting the gym when i am allowed to exercise :)
I say if u want to get it done badly i think u should its up to u to decide no one else. But no matter what u do u will always be beautiful even if u like fucking got a tail and grew wings haha!! :]
I love your laugh at 9:53 haha. :)
Its not YOU, its not your BODY that needs fixing and modifying. Its your MIND. How you think. But i think if someone does go ahead and choose to get cosmetic surgery, that they accompany it with a form of therapy.
nah man, you're way too gorgeous now to let some doctor take that away. Just hold on tight and dont allow yourself to take that first step towards a second procedure, stop looking at pictures of it, stop reading of it, act to it like a vampire towards garlic. Be strong Laura, you rock.
I jumped when her sister came out of nowhere screaming o.o
Any ass is a fabulous ass. Just saying c:
Haha. You and your sister remind me of me and my sisters. Lol. :)
Your really brave for making this video, i'm never able to talk to my best friend about this much without feeling shy&your making these videos, your amazing <3
i wants a big butt with moreee fat. squats do fuck all.
That makes much more sense. I think you are really beautiful!!!!!!!
We all ready have! :) Go have a looky on my second channel x
Hope it is soon, that you well realize and feel perfectly fine with how you llook (and yes, you look perfectly fine and lovely).
I know how you feel. I kinda have self esteem problems too, I feel so uncomfortable outside my house since my friend left me. I cant have proper conversations with anyone except my family. Hehe nice video >w< ~
What piericing you gonna get Laura? X
um this is a bit random but u hve kool accent ? um what kind is it ???????????/
Sorry for my short reply but yes, it was a new thing. Triggered by my ex's love of big butts! we're not longer together (obviously!!) but I still obsess over it. I used to think that my bum was too big, now it's 'too small' in my opinion. :') Good luck with your surgery. <3
I love how you try to be so positive! (:
you are so brave i look up to you so much love you <3 (not in a creepy way) :P
Again, offers some of the best surgeons in the world. It was not down to luck, at all. Kindly, piss off. You're beginning to irritate me.
To distract attention away from my nose. At least when people stare, I can assume that they're not staring at my nose but at my hair. My makeup, makes my eyes appear bigger (making my nose not so...prominent on my face) Simple really. :)
Actually It helps to get out your feelings to put up videos.
Please please please don't get more cosmetic surgery, your bum your boobs your belly and everything else makes you who you are. Love them the way they are. Stay strong. If you wanna talk, I'm here for ya. <3 -Olivia xx
its hardly noticable that your hair is lop sided
OMG I love you and your sister together, you are so funny! You should do a video with her some time.
You and your sister are HYSTERICAL together :D x I love watching you two together :)) x
I completely understand the whole oh-your-so-beautiful!-shut-up-you-look-gorgeous! thing because I get that too like someone can say I look pretty but that doesn't mean that I feel pretty or I see that when I look in the mirror, like you can be told you are pretty a million times yet still feel like the ugly. There's a song I love though by Demi Lovato and its like "I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today" and that's how I feel, *I* wanna think I'm beautiful not just other people saying it.
i know this probably won't help you but you ARE beautiful. I know this won't help at all (considering whenever someone tries to tell me i'm beautiful i piss them off with my arguments) but I just wanted to say it...? oh, and i love that part with your sister at the end, how she just walks in and takes her stuff brother does that too! hahah. <3
Oh shit hahahah I wrote it before you said you didn't want the comments >.< sorry :c
i find it a lot easier to talk to a camera than to people in real life..i'm shy when around people!
Oh, that's why you're being mean. You're jealous because I'm getting attention. I do expect negative comments, I don't have to put up with it though. Consider yourself blocked babycakes <3
i have always wanted a tummy tuck from about the age of 9? and not a lot of people believe me but for a huge part of my life i have obsessed over my tummy and even though my dress size(8) is supposed to be "healthy" i still want a smaller belly and be small in general :/ x
Did you just forget to take the medication?
Hey, I want to ask how did you get diagnosed for BDD?
Would you say the one time its ok to cut if one is really concidering suicide?
I hope you feel better/happier soon :( ♥ Hate to see you sad, wish there was something I could say/do. xxx PS Your sister's hilarious! I love what she's wearing :D
can't imagine injections being more painful than my nose being cut open.. :')
Yeah it's really common to do something eccentric to try and distract from a perceived flaw in appearance.
look ,youre a very young woman,im glad you got a good result,because you got good result doesnt mean the standard of rhino surgery is good there,it means you were lucky to get someone decent.Ive researched rhino surgery for many yrs,was a medical student and my sister is a surgeon(not a plastic surgeon),i know which places have the best nose docs and its not the orient,but good luck to you,you were fortunate.
I'm in a very similar situation. Having BDD and wanting to change things about myself to the about I'm freaking out over it. >.< Stay strong. You're a beautiful human being. c: <3
I love you Laura :) But how can you not afford to have your hair cut but you can afford new piercings and clothes? :L <3 xx
Have you gotten any negative reactions? My nose was broken a couple of years ago when I got attacked and since it's been a little misshapen. My mom really wants me to get the large bump the attack caused fixed, but I'm worried. And was it painful?
Np. I've literally watched every single one of ur vids cos' I love them so much, you are truly amazing and ILY :D (Not literally, but ya know what I mean... ;P) x Thank you for your amazing videos!
Yes, I've been diagnosed. I used to have an intense fear of getting my photo taken, that got better although I'm still not keen on it. Videos, they're very different to me. I feel that you're doubting BDD is something that I suffer from. I don't even know what to say to that, how can you possibly judge what goes on inside my head?...
I am suffering from the same thing. I think about it 24/7 lol. How did you afford you finances for the surgery?? Because I am having trouble in that area..very inspiring video by the way.
Take it from someone shaped like a pencil...I wish i was shaped like a woman.
beauty is found within. I say it maybe because I look ugly
I could say that you shouldn't get another procedure and it'll just escalate but you already know all that. Remember that you help all of us so much, you just need to stay as strong and keep fighting for yourself as much as you do for us xxx
great video. Dunno what to say other than I'm sorry it didnt cure all your negative feelings... umm one day?
Honestly? The only negative reactions I received were online. Please though, don't get surgery because your mother wants you to get it done! It's a huge's in the middle of your face! If YOU want it, go for it. Pain, hells yes. I have videos of my rhinoplasty up on my second channel (lauraacanfly) x
Okay well I support you in you butt lift! I mean what could go wrong it's your butt! And if something does go wrong and you don't like it it's not like it's your face and ppl have to see it all the time! So good luck with that! I can't wait to see you with piercing and new clothes. And pink hair. I support you and everything you do! I hope everything works out because your a wonderful person and you deserve the best! You've helped me thro a lot and I appreciate that! So thanks! I love you! -3 a
Don't get more plastic surgery, you should try to overcome BDD without surgery
it takes so much courage to admit to having bdd, i deal with it too but its really hard to talk to anyone else about it......unfortunately surgery isnt an option for me.....still dont know if i'll ever get over it
the whole point of me making this video was to kinda talk about the addictive side of cosmetic surgery...i've spent enough time and money. if i get more..i'll want even more after that.
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