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Does anybody know them in real life BTW I know them in real life she's so nice and Jordan use to creep me out but now I'm famous JK
The song is "More-Alex Vargas" (usher's cover).
Hermoso!! qué sentido del tempo! qué estética tan precisa. Los 2 magnifcos. 
That was just amazing.
OH MY GOD!!! Is all I could say!! Incredible!!!
Perfeito! São os melhores...
Lol, and i don't even like WCS, but this is ... freaking amazing!!!
How can you not like wcs? Craziness.
i had no intention of watching the entire video. but they completely drew me in, i couldn't stop watching. it was so precise and together; simply amazing
Tammy Utsler Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
They undoubtedly rock the stage!! LOve their dance... but watz the song used? 
D.J. Markuson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
These guys are my favorite present day dance partners. So fluid.
Alexandre Silva Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Sem Palavras akii.. pohaa eles são incriveeeeis!
My My My Goodness I love watching you The best ever I wish I could learn with you
@theactress89 Yeah, it's like a mix between zouk, salsa, modern and a bit of tango!
I don't mean to question your opinion, but I have to ask how much Zouk you actually know in order for you to make that judgement. It seems to me like you are only commenting to bash the dancers as opposed to give an objective opinion. I can agree with the fact that there are elements of the dances you mention, but 80% zouk? Not even close. They use zouk in 2-3 ocassions in this routine, but the rest is higly developed WCS in my eyes, not much different to stuff I've seen others do...
Their expressions, interpretation, musicality and sense of timing are absolutely impressive! World class artists!
i get shivers down my spine when i watch this and my brain goes numb and zones out the world this is so amazing big like! Love her hair also it's perfect for this dance
So amazing!! Absolutely loved it!! So beautiful to watch!! WOW!!
Goose bumps !! Can watch them over and over again...LOL ! and I do !
Best routine they've ever done by far.
Who the fuck 'disliked' this?!?!?!?!?! you're nuts! Amazing routine you two!! :D
@soccerpixie13 Alex Vargas - More. :) And his version is much much better than the original one!
They are soooo amazing! WOOOOOW!
Actually prefer the second section to the slower part but hats off, no-one on the scene does contrast as well as these two and their matching timing for the synchronised movements is impeccable
amateur porn? I know, I'm gonna burn in hell and stuff.
Wow the best routine I have seen ever...they flowed like they were dancing as one not just a couple like most who put on a show. They actually danced. i could watch this routine over and over.
She's a fricken animal. Love that 2:18 slow motion face makes interesting. So well done. And Jordans lead at 3:18. 3:06 - 308 that moment they share. Sweet. A great song choice.
@cmlewan it is you can see the triple steps and other basic moves that they build their routines out of.
@Kujakuseki01 I don't really need to comment cause everyone else already called you out, but seriously, what were you thinking when you wrote this? Next time just say, "I don't like that song 'more'.' Because any other meaning for what you said just doesn't make any sense at all.
Just can't keep my eyes off them! Absolutely breathtaking to watch
Anyone else loving the Zouk elements in this?
these guys are untouchable! absolutely inspiring to watch.
New favorite routine. I love the transition from the cover to the original!!!
Yep, I'm also liking the zouk elements in this :D. As I understand it, they're been learning some zouk with kadu and larissa (If you haven't seen some of their routines I strongly recommend it). They were at the 2011 Sydney Salsa Congress and they were dancing some zouk there, I had the pleasure of dancing zouk with Tatiana :D
@tontoldoos Their musicality never ceases to amaze me. And it gets better every time I see them.
I'm pretty much that lady in the chair in the background at 2:50
replay, replay, replay. i need to go a west coast swing club and find a significant other there. dancing sessions in the kitchen would make my day, everyday.
@Kujakuseki01 What is your definition of "musical," exactly? To me, describing a routine as "musical" means that the choreography corresponds to what is happening in the music. This routine's choreography, even if you don't personally find it visually pleasing, CERTAINLY corresponds to the music. It's SO musical.
Jesus Crihst perfect...beautiful.....congratulaitions !!
seems to me like their most polished and musical routine yet
apaputaquelpariu bixo... não me canso de ver esses dois....
This is called West Coast Swing - based on a very smooth, linear, six count, open partner set of footwork, as opposed to East Coast which is also 6 count, but done in a more closed partner format and is more bouncy, or Lindy which is an 8 count pattern, which moves from open to closed position and in a circle. It’s all considered swing but each one started in a different time period and place so they look really different.
Holy mother of........frickin a that was a-mazing! beautiful, smooth and prolly a hundred transitions that required insanely perfect timing!!...
There are no words! THE BEST DANCE COUPLE ON THE PLANET! Technique, style, passion, all in one with music...what else?
Who sings the first part! I LOVE that!
PS Also to know if any dance is good great or the best watch without the music.
Perfect music, perfect dance. Simple perfect!
there are some zouk moves there that they learned on brazil. but nothing wrong, i think, in adapt them to wcs style. sorry for bad english.
@Kujakuseki01 The problem is that musicality is so subjective and experiential... I personally think this couple is beyond awesome with respect to both rhythm/musicality and choreography. But then I also think that ballet is terribly musical when a large percentage of the population would disagree with that statement... Its all about the individual's interpretation :)
WOW!! WOW!! just woah!! this is just too sexy!!
It sounds like Alex Vargas' cover of More for anyone who was wondering.
AYUDA!!!!!!!!!!! como se llama este tema????
Love their musicality like when she actually strums the guitar at 1:01 and their build up turn at 2:46. Brilliant!
I love watching people do the things they love :)
Their finest moment ever. (And that song was made for them.)
Someday, I will dance like her. I will also meet them... someday... and try not to pass out from excitement... It's so awesome to see a professional dancer like Tatiana that actually has a real body. So many dancers are stick thin, and she looks like a real woman. She is definitely my inspiration, and they are totally my dance crush :)
This really is them back on top, isn't it? Best classic I've seen in an age - nice to see them upping the tempo and putting the best of their contemp and zouk styling into it with heart and soul! x
@utamir do you not see the swing element with various variations on basic movements homie?
That sound is my jaw hitting the floor.
that lady is very flexible and capable, indeed, but, hands down, like tired? it looks bad. And muuuuch worse that this is her steping on the heels.... NOWAYYYYYYY!!
Incredible... so technical, so together, so beautiful!
20,000 views in four days. That's nuts.
@MrRobinsmith Do you happen to know the name of the first song? Actually, the name of the artist....
It's a cover of 'More' originally by Usher .... The slow cover at start is By Alex Vargas a British artist who is Amazing!!
They were brilliant. It was a wonderful idea to mashup both versions of the song. It was nice to have that buildup to the high energy at the end, but the Vargas version gave it a little bit more of an intimate feeling. Their technique is superb. They move perfectly together. Absoultely a pleasure to watch.
omg!!! I love their end reaction... you can tell that this meant a lot to them!
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