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Modern Warfare 2: theRadBrad's Tactical Nuke on Overgrown (Debut MW2 Gameplay/Commentary)

by theRadBrad • 96,257 views

Check out my channel at: Thanks for watching! Please Like and Subscribe! ---- Brad

LoL 23 year old student to one of the best Youtube Gaming Commentators , he still has all the same phrases haha
at 00:00 A Legend was Born
Who's watching in 2014?
Like if you're watching in 2016
And now comes the wait...
Holy hell this isnt him sounds so much different omg that mad lol
it's mad i was like :o whhhhhhaaaaaatttt lol crazy he used to do CoD aswell lol still hes a legend 
September 2014 <3 Such memories.
Just checking out Brad's first video.
Like if you are watching in 2015
i like how alot of youtubers started their channel with Call of duty.Now they don't give a shit about
So true xD even PewDiePie did 
Your voice hasn`t changed a bit. P.S. Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina :D
im from the future
Thumbs up if watching in 2014 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like if your not watching in __.
Like this if your in 2014
didn't see that comment before (sarcasm)
god is it just me or does every channel start with mw2
Wow mind blown you don't sound like theradbrad
Brad were sad, back in a days..
+theRadBrad Dang. You sounded so different!
I hate people who actively ask for likes... if you agree.
im watching this video in 2014.......
Lol same here i wanted to go back
and at 08:50 A Legend began his Adventure!
like who's watching in3044
why does brad have so many fanboys ive been following him since dead island and you dont see me calling him a legend hes just a cool guy
like if watching the video that started it all
who s watching in 2015
how many of yall are over here just waiting for his next video to come out ??
I am from the future u now have 4 million subs :)
woah u were queit now u scream
Old school life. I wonder why Brad changed? At least in my opinion, Brad sounds a lot more enthusiastic nowadays.
Cuz he wasn't getting paid back then XD
+HamburgerFeet Cuz he wasn't getting laid back then either ecks dee
Gotta say, it's so fun watching this guy. Recently watched Amnesia: Dark Descent, Silent Hill Downpour, and the mini games. Watching watchdogs right now! And watching this video, I learned we have common ground as Best Buy employees! haha. Brad if you see this: GREAT STUFF MAN! Keep it up!!
First video of a great channel 
Like if you're watching in 2030 on a holographic screen coming from your new technical contact lens.
Who's watching in 2015?
Brad is badass I play a lot of mw22in onde day of 2 hrs tdm I'm level 24 so I'm hoping to be 50 tmoz with me luck
Who Watching in 2015?
I'm watching this in 2014 :O
Yup 👌, been watching since Dead space 2
Back when Brad still had that recognizable southern accent! :D
You had me at ... "Hello My Name Is Brad."
I love Brad he's a cool guy
You sound so much different on your videos nowadays Brad. It's awesome seeing you being the true walktrough king on Youtube, your literally on the top 10 list of Youtubers. Seeing you coming such a long way, it's amazing ;). Keep up all that good work of your's, and I should probably post this on your latest video
voice is so different haha
jacob baker Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
awesome person 
Ok, I know I'm late, but this was 4 years age. Your voice changes when you get older, so deal with it.
I bet he was kind of a scrawny dude when he uploaded this one. I can judge from his voice. Right now his voice is fatter. 
#Blast from da past He sounds so diffrent
this wasn't his first youtube video you dumb asses..if you guys were true fan boys you'd know this.
+Vincent the He made music montages etc 
I fucked up my last comment haha
haha he sounds so much more intelligent
When he said Mad in the video!!! exactly i saw your comment Mad<!
The one the started it all eh? It only took you 4 years too. 
OMG, this is just not Theradbrad, but awsome like for the first clip, just too shy but you know it was the Begining 
Man your first video glad to see it all worked out Brad I watch all your walkthroughs they make me laugh. I like when you say for no reason. Keep it up man. You got a fan here
really, you was totally a different person
OH MY GOD brad uv cum so far
I bet he cums real far into your mouth! --> - - - :D, jk you set yourself up for that tho!
+AdorableFluff honestly i was kinda expecting something like tht
Anybody watching in 2015!
and thus the raddest of brad's youtube channel was born...
Omg... brad was actually pretty such a stark contrast in comparison to how he plays games these days... 
Id play with you haha <3 ya bradly
i'd laugh if he got banned for uploading those songs so long ago 
your oldest clip is the 3731 !
The memories tho.. - I love you
Is this he´s first video?
wow 2014 and I decided to watch this... he doesn't even sound like Brad
And so a legend was born
wow your voice is so different and sooo much deeper in this than present day. :O
Brad good job friend you became a legend I watch your videos all the time bro your awesome keep it up
Future Brad sent me here.
i play black ops 2 but this is one of my fav modern warfares
Your voice lol how is it deeper 4 years ago?
if he was 23 then he is 27 now
What a God. Brad you absolute legend! 00:00 in 2010 to now, my god.
Love watching your older videos. It would be awesome if you hit me up in xbox JacobSJ5 thanks.
why did this happened ...
ok and sorry about how my brother responded
its ok have a nice day :)
i wonder if brad ever got is bachelor degree
the only youtuber i know who had their first vid in 720
Brad i come from the future to tell you that you're huge on youtube! Yay
Me: "That was a good game! Post more plea-- Holy shit it's Brad!"
He was in University!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, AMERICA!? Jesus... this means ANYONE can get in University then, fucking children. No, I'm serious, if a kid could figure that out then... yeah... fuck...
Justirize Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Man! This is where he all started. His voice has changed very much, maybe because he screams a lot. Haha.
Oh the nostalgia is all over... I loved MW2
And 4 years later almost 3 mil subs. :D
REALLY entertaining for a first commentary.... :DDD
I had to double check to see if it was brad. Dat voice change doe 
damn a long time coming
hy brad,, u sound really depressed here man...
and more badass & less paranoid..
took me so longto get 2 hisfirst video
when you can go straight to the oldest in a click of the button
just click on videos then on the right corner and click oldest-newest then it will be there
i dont get how almost evry youtuber started on cod
Even FrankieonPC started of COD 4 videos.
Haha, no way. I didnt know about him. Thx, now I have a new youtuber to watch. 
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