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Morning Glory- Mentawai Boat Trip (part 2 of 3)

by skateismy • 188,797 views

This is my favourite surf movie which was filmed in the mentawai islands. The surfers surf the spots HT's, Raggs, Greenbush.... Please Like, Comment and Subscribe!

It is very interesting to watch.
dats a nice vid cuz ^_^
 Cindi, were You ever a surfer ?
Pete Thecurious Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Some chewing-gum for the eyes; Well done, good fun, skillful. 
hijode putaa son of a bitch, wtf is that shiet to suscribe ur fuucking channel  finger down for u noob
anyone know the song playing to the black dude? not sure if the song is really good or the dude just made it sound sick from his style
whats the name of that black dude fuckin charges
When someone gets hurt in the choir, the only thing to do is wash the wound with soap scrubbing with a sponge for 5 minutes and let the soap dry on the wound. Any type of soap.
Huge ketum farm in the back ground, never seen that area w/ no one watching especially w/ film crew out there. Sick wave, honestly easily equavilent to pipe or better when firing, love both of them, fun as shit on head high days, nice lips for practicing & doing tricks, just pull out & watch the noggin! Mahalo
@birdman644 yeah he is one of my favourite surfers. his name is: naum ildefonse
Bintang to be drunk BEFORE lime is put on wound
0:08 That hair is just wrong dude.
whats the name of the song at 4:40
@rae01988 as said in the discription, i did not film this, but it is one of my favourite surf films. i know the music is really good, but i didn't make those decisions...
same exact expression your mom used when i pulled down my pants
i love it i want to shred there sooo fucking bad
I have a question how did you choose your soundtrack? This is probably one of the best i heard for a surf film in while.
6:40 this song is awsome!!! anybody knows the title? thx
what the name of the song in the begining?
Porra tira esse Judeu dai!!!!! Terrorista!!!
0:26 "Woahh, we got a badass here"
that turn at 7:02 was siiiick!
seen better without the adolescent behavior thrown in
Eurotrash frogs. They still smell like shit after a 3 hour session, and kill the fish wherever they go.
Hey awesome video! I know it's kind of late now, but you should always wear some kind of barrier (gloves, sandwich bag, condom, Etc.) when you're dealing with open cuts and that much blood. The mentawais are bad ass, but that hot and humid a climate is perfect conditions to breed bacteria and infection. Reef rash wont ruin your trip. But bacterial infections sure would. Radical vid though man.
@DJJames92 i don't know on which boat these guys where on but i know that the trip costs 3000$. I would very much like if you say something about the video and not asking me about stuff. of course i will answer the questions but i would like the comments on the vid better :)
I've never seen a black guy surfing I'm not being racedes
at 7:40 he has a sprite haha where did he get that? ahhahah
BEAUTIFUL VIDEO, its rare to see the rain on the surf vidéos!! :)
soundtrack pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I knew that board was broke @ 5:50, though I wonder if the leash just snapped or if he got pulled back, unlikely he did w/ wave so fast. I was wondering if the outcome would be shown & it did, beats eating that reef
I saw it was raining and thought 'wtf! the camera will get wet!' Then paused and realized how stupid that thought was. It's been a long day.
whats the song at 4:40 ?? please reply back. :)
@SudoJudo1 watch who your talking to thats a fuking legend
1:56 it's eminem as a teenager
Can you tell the name of the sings used in this part ?
i get skinned in that same spot so many times
8:50 was amazing. one of my favorite surf films
Yea what is its fuckin name for christ's sake! :)
whats the name of the first opennig song when we see their faces??????
niasかはたまた台湾か!? 動画早送り?
beste video ever!! whats the name of the music at begins in 6:35??
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