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Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

by BustaRhymesVEVO • 10,822,970 views

Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Why Stop Now. (C) 2012 Cash Money Records Inc.

This song should have included one verse from tech n9ne, one verse from Childish Gambino and replace the woman beater on the hook with Nipsey Hussle. But seriously Chris Brown, like really dude? How you gonna be a role model for your kid you are teaching to rap if you makin tracks with a violent criminal who abuses women. You're better than that busta
+Vern Emcee Agreed that's how I use it too, and it can apply to any race not just black people
I'm full black and I don't care for rap ¯\(ツ)
how the hell does he rap that fast?
Talk allot. Say things that are tongue twisters allot. Thats hiw u learned
Stans: EMINEM IS FASTER STOP RAPPING True Fan: Nice song Stans: EMINEM IS BETTER THOUGH True Fan: You know Busta Rhymes and Eminem are basically friends? Stans: HE STOLE SPEED FROM EMINEM True Fan: Why do you care? Stans: CAUSE EMINEM IS BETTER True Fan: That's your opinion but you don't have to be a twat about it. Sometimes, you have to keep your opinion to yourself. You're making Eminem look bad. Stans: EMINEM RAP GOD FAST PART: 157 SYLLABLES IN 16 SECONDS True Fan: That actually doesn't matter. Busta Rhymes and Eminem are equally great. Stans: THIS SONG: 142 SYLLABLES IN 16 SECONDS True Fan: You really make Eminem look bad. You don't need to diss Busta's career just because Eminem made ONE fast song. Eminem is my favorite but I'm not saying why. If you were a true fan you would know Busta used to be with Eminem's record. If you were a true fan you would shut the fack up. Stans: YOU AREN'T A TRUE FAN IS YOU DONT CALL YOURSELF STAN. True Fan: Eminem didn't want us do call ourselves this. You are actually destroying the purpose of the song. Busta Rhymes is awesome. Eminem is awesome. Case closed.
LMFAO!!!! Ugh, Eminem makes one fast song with 1 really fast part Twista, Busta, Tech N9ne all make equally as fast songs that go longer (example, Worldwide Choppers) orrrrrr (like in Can You Keep Up) insanely fast verses that are about 5 seconds long. I love Eminem but I HATE "Stans"
1:04 Wow ! How many Views hehehehehe
Chris brown DOSENT deserve to be in a great song.
+essence jackson Like I said B.S. suck less dick!  
Chris Brown can have anything, except a decent pair of sunglasses it would seem
I love chris browns attempt at "dancing"
+Toxic Sierra calm down dude. Jesus, I was joking
One of my favorite songs EVER
1:03 it said that it was posted on july 13,2007. and it has 9,233,481,922,936,012,025,781,116 views, but only has 29,064 likes. in order for him to have that many views, he would have to have same amount of likes as the same amount of views Gandam style  has, DOUBLED
Even more than doubled....
First Chris brown is a "blood", and now in songs he's speaking Kreyol? Dude is faker than Mama D's front teeth, I can't deal.
Christ brown no blood they would took him down by known and he mess with that have sex with dude sale soul and mind shit damn goofy
Im wondering if Chris Brown beat that dancer.
something something WOOOOO
lol people actually think busta bust is fat -.-
When are we going to get real beats back in rap and hip-hop, this over-compressed big room house beat crap has gotta go... This song could be amazing with a better beat.
Issued a challenge to karmin lmao
he raps to fast how can I learn about that lyric shit? speed up?
Is it me or is chris brown a little shit? He doesnt deserve to have my name lol. 
+Filmkväll Cheers man and well put. 
Chris browns a weird dude.
si les gusta la musica electronica,,,como este tema,o los de martin garrix,o guetta,escuchen mi cancion GIZA,y si les gusta,suscribanse, no os arrepentireis ;)
Me Encanto ;)(( I loved it.
Yeah, Chris Brown can have everything EXCEPT a clean criminal record.
Chris Brown looks like little kid who's going trough he's puberty and is on some heavy dope. No, but really, Chris Brown is a motherfucking clown and looks like douchebag.... + if You look closly, that guy who did that flip, isn't Chris Brown, that's some other guy. (just my opinion)
Why are em stans lying and saying that Bus's Bars are the same thing over and over and they have no significant meaning? Niggas isn't even in more than 8% of what he spat and if close attention was being payed he reflected about past years in the Hip Hop game and his unique flow,he even threw a diss at Mac while also having double entendre(s) up the wazoo with his seemingly "simple" words. Having a cosmopolitan vocabulary doesn't automatically make you a good lyricist,there is so much more to that and if you actually took a look at albums like T.I.M.E ,WDS and Anrachy you would know how wrong you are about his supposed "nursey" rhymes  and "average" lyricism. Tl:dr you don't know shit about Busta Buss or Hip Hop . Smh
Why is he in front of Occupy Wall Street protesters? Because he's one of the people that they're protesting against
WOW Chris Brown needs his pretty little ass whooped!
Thank you but he dropped the soap most likely
Busta Rhymes is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why watch the video when you dont like the person
Just enjoy the song or don't listen to it they made the song to ever have that fantasy of having everything and everybody dissing Chris Brown but he making money while your writing YouTube insults...I see Alot of hater on here..
Chris brown looks like he's being possessed
I agree! He's so creepy!
If wanted to Busta  Ryhmes can say in one breath
Chris Brown is a joke
Chris Brown is Possessed 
WTF is Chris doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
chris brown looked like a complete tryhard the whole time, and busta looked like a natural crook at 1:42 lol
aint hard to rap fast when you aint sayin shit. Tech FTW
to all the Chris Brown haters listen to 1:57-2:00.... Its a great song.. regardless of who's in it
Good song but what wrecks it is Chris brown
Chris was fail dancing, was he having a seizure, it sure looked like it!
Emineminem should have been on this song cuz youknow.... He made a fast song. Once. Trust me. Don't argue against me.
and most rappers who spit fast writes in tongue twister form
I guess know one iz paying attention to the locusts plague thats in this vid signaling endtimes are closer peace my people
Wtf ? What did nigga said ! Need to chill
Chris Brown is speakin about he could have everything because he sold his life to satan and to iluminatii and he is keep spreding it around like a virus...Busta Rhymes is a beast ... you are nr1 #CoCo
lol Chris Brown looks skinny, but he have muscle
omg im literally following the lyrics and I CANT EVEN READ AND KEEP UP LIKEEEE
Why does every rap song have to be criticised by fucking stans.
Lets be honest... Busta Rhymes is the Rap God, he is much faster than Em, for real
They are both badass rappers man
People are like eminem is better Twista is better and it's just a comparison in my opinion they are really good on different levels besides speed got nothing to do with skill rhyming flow word play all comes in to play like duck just listen to the music
1:04 look at the number of views he has 😂😂😂
Okay, i'm done.  Busta gets a video on youtube from me.
Is there a version without that fag
its because he has a strong tongue
can u buy this song??? its not even on iTunes :(
1:03 9,233,481,922,936,012,025,781,116 ?? :D :D
How does he do that im pretty close though
This song would be sick if Chris browns bitch ass wasn't in it!!!
I love Chris Brown
 /Hi! I’m Angie and my dream is to become a singer, I know there’re a lot of people like me, but could you please give a chance to watch my video of me singing on my channel? Please, I’ll be grateful. / 
Busta Great job, Chris kinda ruined it maybe it was the lyrics. Plus at the end you guys told me to clap yet nothing happened haha
3:18 - Bar tender stops music video from continuing "sir you need to pick your gum up off the floor!"
busta rymes is faster then eminem
Even though rap god had more syllables, busta is still faster in this verse. Eminem just used bigger words with more syllables per word.
this is basically the matrix
Dumb ass nigga think we dumb the video is only 4 minutes fuuwwwwkuumean
I like how when he says "shit I wanna see yall do that on youtube" that part of the video it says the video has about 9 septillion views
wtf is Chirs Brown doing LOL
oa mo es mi rapero favorito lo amo  yo soy blanco por fuera y negra por dentro
Nah mate bustas rhymes are no where near as smart as eminems it ain't about how fast you can rap. How can u even compare busta to em
Em only has lyrics over busta. Better lyrics doesnt automatically make a better rapper.
Don Skinner Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now (Explicit) ft. Chris …:
I return to the 2002-2009 year, when it was a real hip-hop
minus chris brown and i love it!
at 3:15 the guy that says bong spits out his gum
I saw that too lol Fail !!!
busta rhymes could read harry potter book in 3 seconds
Busta rhymes and P.diddy was arrested like 2 weeks ago for ordering the hit on tupac! 
Chris brown looks cracked the fuck out
Busta said FART. That wqs hilarious!
Chris Brown omg you're so awesome, you learned how to do a front flip and you got a six pack.
That's CGI, that faggot gets fucked in the ass so much I doubt he's that nimble
who is fast the fat guy or eminem ?
Fuck It Abol Shyt Fuck iilumnate
Gangsters T zone Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Chris brown did way to much but bust killed it!
3:15 cai o chiclete da boca do negão e outro fica segurando a risada! kkk...
Lol I see the gum fly out his mouth haha nice editing man
still awesome rap doh
Eminem raps faster then busts
+aiyannah johnson He does, It may of been Worldwide Choppers where he beats him by atleast 10 syllables.
Gangsters T zone Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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