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Keo Curry Rides LA - Fixed Gear Freestyle

by TRAFIK • 124,967 views - BUY IT NOW on DVD & iTunes TRAFIK is Global Fixed Gear Culture Keo Curry, featured in "To Live & Ride in L.A." rides at the famous...

That was terrible who wants to watch him doing basically nothing.
Keo is old school. He is one of the OG's of track bike tricks. Do your research. It's like talking shit on Tony Alva. 
Thumbs Up if you're high right now!
What is the name of the toe cages
what is the brand of the front wheel?
I don't get it, most of those tricks where tired in the 80s, watch Danny macaskill if you want to see bike skill.
Not hating, but am I the only one that would rather watch someone bomb a hill then do this??
@nicklax6 We need you to contact us so you can get your shit! Good job!
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@denverguy411 Google ItsIntuition I highly suggest you check out all of his shit! The song you're after is Otis Reading and is on the album Girls Like Me Enjoy ;)
can not wait for june 21st :) getting the dvd for sure
Fixed freestyle is the dumbest thing to hit the bike scene. BMXers must laugh their asses off that these tricks are considered worthy of a video.
@nikolauslopapa11 well as alife long mountain biker 15 plus years. they are in inherently dangerous ok you can skid to stop but if some one pulls out in front of you in a pram, u don't have 8 " disk brakes that can lock both ur wheels instantly, dont follow the crowd do ur own thing...just watch the video link i sent you and i hope you will get why i think they suck...
To live & ride in la, yeah, its the best!
its true, but some fixie riders laugh at bmx riders because the bikes they ride are much less convenient thus making tricks much more difficult. anyways as long as your riding a bike fixie riders don't care because us fixie riders are not stupid fucking trolls like YOU.
i love the documentary thank god it was on netflix
keo always be wearing dem sk8 hi's. #fresh
What the ... THAT BIKE has no BRAKES?!
Why would anyone watching this video give a rat's ass about what a bunch of bmx riders think?
this songs awesome and keo is such a sick rider with dope style. makes me wanna get out and mash on my bike soo bad. think im gonna go do that now.
Dope Shooting. Dope Song. Dope rider.
dope spot to kick it with some 40s and a bike or 2
where can i find this song?!?!?!?! someone help
Does anyone know what stem he's using?
I can't respect someone who is unwilling to use proper capitalization and punctuation.
And looking down on someone because they use a slang word is better how?
shut the fuck up you little shit, go watch his macaframa videos before you talk shit you little chunt faggot
when you can make a better video than these guys then you have our permission to say something but for now just keep your mouth shut , you probably cant even do a wheelie without hands you dumb fuck
watch?v=l5m8XVv8LEI this at 20 seconds
What's the best gear ratio for Doing tricks and stuff but still be able to pick up a decent speed :) and without having to change 42T chain ring up front :D
Yo wassup. Does anyone happen to know what stem he sir
@niknd3000 Oh nooooo!!! No f6 on my ipaddddd! I'll NEVER get to do this!!!!!!!!
Sweet track on the video! If I tried to do that, I would of busted my ass more than a few times. Then I would of road home and took my anger on some poor pedestrian not using the cross walk. lol
What's the best gear ratio for Doing tricks and stuff but still be able to pick up a decent speed :) and without having to change 42T chain ring up front :D
pretty basic moves as far as bmx riding goes... but the angles are totally different on a bike that is that much taller... props!
does anybody know if a 26in wheel will clear a barspin? please reply, thanks
what's this song that he was using?
total wank, get some gears get of road and stop being a fag!
this is youtube not a novel. thats like looking down at someone because of their grades. those are the worst kind of people.
Keo U ROCK... Come ride wit me if you come to A.Z.
I just watched the Kevin Bacon film Quicksilver from 1986, the tricks in that pissed all over this, and that was with drop bars. Modern fixie riding seems about 1981 BMX level.
just looks so uncomfortablee
Tune is Otis Redding, by Intuition, I reckon.
Those are sick bar do you know what brand
@Jbroehl keo curry is old school, this video isnt about the tricks, more about his style, watch some new shit from chacon or wonka or matt reyes, if you think those videos are lame, then you can hate
Wait a second hes wearing two different shoes.... Red high top on right and vans on left wtf
a bike is a bike no matter what you do with it all it is meant to ride and ride is what we do
You see, this is the kind of fixie freestylin' i appreciate and adore.......there are so many HxC BMX bikers that smash on fixie riders for coppin' their style.....I will agree...there ARE indeed fixie riders that pull off mad BMX tricks, putting pegs on theirs axels and shit calln it their own because theyre riding a larger frame.....this shit right here is TRUE street and TRUE fixie freestlye.....its almost a Street Vs. Vert (skateboarding) thing
so whos this guy? . . . . . . . .loljk
@Xplanation562 looks like its at this riverbottom in riverside. pretty sure it's there
def going to my favorites :) nice bike bad ass riding :D
@Jbroehl BMX and track freestyle are two different things. keo was the one to basically start the track freestyle scene. let's see you do some of these tricks... freewheel and fixed wheel are two totally different things.
Intuition- otis redding,check his other shit really dope
Im 13 And I Willl Beat The Shit Out Of Just For Being A Dick =)
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