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AWSM on Alli Full Episode 24 | Makua Rothman Recapping Cloudbreak, Top 5 + Pickle Wax Remover Review

by AlliSports • 3,867 views

AWSM on Alli is made to share and showcase AWSM Internet action -- so share away! Makua Rothman can be found dropping in on waves so AWSMly large that most hope to never encounter them in person,...

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I love this dude and the show ! Keep going dude, I'm sharing because you really deserve more subs !
how is called the song from 7:49 - 8:15 PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME!
2 /watch?v=9MztRE4mNsY 1 /watch?v=XkF6hLmZ3qs
Fast Audi's (& VW's) need to be stick shifts... so sad the other day when I went to the VW dealer for a part & all the new GTI's were automatics. Awful.
duuude that wave at 2:30 is siiiiick
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Meeean. What's the song that starts @ 1:14?
Best show on youtube! dont know how it doesnt get more views!
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