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How to get HUGE clouds from hookah

by peruvianhomie09 • 504,133 views

How to set up the hookah in order to get big clouds everytime. Comment if you have any questions SUBSCRIBE! LIKE THIS VIDEO! More videos coming out soon

THUMBS DOWNNNNN THOSE CLOUDS WERE WEAK....if its cuz you started then you shoulda WAITEDD and then recorded....
do you think charcoblaze is a good  brand for coals
Heating up tin foil is super toxic just saying
My ecig gives much more smoke... and im not even talkin bout mod...
Although we didn't get to see a good representation of your clouds, I'm sure they would have been fair in size. But when it comes to your knowledge on smoking hookah, you're lacking. First mistake was in your tobacco placement. You absolutely do not want to pack tobacco do to the elimination of air flow, causing chared sheesha. Second you shouldn't place your coals on the center of your vortex bowl. Vortex bowls, even the authentic ones, are known for breaking do to heat at the spire you called the "stem" instead sit your coco naras on the edges of the bowl moving them around and in as your session goes on. Other than that, great choice with the ice, and upgrading your bowl and hose. Vortex is a good choice when using juicier flavors such as starbuzz or other comparable brands.
haha stupid guy thinks he knows about hookah(HE=nargila) by smoking a chinese hookah without knowing its junk.. come to israel the best hookah(nargilas) are from here... by the way syrian hookahs are best not chinese lol!
U smokin that shit weed
not one cloud. more like huge disappointment 
I wanted to stop smoking and ecigs are what helped me to kick the habit. I absolutely need to give thanks to the people at Because of the free e-cigarettes trial starter kit offer, I am smoke free! I just had to pay like 5 dollars for shipping.
Hold on brother! You forgot to explain about the variations of different shisha! Some brands are way better than others if your looking for cloud volume. I mix most of my fantasia with watermelon alfaker. Watermelon alfaker is a sure fire way to get some Hiroshima clouds ;)
I wonder why this guy has so many haters?
Sausage fingers go the gym because it's gonna help you a lot! OK review by the way! Not good but OK!
My hookah was $20 and does better than this, this is just sad
bruh that was mist not clouds
Uhhhhhhh I cant hear you!!!!!!!!!! Lol oh wait there we go....Shit cant hear you again.....Oh Oh there we go....Nope ur gone again
What does the ice do? Does it make it better?
the ice make s your water stay cold which makes your smoke cold the colder your smoke the better it taste
You guys in the comments are idiots. There wasn't a lot of smoke because he was just starting it up. I tried this method and it works great!
can I use a garden hose?
haha please tell me your joking
why dont people just smoke hookah pens, this is alot more messy
+Bovice williams Unless you get a vape pen. I own a hookah and vape mod and i prefer smoking my hookah if I'm at home or at a small kick back and my vape pen is just for smoke tricks.
+TheAhmist Even with Vape pens they are a step up from your average hookah pen. Altho, yes i agree last longer then your standard. I dont think quite hold up to the regular hookah. Unless your literally packing your bowl full to the the point of near over flow and smoking like 2-3 of those daily.
that aint the right way boy come to to africa where we smoke the hooka,.,.where it began
Hookah Shisha originated in Persia fuck boi
Nice haïr wanna full
His clouds are crap xD
K so I didn't watch far enough into this stupid ass video to see if you actually made any valid points but I do know that the volume of the smoke in the base doesn't have shit to do with lung capacity and there for doesn't have shit to do with how much smoke you get out of your hooka
Is it me or he sounds like Jonah Hill
The more space in the bottom the more the smoke thins out... a base with the shortest distance from the surface of the water to the draw port will give you the thickest smoke. 
lol, typical shitty hookah smoker xDD
not enough flavouring bud. trust me im arab ;) Also, the hose makes a huge difference. same shisha different hose can make you get a lot more smoke. Ps. you dont wait for ten minutes to smoke it. you start it up but taking big puffs. Good video. 
A couple of tips: 1. Don't push on the shisha too hard. Just lightly push it down so that it's levels all the way around but not tightly packed. A tightly packed bowl doesn't allow the hot air to get into the shisha and it won't hit. 2. If you want to make you bowl last longer, use a less coals. The brand of coals depends on how many you use. CocoNaras/Exoticas or any other coals the same/similar size are best to use 2. Starbuzz coals or any other coals the same/similar size are best to use 1 to 1 and a half. 3. Always put your aluminum foil shiny side down. There are chemicals on the shiny side of aluminum foil that make it shiny, and if you put it shiny side up, you are burning those chemicals and inhaling them. 4. Purge the hookah after about every 30-40 hits. It ensures that you'll never hit stale smoke. 5. Clean your hookah after every use or every other use.
Get a micro coil with cotton.
Well my vaporizer throws out bigger clouds than that... Good try though.
Why waste coals and shisha. Just burning shisha with 3 coals.
You are all retarded first of all the head doesn't matter as long as you know how to pack it (he doesn't) in reality the clay heads are the best because the distribute heart evenly and you don't have to shift your coals constantly nor do you have to ash them reason being is by ashing them your constantly let the hottest part of the charcoal on your flavor and that makes it burn faster the key is to keep it hot without burning it the ash keeps it cool and don't ever pack the way he packed your flavor should be only maybe a centimeter from the rim the amount of coals depends on the size of the head I use 4 charco blaze because those don't ash a ridiculous about but they still keep it from burning and they are natural (at least he got something right) and I use 4 because my head is the size of for of his heads out together your hose doesn't matter but I recommend a tonic plastic hose because they are universal and are washable your water level should cover the stem exactly 1 inch don't ever pack down your flavor make sure it's loose (a good shake after your put your holes it your foil usually does the trick) make sure your foil and other parts are air leek free and sit back relax and enjoy the massive clouds
that guy in the background, he makes sounds all the time ahahahhaha 
things come out??......its called cleaning your hose....
Fat FUCK! The Devil wants you!
If you want big clouds your shisha has to have "glycerol" or lots of glycerin that's what makes clouds
this fool is smart and dope 
Um, ever heard of TONGS?
dude u are a pussy wtf u call that inhaling ? jezzzz , im 16 and i smoke hookah like a boss me and 2 friend want to start recording then we will show u how its done
you are a very gay fatass
cool video ma very helpfull to hookah rooks. dont let the hate get to you. jah jah
what kind of hose is that?
I came to see huge clouds... 
U suck u have so much little knowledge about Hokah's ur doing it wrong never play with the water and u inhale smoke to hard  
Excellent video my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea what I was doing when I first installed my first purchased hookah but thanks to your video now I have some sense of what i'm doing.
well if u really want that cloud and white goose!!  put some real apple and real coal !!
You can get bigger clouds if you pack your bowl better. By that i mean fluff the shisha and pack more in so that it is closer to the stem.
I eat poop like you for breakfast...........=/
Don't use milk that's something you do on old hookahs it will ruin the hookah
it doest matter wih side of the aluminum foil ist up or down. and the tobaco has to be wet with glycerol from the hookah shop
You are very good
lol, camera man has hiccups
Cancer comments incomming!
There's not much really wrong here (except the foil being shiny side down; it doesn't make a difference at all). while I prefer my phunnel bowl, I used a vortex for years with nearly every shisha getting the same quality. For that matter, the standard bowl with my KM when done right works great. Ice is all preference. You'll get denser clouds but a little less flavor. A lot of times I'll use ice with a strong mint flavor. That's about the level we're always told to have the water at, although I've been using more and it hasn't affected anything. If it's not splashing into the hose, you're fine I would say. He didn't pack down the bowl, just made it even. As far as the clouds go, he just made the mistake of showing it right from the beginning. Should have cut, and came back like 20 minutes in to the session. And since when does big clouds = harshness? I've always had smooth smoke and big thick clouds.
I find it comes down to the shisha and how long I want to smoke.. Tangiers I'm grabbing my funnel. Starrbuzz, fantasia, nakla, or al fahker? vortex. Romman or anything else I'm using my KM bowl. All three bowls give me great smoke.but my standard bowl holds less so therefore gives me a slightly shorter session. If it's just me and I want to get good flavor from non tangiers, I'm grabbing my KM bowl packed right. I have heard the new harmony's/aliens etc bowls work good and cost less than tangiers phunnel, but I already own a phunnel so I've no need to test this personally.
+mcgoo721 Yea this usually doesn't bother me, I rather keep switchin out bowls with more smoke then sit there and hardly smoke for 45 mins
That was not "HUGE clouds"...
even my homemade shisha bong makes bigger clouds lmfao
pretty good but i will say vortex bowls are not the best to use
i am 12 and get bigger clouds
Instead of Tin foil. You can use a condom. Sometimes freezing the hose and putting it in your anus helps for thick clouds. Make sure it's air tight. Your welcome.
Check my channel if you want to see a HUGE cloud
Well most people are hesitant to use milk because they cannot clean it, I can barely fit a brush in the base of mine and not many people would feel ok putting there;s in a dishwasher.
Shit video I get bigger clouds from my hookah and its a mini one with Hamil Al Musk coals
ew, milk would get all nasty if smoke went through it... who wants smoky milk flavored
When you get used to the setup, and when you're in a non-tutorial setting, it takes about 10 minutes
That is because what it is made from and what flavors it, I have some shisha that looks like that, and others that have a dark red color to them, and it is also not mostly illegal.
you are the clear cut definition of a FUCKING ASSHOLE. Unless you were born with ultimate knowledge about hookahs, you didn't know how to hit or set up a hookah the first time you saw one either. so stfu.
no. the amount of coals make a diff, the hose makes a diff, and how cold the water at the bottom is makes a diff
Nice vid man! Good tips. I gotta try that next time and get one of those bowls. I never bought one because they looked funny and I didn't see the point now I do.
I'm not going to argue with you, from your 'MLG' avatar I can gather you have no brain. But I'll leave you with a few facts: -It's impossible to overdose on weed -It has numerous health benefits such as pain relief -The THC in weed helps to prevent and kill cancer cells And many more, there are many natural things we have on Earth that have health benefits. The main reason Cannabis is illegal is because it's not taxable. Please educate yourself before posting next time.
id pack a lil more shisha, atleast to cover the holes. it will still pull through
@MrBigpapa702 weed makes you think deeper be more relaxed and calm more realistic no one has died for
can any1 tell me what im doing wrong, my smoke never falls it always rises when im smoking shisha?
no. flip bowls are a waste of money. Just make sure your foil is pulled tight like a drum
I actually learned a lot from this, so shut up. Thanks :)
How expensive was that thing? :P
lmao I thought your shirt said f*uck all day from the thumbnail.
that pull was shit....the draw gave u average clouds...
Check out Hookah-Shisha's website. They have grommet size differentials, and an amazing customer service option in the form of a personal chat room, in case you don't find what you're looking for
use milk... makes the smoke thicker and u dont taste any of it
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