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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Black Sheep - FULL music video

by Desmaravillador • 9,002,622 views

"Black Sheep" (originally played by Metric) with vocals by Brie Larson. This video is a pre-order bonus from the Scott Pilgrim original soundtrack in i-tunes. Original "Black Sheep" (C) Metric,...

O' Malley is my god. thanks for creating Scott, I never in my entire life could relate to a comic like Scott Pilgrim, Stephen Stills and I are alike in more than one way haha
+jase276 true but as this discution was about how to movie drasticall changed stuff but good point many spoilers ;-;
I honestly cant think of a better movie...its got balls of steel and makes me want to punch a hole in the moon.
Brie Larson did it way better
Incontrovertible truth. Thank you for the song Metric, but THIS is THE version.
This is still the best movie of all time. The incredible cinematography, the fantastic cast, all builds up to the fact that it was a film made because they wanted to make it. It's not a carbon copy blockbuster: it's actual art. This song and the video brings back the best if memories
Not the best movie of all time, but one of the best book-to-film movies. I can never get bored of this movie
I'm probably the only person on this earth who likes this version more
I like this better too
I wonder if you actually get powers for being vegan haha but im obsessed with this movie
I thought they were just making fun of vegans lol
was she cosplaying as Misa from death note?
OMG YES! I thought I was the only one who think that
i dont know why but i think metric version is worse
Scott Pilgrim VS the World 2?
The righter of Scott pilgrim has started to right a new story
+Owen Dean A new story with Scott Pilgrim or new series?
This Movie and Superbad, Project X, and Wolf of Wall Street...are my favorite movies
Harold and kumar white castle The hangover I agree with your movies I also like the first American Pie I also have to say Kick Ass 1 and 2
wow, very good movies, I hope what you see The Interview, it's awesome too
Via +James Roberts i love this movie!
I said lesbians.........
Scott Pilgrim: You know what sucks? Wallace Wells: What? Scott Pilgrim:  ( ∞ ) EVERYTHING.
"Senju my love" naruto? Anyone?
Yay someone who appreciates it thanks XD
Scott Pilgrim means a lot to me, i remember when i was only 10 and this came out and it was the first rated R movie i ever saw- i watched at a draft house with my mom and it was probably one of the most memorable times of my child hood...
I'm pretty sure you're still in your childhood...
It's rated pg13 it was never rated r
Cesario Cadena Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Been on a little bit of a Scott Pilgrim kick. 
Freddy Vega Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Recordemos el mejor concierto en una película jamás Black Sheep - Scott Pilgrim 
Mamo esa canción, me quede con ganas de una secuela
Plenamente concuerdo , esta canción me guía a tomar desiciones ;c
that guy on bass .... that's todd
Everyone deserves a thumbs up lol
The way Brie Larson stands at 2:32 is beyond hot, they couldn't have picked a better actress/musician to play the role of Envy.
Epic movie, amazing song. Brie Larson is really cute, damn.
Hello, again, friend of a friend
Lol is it weird I STILL love this song since 2010??? When I first watched this I wondering to turning into a vegan, loooool.
You people saying Brie Larson's version is better are nuts. Sure she sounds pretty good and looks great, but she just can't fuck with Emily Haines' sound and attitude. Haines for the win. With that said, this is my favorite scene from Scott Pilgrim.
The whole sound track to this movie is bad🙌
Better than the trailer
Where is the guitar player or the keyboard player :\?
Carlos Sanchez Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
strange movie, awesome
I just realized she looks just like Misa Amane
I feel like in the movie, Ramona is too depressing. In the book she's still kinda like that but she has a more happy laughing personality. She seems like she enjoys being with Scott in the book. But in the movie it just looks like he's a burden to her
other than 'we hate you please die', this has to be the best song in the film
So, I haven't been here since 2010... and, even though the comments are all a few months old, the comment section looks exactly the same as it did 5 years ago!
I've seen this movie a million times and still love it till this day cx
I like this song I love;)
Even though I prefer the Emily Haines version slightly, I have no issues with version. <3
Fede B Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Recordemos el mejor concierto en una película jamás Black Sheep - Scott Pilgrim 
she looks like Misa Misa xD 
Listening to this song while I do my British Lit paper on Beowulf.
Thanks for sharing this vid, it's a treat. Props to Metric but gotta say that I prefer Brie's version. Awesome cover.
Una letra media confusa, una sexy chica y una buena voz.
Still watching this awesome movie Scott Pilgrim loving the song !! And Drummer girl😍😍😍😍
I love this video and this song...
that blonde girl is so gorgeous
Fun Fact: Black people secretly love this movie
Im Black Too, And Freaking Loveee This Movieee.! Like Omg.! Lol
is that a the punisher t shirt that tod is wearing
Yeah, there's a whole bunch of those kinds of references in the comics
Fabulous versión! Like brie's voice
Not sure how people think that Brie Larson sings this better than Metric. You just can't beat Emily Haines's voice. Not saying Brie is bad at all, but Emily just kills it always.
This exact song put me in a Metric mood for a long time; however, I really do prefer this version (with Brie Larson singing it). I can watch it again and again... In fact, I will start watching it right now.
I watched the film once then Again and thought wow very good then i read the graphic novel and it was even better than the film but i still love the film
Perhaps the movie is good but the movie definitely sucks.
Am I the only one who loves this song!?
Just the " oh no " kills me.
fuck you,fuck you,fuck you,your cool,and fuck you I'm out
Is this her singing it or someone else.
This> the original. Just sayin
Her hair made me think of MisaMisa from death note (anime)
 I like this song - Gabby
first time ive seen brie larson. not sure i want to see her in anything else now!!! this cant be spoiled!!
Great tune.  Metric rules - greatest thing to come out of Canada since Martin Short.  Very decent I must say.
This is one of the coolest films i've set my eyes on, the soundtracks, cinematography, story line and casting choices and everything else in between are just plain awesome :)  I'M IN LESBIANS WITH THIS <3
omg i love this sons so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg she and her singing gives me chills :3 the girl with the blue hair is way too cute.
Little known fun fact thingy: The comic book is based off of Morgan Freeman's life and upbringing and all of that jazz. Google it. Or actually... Don't Google it, just trust me. I'm a doctor.
I loved this movie!
Sent you my love on a wire
I love this video and the movie.
I don't know why this movie had such an impact on me. I was 14 and just entered highschool when I watched it lol.
I listen to  metric's allll the time and when I hear this its all idk weird and rough. It was my favorite version but now its too loud hahah
Thus version is way better then the original
Fucking Wallas! You're the best homo-friend of all the times! CX
So good film ki szereti az ijen jo filmeket de nem vagyok facebookon koszi
damn why when i heard this song i want to cry......WTF?
I wonder if people noticed that Natalie looks like Misa from DeathNote XD
Paolo Bonix Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Black Sheep - FULL m…:
Does Brie Larson actually sing the vocals on this version??
This movie is such a classic..
i love this video!! i love this music!! i love scott pilgrim!!!
Sounds like a Placebo song
Im way to addicted to this song and this movie and basicly anything Scott Pilgrimy... its been ages since I first saw it but I still love it
I like both versions <3
Patty Reyes Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I luv this song/movie!!!;p
Bunch of weeaboos and nerds on here ... Fags
Evitz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
this song is just plain amazing. this will never get old. (send you my love on a wire)
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