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Minecraft - Final Boss Battle (1.9 Prerelease Part 10)

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,947,663 views

The latest pre-release out today features the final version of "The End" dimension - including the epic boss battle with the Ender Dragon!! Title Splashscreen by InvaderPoe:...

ahhhhhh these old 2011 videos
Ohh the good old days.
To be honest, I thought this was vannila 1.9 XD took me a bit to realize it isn't.
I can't believe that they r cheating
Welcome to the yogscast. where we present you a no cheating guarrantee.
ah.. the memories of this video.. ah..
The good old days of minecraftia! Sheads a tear to my eye :)
They dont have any enchanted stuff.
Does any one want to know how to lure the dragon
May the courageous and noble Knight Peculier watch over our brave heroes as they continue their quest of defeating Israphel.
Lalna, you cannot spell Heroes. :P R.I.P. Old Peculier
Why can't the Yogscast do anything without mods or creative mode, i mean it was fun to watch then they switch to creative and I was like "oh my god, again with the mods, you can't play vanilla for once". Though this is my opinion.
eyes of ender. throw them in the air and follow where they go
shoot the fire thing with your bow and arrow
Oh a bed will help will it have you ever tried to place a bed in the nether or end ? It explodes
knight peculier is played by yogscast member duncan
my first time fighting the ender dragon i killed with a bed
A) this was made in November of 2011!!!! B) IT says 1.9 prerelease part 10 C) Just so you know, the last boss battle as of D) Just in case your stupid enough, there is no Minecraft 1.9 besides Beta which ended in 2011, almost two years ago.
Ha, back then? They still are :p Still shocked how minecraft can be your job, yet suck so bad at it. Ah well, provides laughs
lol duncan can't place ladders
I don't believe you to go to the final boss, was awesome!!!!!!
Lewis you idiot you cant shoot enderman -.-
dont they know you need to destroy all the crystals before attacking the dragon and 2
next time get fumble more to blow it up
why did u stop the comments for a while
both of you, go die in your hole you call a home and die by poisoning that ass you call your face
when Simon was shouting for everyone to taunt or hammer of wrath I went "Nook Tor Shul!" at the screen. God, I'm a nerd.
I was literally screaming at the screen saying to shoot the fires
What happens if knight peculiar dies
Your smarter than them just because they don't this boss battle? You realize this was in the pre-release/snapshot for 1.9 right? It wasn't even released yet.
destroy the floating fire things with snowballs..
I was on tekkit and I defeated it in creative mode :)
Its funny because he died in episode like 40 something
me and my bro used tnt and me as bate
You know you could just shoot the pillar fires right?
doing exactly what they did the first way, alone at least, took 45 minutes on xbox -.-
Looks like someone didn't watch the whole video before commenting
released over a year ago and im still screaming at the screen SHOOT THE DAMNED CRYSTALS! lol
Oh i just realiseed that u can use the neder pearls lol ive never ligitly been to the end.
Shoot the fires then they blow up
ive always thought of the ender dragon as a she
FUS-RO-DAH - DIG-GY-HOLE your one doesnt work. his one does
Old Yogscast, Best Yogscast!
They will never save daisy if he dies huh.They never did!!!
and old peliculier dies because of the bloody long credits
It's because armor was bugged to be twice as protecting as it was supposed to be.
i luv how the person who plays knight peculier keeps quiet in this lol
I meant to say, " they don't know this boss battle" in my last comment, I forgot the "know".
Yeah, but NO VIRUSIS! If it does come with it, can I have mine in blue?
watch?v=g5B-uz57PJc Epic Minecraft trailer!
Does nobody play this game legit anymore, y is everyone doing mods and creative
Killed it in 20 min+ wither bosses
Call upon your yognaut army's to help you
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