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The Real Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (HD)

by darhlink • 276,216 views

Author of this video is Jerry (Granfaloon) This is a parady of Link and his unforgetable adventure Note: I do not own this video. To see more or the orginal go to: Author Jerry...

Haha Ganondorf's one line "C'mon Zelda! You know you want me, baby!" 2:33 XD
LOL! I used to love these animated shorts. The Real Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (HD):
Zelda - Play the song, Link. Link - *wattehfug look*
XD agree fucking agree XD LOL
number 5 or i punch you 
I wana see you track him down then
Sheik wtf is wrong with you lol
LMFAO! XD How have I NOT seen this! This shit is EPIC!
O.O ..............................................................            wat da  heck
I love how this improves so freakin much. Like the art. Yup.
Its only the one of the best video games of all time!
I'm posting this wherever I can to save FanFics, videos, art, etc...from SOPA.  Please sign the petition and share it everywhere:
I always wanted to punch navi too.
Beat up by ocarina love it!
Didn't this guy use to have a website called jerry productions or studio?
Made me want to play Ocarina of Time again
Dayum. That donkey is freakin fast for a jackass.
I see what you did there
the goron at the store looked REALLY retarted an wut happened to the 5th vid?
Are you going yo make more :3
What the hell. Am I. Watching?!
How did link get so badass
From all the games he was in he learned the ways of the badass
there's no guns in the legend of zelda....and no bad words.
If the original creators don't continue the series, then eventually someone will. Hopefully.
This is funny! But, if only this was censored..,.
it would be worse.
Possibly the worst thing I have watched on the entire internet
you should watch it on newgrounds. not here
navi is even annoying in this vid
XD omg really funny vid just ... id repost it on gmail ... but my mom would get mad because of the language.
I face-palm myself every second of this video... LOL
Hey im 11 and i agree that The Legend of Zelda is awesome and COD is the WORST game ive ever played.
At first I thought this would be boring but actually it is hilarious :)
Have you heard that Nintendo is really remaking Majoras Mask in 3D? It will have new online puzzle races,new models, and new secret areas!
Does he still make these? I WANNA HAVE A COMPLETED SERIES!
You are not mature for your age otherwise you wouldn't have made that first comment We are much more mature than you
To me navi was neither of those Navi never really got me annoyed enough to take a break or even turn off the game I never found anything Navi said as humorous but I did find Navi very helpful
Sheik is obviously a man though.
What the hell did i just watch?
Holy shit you're dense. You obviously don't get the point of my comment, so I'm done trying to explain it to you.
yes that makes sense. I was 0 years old when I first played Spyro... (if you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm) I was born in 1996 and I feel that my generation is the last of the good ones...
09:37 is it just me or who gets a picture in the head of zelda and navi "together"
10 bucks says he's another annoying-ass troll
I think Navi telling the player damn everything makes sense if Link is this dense of an idiot.
oh i wised i could beat navi in the game too
True her dumb ass got out of disguise
its the truth, im very mature for my age, atleast i dont play shitty zelda and gay kids games...
The Real Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (HD) i dunno
doesn't the guy at 7:39 sound like homer simpson?
Wen she saydd play da song n link kept lookin confused dat had me rollin bro
Could be so, but everyone makes grammatical typos every now and then. And your picture is a dragon (Spyro i think).
SPOILER ALERT:read the comments AFTER u watch the vid
Awesome exept for spoiler when navi noticed zelda
and does it matter how he spells shit? Stop being a grammar Nazi. Yes he makes mistakes but it's not worth butt-fucking a comment over by trolling.
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