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Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home)

by LonestarVEVO • 8,235,283 views

Music video by Lonestar performing I'm Already There. (C) 2004 BMG Music

It is just sad for those people who sacrificed their lives for "freedom". the same freedom that destroyed my country Iraq and nowadays I'm just traveling from one country to another, just like millions of Iraqi refugees, because Iraq became an oil milking cow target for the west and a complete mess. Unfortunately the people who sacrificed their lives, without them knowing, they achieved other people's agendas.
Simply Matt, I would like to remind that you need to know why Iraq invaded Kuwait; Iraq was just out of an 8 year war with Iran protecting itself from Iranian attempt to occupy Iraq. Iraq was in a very bad shape and sole source of income was to sell oil to rebuild the infrastructure. However, Kuwait started selling oil at much cheaper prices to make sure that Iraq would not recover shortly and Kuwait started including large Iraqi lands on their northern borders with Iraq including strategic areas like ports and lands rich in oil. Not to mention that prior to that while Iraq was busy with Iran war, oil companies in Kuwait were digging for oil in a diagonal method targeting Iraqi oil since Iraqi and Kuwait oil wells are quite close to each other. Now I'm not saying that Saddam was an angle or what he did in invading Kuwait was right but he had his reasons. I believe he should have went for a more international diplomatic solution especially that at that time USA was one of his biggest allies . And let's be honest it is not USA business to care about Kuwait unless there is an interest that country.
Robert McKenna, I'm actually Iraqi born in Baghdad and fled Iraq in 2005. And I speak and write Arabic, English, French and Swedish. That does not mean that I don't make mistakes in any of these languages. But be assured انا من العراقي I'm from Iraq Je viens d'Irak Jag kommer från Irak And I'm happy to say I live and work now in one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world Dubai.
+Simply Matt lets see guys like Wiz Khalifa or Katy Perry make a song that makes you feel the way this one does. It has occured to me that Rock and Country are the only two genres that make music paying tribute to fallen soldiers 
anjela lo Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The massage from home really make someone cry specially to those away from their homes and families.  huh my tears are flowing
Mine are , too!  Even while reading these posts!  God Bless you all!  <3
mi heart truly goes out to the soldiers who fight for our freedom and a lot of the time they don't kno if they r gonna make it back home alive and not in a casket wit their countries flag neatly draped over  
This song makes me cry every time I hear it, I start thinking of my father. He always called to talk to me and I would ask him "Daddy, when are you coming home, we miss you?". He would cry telling me" He loved me more than infinity and even though were thousands of miles apart I'm always with you". He died 10 days after my 11th birthday and I'm 28 now, and I still hear him crying to me "I love you to infinity Lori Lue!". I love you to Infinity Daddy and I know your always here with me no matter where you are!
omg I've been looking for this version
Jack Wagner, your US government should be guilty about all that blood that was spilled invading my country, not I. Although, I have to make it clear that I sympathize with the families of the American Soldiers because losing your loved ones in a war is just so cruel, I lived it, felt it and will always have its scares in me. Iraqis did not ask American troops for freedom! USA and the world community imposed 13 years of sanctions and an embargo since 1990 to 2003 on Iraq, we lacked during this period to any kind of medicine and baby milk or even food to be imported. I personally only had salt and local herbs in my first aid kit cause I could not find any thing else. Children were dying like flies as our infrastructure and hospitals were completely destroyed and Iraq was not allowed to get any form of medical drugs or instruments from abroad. So going back to the people celebrating when you invaded us, yea they were dancing and dancing that finally the embargo imposed by US was over!
I tear up every time I hear this song or watch this vid. Thank you to all of our military service members, both active, reserve, and retired, and for the sacrifice you have made in order to keep this country safe and free. We need movies like #americansniper  and #lonesurvivor  to keep the reminder with us of the price paid for our personal liberties and freedom, and asking God everyday for His protection of these men and women and their families/friends who have given their all for this country. For this and so much more, I am and will forever be proud to be an American.   #usmilitary   #godblesstheusa #americanmade #wewillneverforget   #proudtobeanamerican
to. gloria theresa va san diego....hand therapist...WHO do you think wrote this song?.......dont you get t?....JL toTH never ends. Lanciasongs. Publishing.,,,,the Old,...old. man.,..... these boysdo a fine job on this. magical song!!!
If you like this version, find the one with actual families reading letters from home.  Keep your kleenex handy though!
This song make me think back when I was growing up and my dad wasn't around . And my little mind would wonder than I would ask myself what did I do to make him not coming home to me ..
I Miss you Grandma and Grandpa.....
Guardian Angel Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
This song came on my makes my tear up everytime >~<
I remember listening to this song in high school when my husband, who was at the time my boyfriend, went into the Army. I've always heard this song when I was younger but the lyrics never hit so close to home until that day he called me from BCT to let me know he loved me. I know it was only BCT but it still hurt not seeing him every day.
This is one of the only songs that makes me tear up EVERY TIME. And watching the video just made it even more emotional. 
Thissong is an amazing song not just for people of military families. Its an amazing song that reminds you no matter what your loved ones are always with you no matter how far away they are. As someone who comes from a military family i know how hard it it having to be away and wait to see if their all right.
I LOVE this song for what it stands for & YES it breaks my heart in a 1000 PIECES every time I hear it the water pipes is my heart just BREAK on QUE 
i know my ex with me when play this song always with me always love babe for ever never forget u babe xxxxx
One of my favorite songs
I remember my dad made a cd and put this song on it and gave it to us before he got deployed, we listened to it everyday in the car. Helped me a lot tbh
The most powerful song bring tears to my eyes .
I loved you're song it brought me to tears the first ten times
This song. I just love it. No questions to why. It's a beautiful song. It's meaning is just there. Something that people can relate to too. Distance is something significant that isn't easy to handle.
When this came on I used to ball with tears everytime. This song made me thing of my dad. My mom and dad are divorced. I never see my dad. And he lives far far. I love this song. <3 
are u any closer to finding him
This song reminds me of all those who sacrificed their lives, who are wounded and are still suffering. :(
God Bless all troops, he really loves troops and they are already here
That brought back memories of when my ship deployed to Vietnam. 
I thought this song just came out this year because me caveman and me stupid. I heard it for the first time yesterday at a funeral. I've never heard it on the radio or anything. I guess it's been out for over a decade now. I thought it was about someone dying and consoling the family because I didn't here the beginning, but when I did, I thought it was a truck driver or something who's always on the road, trying to comfort his bereft daughter. I honestly didn't think 'soldier' until I saw this video; that makes more emotional sense.
Not to be a downer, (tears are presently running down my cheeks) but also check out "REMEMBER ME" by Lizzie Palmer, I guarantee you will melt. the Radman
ohhh the memories all respect to soldiers at war right now
Lonestar you're  a Hero i really love this song so much it reminds me back home when I missed my Dad. Thanks for your Word 
Reminds me so much of my daddy. Miss him terribly. Although he wasn't in the military he did work long and hard. Always called me at night to say goodnight. Missing him so much it hurts.
You are my favorite singer love your your song I'm already there.
This is one of the most beautiful country songs I have ever heard
He called her on the road From a lonely, cold hotel room Just to hear her say I love you one more time But when he heard the sound Of the kids laughing in the background He had to wipe away a tear from his eye A little voice came on the phone Said, "Daddy when you coming home?" He said the first thing that came to his mind I'm already there Take a look around I'm the sunshine in your hair I'm the shadow on the ground I'm the whisper in the wind I'm your imaginary friend And I know I'm in your prayers Oh, I'm already there She got back on the phone Said I really miss you, darling Don't worry about the kids--they'll be all right Wish I was in your arms Lying right there beside you But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight And I'll gently kiss your lips Touch you with my fingertips So turn out the light and close your eyes I'm already there Don't make a sound I'm the beat in your heart I'm the moonlight shining down I'm the whisper in the wind And I'll be there until the end Can you feel the love that we share? Oh, I'm already there We may be a thousand miles apart But I'll be with you wherever you are I'm already there Take a look around I'm the sunshine in your hair I'm the shadow on the ground I'm the whisper in the wind And I'll be there until the end Can you feel the love that we share? Oh, I'm already there Oh, I'm already there
One of my favorite songs
my dad is deploying soon and i cant listen to this with out crying :(
This song reminds me of my dad who's in jail
I love this song forever!!!!!!! I cry when listening to it, because I lost a best friend in '13. He passed away from his car flipping on black ice and he went thru his sun roof and listening to this song puts tears in my eyes, because I know he's still here, although I cant see him yet. I miss him forever. Still hard to believe he's gone. 
Tammy Wagland Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
I'm bawling my eyes out😭
Kenneth Herzog Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Take a look around...... I'm Already There
I cried thinking my dad died fighting for our country
This song reminds me of my childhood. My father was always on the road working away. I wouldn't see him for several days at a time, but he always phoned home every night.
I really like this video but it's kind of sad too
This song touched my heart its really devastating how these people are taking their lives for us even though they have families and look how we act, alot of us in this crazy world don't show are appreciation most people are committing suicide or killing each other when they should be putting all their killing to use by joining the army instead of having a bunch of families be torn apart.😢:-( :'(
I love this song it makes me emotional and the video makes me more emotional
JOE LOPEZ Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home):
I remember this song so well they played it at my best friends service its hard tp believe hes gone..
2Years of fighting for something i truly wanted and believed in is now gone thanks to whoever....
I can't help but cry when I listen to this song
My teachers friend when they were seniors in high school her friends dad died and she always listens to this song to remember him 😰
This song is amazing I love it. Brought me to tears😢 Does it have to be just about families who have people in the Army or can it be about other stuff too.?
My crush is in the army and this makes me cry so much :(
Makes me cry!! 😭😭 Grandfather passed! 😭
This is the most touching song I've ever heard... :'(
I watched my great grandma pass never will forget I loved that women rip emily love u
Woody Woodward - We all want closeness, but when it's not there, what a bitter pill to swallow!
Listen to this song makes me cry and think about my three beautiful daughters I and and the love of my life being stubborn about giving us and are family a second chance at happiness
Tell me i'm not the only one who cries during this song
Oh god this vid made me cry and i never cry i am sad because my dad is away in the military and i miss him alot 😥 dad come back.
He will be back:) Thank you and your dad for serving for this country so we can sleep at night in peace!!! It's really hard not have your dad around. I have never experienced it myself but I can imagine how hard it is. It brings tears to my eyes. Stay strong and THANK YOU to you and your family:) You all are in my prayers.
I love this because young men sacrifice themselves for America and it makes me salute everytime I walk by a solider or a wall of pictures men who fought in the war
I am dedicating this song to my boyfriend I love you baby
396 pepper hanger no heart
Merry Christmas & god bless the soldiers who bust their ass 2 keep us safe
This song came up on the radio the night after my grandpa died, I learned that he was once the chief of police in Guatemala. So whenever it's veterans day I play this song on my phone and remember my grandpa.
Gigi P Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home):
This song makes me cry everytime I listen to it
Even though i don't have any kids at the moment i'm fourteen but i will not let this happen to my future husband or boyfriend , an have my kid cry over this even thoough this is very very sad i am very sorry for all your guys loss and all that stuff. 
me and my grandmother cried at this song every time we hear this song.
I get the chills every time I listen to this!
Saif, just a thought, but maybe if you're worried about your country, you should be there helping it?
This song makes u wanna cry my grandpa was a korean war vet
God bless the red white & blue
Why is my comment like that
Sharon Parson Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home):
Miss you grandma 2/21/09
am i the only one that wants to throw up when watching this video?
why do u want to throw up
dont worry Guardian Angel it makes me tear to
luv this song missing my family...
Song of the Day: One of the most beautiful songs ever
timothy pantazi Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
This song reminds me of my dad
I  told my dad when you coming home
Candy Reed Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Marco Polo Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home):
Stef Monier Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Lonestar - I'm Already There (Message From Home):
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