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Death Isn't Real

by The Amazing Atheist • 344,743 views

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Can anyone explain why this video is so disliked?
People don't get the joke.
yeah good point---death is inevitable within the concept of heaven as well, but i see the sentiment.....However they basically believe in heaven though---if you watched that video than you'd see that they have the belief that we dont die---we actually get taken out to the sun on magnetic "ropes" to live eternity in "the kingdom of the sun"....but honestly to imply that belief in death is imperative to its existence is pretty messed up---either its extreme denial....or we're dying needlessly haha
Judging by the amazing amount of dislikes ... nobody got the joke.
But that wouldn't mean death is fake... in fact, that's what you come to think when you know death is real.
We know that enough brain damage causes a lack of consciousness. And even minor damage can impact consciousness pretty significantly. So yes it is most certainly mechanical.
[cont] Now what I find interesting is the brain can function in half. If you cut the brain in half and take 1 half out, the other half takes it's place. If the brain causes consciousness, why does brain damage interfere with who they are? Wouldn't the nondamaged parts, take over the job of the damaged parts?
Typical hater... *reads the title* *doesn't like the title* *dislikes the video* *stays ignorant forever* *his death makes the world a better place*
Haha! Hilarious XD but hey. You never know. ;)
its so funny how he is joking and there are ppl who dont get it
I think you just brought up something very interesting though... what if we can't find any part of the brain that creates consciousness... as in, what if we learn everything about the brain and nowhere in it is a system that creates self awareness? This goes both ways, if we find out HOW the brain creates consciousness... we will prove the brain does it. So I guess it's a matter of time.
Plural. I can't believe you even tried to correct a correction. T.T
so basiaclly you were expecting the circle of life speech. look simba everything the light touches is bull shit
We don't call him TheAmazingAtheist for nothing. If there's anybody that can accomplish something like this, its definitely TJ!
I apologize for jumping to a conclusion then. Good day to you :P
Well, it may be bullshit but at least it doesn't contradict itself on every other page.
I litteraly started breaking out in laughing i cant believe so many people actually believed he was serious.
Great contrast to the 'My Father is Dead' video.
We do not need to prove to you that we aren't; you need to prove to us we are.
and why do you assume this is a correct statement? You can't win this. Retreat.
How could you expect anything from TJ? You just listen to him and hope something intelligent or funny comes out.
isolate92, I'd agree with you in that you don't have to be gay to pervert yourself with your own thinking. You malign the Word of God telling me what I have to do believing it? You're like Satan telling Jesus what the Scriptures "really" say..."throw yourself down from here...and I'll give you everything you ever wanted!" I don't ignore the Bible. I simply know it better than you do, and care to. But that's the "IQ" you gloat lacking common sense even 1 book my Bible could provide you. Oops. tsk
You are creating a false dichotomy. Correlation does not equal causation, do you not realize this? Please remember it and don't just ignore it because I've already said it 2 fucking times. Last time: CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. Also your logic is horribly fail. IF the consciousness was separate, of course damaging the brain would do what you described. There has to be something linking the body to the consciousness, right? The brain could act as that link[cont]
I already have won this by making you repeat yourself with a nonsensical argument. You're simply deluding yourself into thinking that you've won. Oh, and I can't wait to see what your reply to this comment is.
XD, so many people must have just stumbled apon this video, not knowing TJ is joking.
I'm having a bit of a problem with this... in your first example... you acknowledge that C does not equal C because they are just looking at it without evidence. In the second example, if they see that there is an increase is drowning people as their sales go up. They have evidence that their sales are causing the drowning rate. But you don't have this for consciousness. You have nothing to show the brain, is causing consciousness.
Okay you clearly didn't watch the video, in the video TJ explained that there is no death, everyone's just a very lazy zombie waiting for the time to strike.
The people who think TJ is serious in this video is just plain stupid.
No, horribly horribly wrong. Correlation, does not equal causation. With magnets, we see the effect coming FROM the magnets. We don't see where the soul is, which is an absolute BTW considering all a soul is, is consciousness. The question is what specifically is it, and is it separate from the body or not. We DO know how fucking magnets work, we do not know how consciousness works. I will repeat: Correlation does not equal causation.
You know there are some people who actually don't think death is real---type "the murdered philosopher" into YouTube ---there's people that believe death is mandatory only I'd you believe in it---like it's fucking Peter pan or some shit
one of the most stupid videos i ever watched on youtube......nuff said
Albert Einstein said death is an illusion.
@natetheguitarkid, so you think his newer ones are better?
No, they don't. We can see from evidence that the brain has an effect on consciousness. If it is removed then a person stops being a person. If it is damaged it reduces the ability to think correctly. You cannot deny this. As far as I am concerned it can just stay at that. The brain is where the thinking happens. Adding a nonphysical soul that makes the brain do that is adding an unprovable assumption.
@TheAmazingAtheist well going by your logic it wont be so bad getting attacked by zombies, cus hey, we aint gona die ;)
this makes more sense than the whole religion shabang
Yes it is, i met the guy in Pakistan!
I love it when people take stuff like this seriously :D
Guess you people don't realize this is a joke.
I don't know if he meant by this but it sounds just like a theists talking about the afterlife to me. Death isn't real, they just put your body in the ground but really you're still around in some ethereal plane, unconscious, until judgement day. That's how I took it but hey, he could of just been feeling random.
You are correct that there is no definite proof for the brain being the source of consciousness, since we don't understand how it works completely. That doesn't add any support to the idea of a nonphysical soul, it just means that we don't know for sure. And there is more precedent for something like a brain doing complex things than there is for some nonphysical entity that enters and leaves bodies through their brains.
This is what's wrong with America.
Because there's actual /proof/ of us not being bottles of detergent. I don't look like one to myself or anyone else I know. I don't sound or feel like one. Can I prove 100% that I'm not a bottle of Tide detergent? No, I can't. But I have far more than enough proof to be able to judge that I'm not. You have no proof of anything, and have thus far refused to even try giving any.
Cant tell if trolling or... Oh wait, i know youre joking, TJ. :)
Yeah, he has learned to enjoy it. I think he explains that in detail in some of his longer TJDoesLife Question & Answer -videos.
Sure. But that's like saying it's okay to let my kids watch Family Guy because their just joking around. If he thinks he is so smart, he should use the intelligence for something positive and with a redeeming quality. Not complete retarded garbage that helps no one. Now this is my own personal opinion. Just like his video is his opinion. But if he wants to share his opinion with the public, be prepared for rational, logical scrutiny. So what if he is kidding. It's still retarded.
you suddenly look a lot like justin bieber
peaple like nation, populus, a group learn ur language
Occam's Razor does not apply, because both ideas make the same amount of assumptions.
Of course death isn't real. Does anyone believe that crap anymore? I supposedly "died" several times now, but I'm still watching YouTube videos. Duh. Tricked you motherfuckers!!!
Funny thing is, this makes as much sense as religion, if not more. only difference? no book
I am a necromancer in this life and will lead my ary of death to your doorsteps.
@sexyeur I love to see religious people making an ass of themselves. It's usually everytime they open their mouths and spout out their ignorant bigoted bile. I know a lot of atheists. All of them are more moral and ethical than most of the "christians?" I know and, guess what? None of them are Homosexual.
Prove that your statement about him proving his statement is real? You can't. Retreat.
The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Atheism is the default. You have to prove that is does.
It's true, man. You might even be a lazy zombie waiting to attack, who knows?
How does TheAmazinAtheist look like anything like it?
Why do you assume you're defeating my argument by challenging logic as a whole?
this is what too much weed does to ya
Prove that you're not an illusion. Prove that this reality is real. Prove that I'm real. Prove that science is real. There is no real proof for anything. That computer in front of you, it ain't real. Prove that logic, in it's most base sense, is correct. Provide proof for the following sentence: "The burden proof lies on the person making a positive statement." You can't. Every proof you provide needs to be proved. Stop assuming things you fucking retard. I'm not a conformist.
Because the soul claim adds unnecessary bullshit. Both still require the brain to be functioning, the soul thing just adds another component that we can only assume exists. Meanwhile, we know that modifying the brain and applying shocks can affect its function. From this we can conclude that thought comes from the brain. Adding a soul to that is like saying that magnets work because of incredibly tiny invisible fairies that move around and do that shit. Can't disprove it, but it's still bullshit
3,322 people thinks he is serious.
it's scary that people like you, so full of anger over such small matters, even exist...
@q8i3li The only FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF SHIT is you. I hope you fucking burn in a lake of oil you waste of FUCKING SPACE. It's sarcasm. YOU. FUCKING. IDIOT.
and why do you assume this is a correct statement? I thought by now you would figure out that you're preaching to the choir and that I'm just fucking with everyone who goes on this video. Evidence: See my youtube comment history.
And btw,you obviously have no idea about objectivity. Objective reality is whatever remains true whether you believe in it or not.SO just because someone thinks that Family Guy is good for six year olds,does not mean it is true. It's not good for children no matter how many people believe that it is. Put on you intellectual helmet for another analogy. The whole world could say 2+2 =5 but that does not make it true.Show me a person that says Family Guy is good for children, I'll show you a fool
and why do you assume this is a correct statement?
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