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I Had A Runescape Nightmare! (Lost Party Hat)

by TheNightmareRH • 107,374 views

NightmareRH's Production Presents - I Had A Runescape Nightmare! (Lost Party Hat)!, Also please subscribe. My other youtube channels:

Lol. Happened to me today. Had to pay 30m to get it back.
@RspsProd fuck guys i had a dream where someone was making a scam to let people be modsi n runescape 0_0
Hahaha you're awesome dude. Add me on rs. names 5 Mill
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@joshuaqhodges mate its called making cash so fuk you, if you dont like nightmareRH then dont watch his vids simple as. so you can go but rape some kids at bus stop. your the FAIL. he is actually a very sucessful vid broacaster. If you had as many channel views and friends I wouldn't be saying this but then again ur a FAIL.
mine was changing my name from marcoman134 to crazyknifes8676
I had a nightmare where i lost a full inventory of chaotics :(
@onedollarcan wake up from the dream now!
i dreamed i got a party hat then woke up sooo disapointed. kinda like fucking a girl in your dreams and wakin up next to nobody lol. sooo disapointed.
Its 7 months after you bitched at him i just wanted to be that asshole and tell you that your grammar is fucked lol
thanks for commenting on my staking vid! :)
I had a runescape nightmare about losing my 2.1bil and full dragon!
i had dream bout losing my bandos and claws in pvp i woke up its still there then 5 hours later omfg i got killed FUCK FUCK FUCK damti jagex
@baronboy528 U must of botted tht dream botting, and u got reset. lawl
Hello, im giving away rich runescape accounts (level 120+ with 150m+) for your pures, skillers and level 100-115, Have fun. pm me! :D
Hold 7- Don't stare! Hold 5- Don't tell me to be quiet. Ever.
I dreamt that i got an arcane spirit sheild i logged on and it wasnt there :(
I had a nightmare where I lost my bandos tassets bandos chest d claws ss 22m -88m
i used to dream of losing my gravite 2h. 2 days later... my older brother bitches and moons until i let him finaly play... and he blames me for losing it.
press 2 then 1 then 6 "god, my brain, so basicly i died"
@freestyle1331 dude who says he lost it whit pking or dicing??
You got the same voice as Lenard from Big Bang Theory .lol
Hey bud, it's called a joke. Don't assume shit you don't know. I don't text you, do I? I type like this all around, I'm not an illiterate faggot. And yes, I'm not ashamed I replied to your comment 10 months after even though it was only 6 months, because I have a life and I don't come on my computer everyday and check my youtube messages. I don't look forward to talking to faggots like you.
Always dream im in the wildy with bandos and claws and everything, and somehow im skulled with no pray points and well get killed. This literally happens all the time so im used to it
I didnt have a runescape nightmare, i had a runescape wet dream =/ i had a dream that i was at clan wars and when i went to get more super pots i saw 11 d claws in the bank i sold them and went crazy...then i woke up and cried
I dreamed I found 700b on runescape and then I was d clawed by a passing noob and lost it all
I used to play RuneScape soo much..One time I logged off of runescape after pking with full rune (Rune was the SHIT back then). And after falling asleep I had a dream that I was balls-deep in the Wildy And a level 126 (Max level at the time) mage one hit me when i was skulled and i lost EVERYTHING. I woke up punched a whole in my wall. I logged on to RuneScape and saw that I still had my stuff. I went back to my bed and fell asleep. I had the SAME FUCKING DREAM. FUCK YOU ALMIGHTY BUNGHOLE!!!!!!
i hadone i was wearing my epic armour (d kite d platelegs d schimmy guthix plate helm of nezinot and a trimmed amulet of fury and zezima glitched prayer cape emote and flew to my charecter and owened him with a Sgs then everytnhing went black and i woke up O.o
i want to eat the example of your brain...
press one then two then one then two lololol
you should go to worldofwarcraft dot come sign up get ot lvl 85 get into a guild and start raiding with them download ventrilo and leave runescape
I had a dream that everywhere in runescape every world turned into pvp worlds, it wasn't really a nightmare, it was actually pretty cool
The nightmare i had was that i was killing nex and and i suddenly laid a cum shot in my pants and i got distracted and died:( i woke up and there was jizz all over
what fucking loosers dream about runescape?? heres the answer.. NERDS!!
I had a dream where I was in wildy and I got barraged and I lost my full dragon and claws god damnit!!!!!
when you dream about runescape, it means u play too much
lmfao, you're pretty stupid. I said fuck you and you said come make me.. so smart. Love how this world is full of people like you.
Hmm I never had a RuneScape nightmare. Only one dream. That happened a long time ago. I was trading with the Mor'ton general store keeper. And I saw unlimited blue party hats on sale for only 20 gp's. So I bought like 500 of them and sold 450 on the G.E. I was like: Wows 99 prayer time:O And I woke up with my 17 mil -.- Now I have like err.. 65/70 mil? Not much. -Snow Selina-
i had a dream that black ops and mw2 mercenaries came to runescape world 2 shot at every player t-baged them took all their stuff and called in a napalm strike on the grand exchange then walked away saying haha nerds.
fuck dude i dreamed i lost 5 ags claws ans 2b cash staking fuck it scared the shit out of me the second i woke up i said of fucckkkkkkkkkkkk and ran to my computer tripping over my fan and logge on shit was scared to death. and i really did have this dream
few weeks ago i had a runescape nightmare some girl encouraged me to fight a red dragon and i died and lost my whip thank god it was just some nightmare
Gained over 6 bil in items from dicing. Almost done for the night, wanted to do 1 more. Gained 2 reds 4 purples and went to sleep. Woke up screaming at 2 am. Parents walked in and said what the hell??? I literally said" no time, gotta check my rs accnt!!!! The nightmare was I got teled to a random event and when it was completed it took me to the wild and I got claw rushed with all my shit in my inventory:/
hitler justin beiver and you went to hell hitler: i made wars and i killed jews devil: sit to my right beiber: i killed 5000000000m people with my sining devil: l:and you whats your explanation nightmarerh:get off my throne bitch
I've had a few dreams about Runescape over the years. In 2006, just before Halloween, I feel for the whole "give us your pass to make sure you aren't a dick" and lost my account. That night, I had a dream that I got my account back but all my stuff was gone. I was relieved my account was back but all. my. stuff. was. GONE! Including my 1m, full rune, and red h'ween mask. More recently, I've had a dream about a RS2 version of the holiday drops like the old days... [Continued Below]
@charliescene969 You need to stop playing runescape
Should've tried the bank deposit box =J
0:30 im pretty sure your brain has been like that your whole life
I dreamed last night that i found d claws... And somehow the day after i saw a gravestone, i waited 2 mins with someone else and it seriously dropped d claws, fury and a dark bow!!! O.0 ofcourse i only got an empty vial and rune boots while this level 58 noob picked up fury dark bow and claws -_- jagex fucked me aigan
Ugh dirty harry villain wanta be
nightmarerh is a prime example of why i bot.... so i dont get fucked up!!
@Codmontag3 He's a united states marine...whats your definition of a real job..
fair enough most of the time i dream/nightmare that i did all this skilling/killing maxed my bank out and then lost all the sht , then i log on to rs and think i want all my sht back that i just dreampt / nightmared that i lost, the end welcome to my life.
Wow i bought 1,2b cash and atleast i had 2,1b (it costs 1300 USD) and i diced for a friend (hoster from win all day) 40m bet, i lost, then all won in a row (7th dice) i did. i lost. then 80m 160m 320m 650m and atleast 750m. he rolled 51 59 59 58. Dont ask me how he did but ........ yea that was my bank and RuneScape is 4 enjoy :P
Oh wow you still keep doing that.. Unfortunately I come to computer cus that's what I study. You should be shamed of that.. People grow on that time, seems that you don't. I'm not a fagg, I don't get wet dreams and tell that on runescape video. I know it's a joke, I've seen alot of them but it's stupid.
no i dont because im not fucking rich ass hole Lol jk ur fucking amazingly fucking titties fucked anyways ur funny
@808wildboy You: beiver....sining...explanation Me: Learn English
ur hilarious,but wth r u smokin lol
i had a dream i got lured and lost my d claws bandos and ags pretty much around 100m and woke up relieved and even got on runescape to look lol
check this video runescape new armor
ive had a runescape dream lol where i killed someone and got a party hat. but ive had soem where i lost my accoutn soo i know how it feals
Congratulations! You've just advanced a Down syndrom level! Now Your Down Syndrom Level is 99.
actulay i was new and i was lv:3 then all stats 99 every item 1mill and i was level 138
You're having those nightmares because you PLAY too much runescape...
A couple of years ago 2007 i think when i was like around lvl 10 combat i had a dream that it was beads everywhere! which i tought was worth allot of money back then^^
I had a dream when I got 10 torva items in my bank, and 9 partyhats. Then I woke up. lol.
my mom said i talked while sleeping and i said "when i go to stand on the chair i will get more coins"
Nah mate hes one of the best vid makers
lol. for longtime ago. i had a nightmare about i lost my 2,1b :O
L0L brah you make me FUCKIN LAUGH hahaha
Spam 8 for retarded NightmareRH face
Oh and your here? Nice flame bitchtard. Get a life, that NERD can stomp your ass. But of course E-Gangsters like you are tough shit. Flames and Flames.
ONce my dream was i was very rich. i had a phat etc. Than i woke up and was like NOO! i hate life the dream was way better
Dreamt that on a server lost all my shit, woke up that day i got reset, was like narh
i know how it feels like fucking Nightmare!
I got 120 dung... then i got reset... then i woke up ... and it was still 2 just like its supposed to be :)
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