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Black Ops 2 Unboxing (REAL)

by GamerDock • 868,443 views

Just got my copy of Black Ops 2 in the mail! This is my unboxing video ------------ BLACK OPS 2 UNBOXING BLACK OPS 2 UNBOXING BLACK OPS 2 UNBOXING "black ops 2" unboxing keychain unboxing keychain...

biggest faggot in the world :)
Like you need a pocket knife to open a game. Yous your fucking hands damn it!
its not real real real
This is a different version
Yo add me JBains18 1v1 me
this was before the game was in stores in canada
What's your psn I'm Ldowens1212
Add me on ps3 Kintaro6314
your so much kid playing cod you are noob
why subscribe when post fake unboxings 
It's fake cause says M not 18 plus
And plus the back of the box isn't like the normal 1
ik this is a late reply but  i thinks its because he lives in Australia  i live in Australia and mine says m
Ah hey ps3 cool. Add me, I'm Greenberet0769.
ooohh so cool black ops 2 .. im pretty sure every person has one besides its a sucky game u get shot once and ur automatically dead and ooh its pirated
That's why he posted this like 2 years ago dumbass
Yea that's realistic one shot and your dead stop playing cod dumbass
he probably went crying to his room because its a fake copy
thats not the real one i have it and the back from mine to urs are so much diffirent and i have ps3 sorry dude
do you have the real copy now?
Dude get the real version because that is not the back of the actuall case if you wanna no what the actuall cause you will find it to be differen
U suck that's not best battlefield 4 is
Geez were do you get your games buy them at gamestop for god sake
where is the website butbrain?
you think he is going to do cod ghosts? lol what a fag
es falso desde el momento en que ese video se subió en mayo y el juego no se estrenó hasta el 13/11/12. un saludo
thats not the real back of the game
i know thats fake becuase the back does not look like that and you never got nuketown2025 so thats fake and the book was skinny not big.
its real you guys are idoits
Top Comment :D :D :D Please sub if you want to for latest cod gameplay news football vidz AND GTA 5
You're video's fake. I just filed a Spam report on your ass. This video will get removed in no time.
No shit he uploaded it 4 months before the game came out.
Shut up you fucking idiot. Even I have more subs than you. Make sure you mean something in the world before you go on insulting other people
Guys this I think might be fake but it is the right case so u know it might be real
It pisses me off that this game is pirated. A game this good doesnt deserve to be pirated.
Oh and......wait for it....1:48 -smile- sorry my camera shut off I dont know just did
stfu ur a god damn hater I would like to see u make a video like he does oh wait u cant so stfu
This game is M for mature. Not F7 For Seven year olds.
Haha....ps3 now has an "x" button to respawn....
look at the back it is a fake copy
Well it is more harder to open it with your hands -.-
How the Fu*k dose this video get 2 likes Da Fuq
a fucker who says it is real will always be fake
You fucking asshole cant afford it and is a fucking crap bitch
you dont have a dislike bar because you suck so everyone will dislike it and you dont want to see that motherfuck
Nice copy! 1. You have copied it from Google. 2. U suck. 3. Getalife
u dumbass the ps2 came out in 2000
your like 12 years old y are you getting M rated games!!
the back of the box is different
calm ur shit he makes better videos than ur shittle lil gay porn vids
Ha ha ha ha ha ha you are a freakin idiot look up your facts playstation came out in 1995 while xbox 2001 woo I would check my words
fake, the back isn't lime the real one
Man, that's a fake one, cause the new one doesn't have the letters "Call of Duty" in white, and I think that you disabled the rating bar cause you don't want more DISLIKES than LIKES
And thats what ur thinking about, look at the date, Black ops 2 came out November 13th
I would laugh if it was a copy of viva piñata instead of bo2
fake because i have it for ps3 and the back looks nothing like mine and the xbox case for is the same as da ps3
I have the game that it is not what the back case looks like
dude seariouly your not the creator of cod don't be so proud of it and your flips.
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