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Korn - System (Queen Of Damned)

by domingues66 • 4,393,618 views

Korn - System Soundtrack of the movie Queen Of Damned

This is how a vampire movie is suppose to look like. Not like those fruitcake Twilight.
Lmao xD Edward: (looks at you painfully constipated)......Dont....get involved with me, bella......I may go blind on how glamorous I can be in the sunlight..." (climbs tree and swings on it dramatically while talking to you constipated) .....its us .....vampires true nature to sparkle diamonds..." Me thinking when watched twilight:  B-0 ....he sparkles? really?, skin that skinny shiny mutherfo and see what kind of cash you can get for it! talkn bout vampires shine like diamonds in the sun, GTFO!..."
Put this thing on Spotify god dammit!
Baba Yaga Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago · Shared to Korn
Probably the best soundtrack ever,and spawn too...
Arbeids vitaminen
This song is scary as fuck, i like it XF
+BlackCroft666 well...Yes..I grow up been lock, without a Father, real mother, o even with my big brother and sister that could teach me and care for me, but now life have give me the chance to be with my family and live things that I never live before. :)
+Anthony Houck ha ha you funny, you are right, but thanks God I can learn more faster that I count before, sins a accident I had, but I am gating better writhing, then before, if you yust read my grammar before you wont be able to understand anything, ja ja ja, but thanks Gos I am gating better speaking and writhing Englis :)
Aliyah was gorgeous!
Whitney Walters Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
best song off of the queen of the damned soundtrack.check the movie out, its AMAZEBALLS!
+joann rotenberry Actually, his name is Stuart Townsend.
Am I the only one, who is listening to this song every day?
Gay shit no the band I fucking love Korn but the video, dude looks like Dani Filth but gay
i was replying to the original post that you replied to..... where he said 'I fucking love Korn but the video, dude looks like Dani Filth but gay'
+Rosariorosario Jamescantelonia this isn't even a comeback you're just cursing and not stating sht
Es ist so gut und zu naturlische. All Korn songs are gut make me bed, fol, sombody somone.
I love the movie it's the best vampire movie every made
+Medusa Gorgon how about bram stokers dracula, now that. yet to see the new dracula movie though
Yes, that Dracula was good. The new one is meh.
this boy is sadly unconvingcing, vampire or not
im suprised nobody has made a mash-up of J.D. and Chester Benningtons vocals. both version in sync with eachother? that would be epic.
What ever happened to the actors who acted like a rock band in Queen of the Damned? They are Australian actors from what I can tell for the ones I've found on wiki other then that I have nothing else. So can people help me. It's been bugging me for years and I just now decided to look them up. Megan Dorman as Maudy Johnathan Devoy as James Robert Farnham as Alex Conrad Standish as T.C.
Megan hasn't done anything I could find past 2009. Most likely doing the family thing and/or directing. John was a guitarist in a band called Jerk, he has since gone solo. Robert Farnham is a portrait and fine art photographer. Conrad is in a duo band called Standish/Carlyon. Since you've had a month to figure this out, you probably know all of this by now.
+Anthony Houck not really lol I kept on getting queen of the damned stuff. The only thing I got was that one of them does local acting in shows. I don't remember who but that's all I found. Thanks
It`s Def the best Vampire movie ever made,been watching it since it was released and listening to the soundtracks over n over!!! F**k the twillight shit..Never got me interested to watch it tho.. My fav songs from the songs are (Forsaken) & (Redeemer) and from the original soundtracks (Prodigal Sun)..
Love this song & a great movie
At one point or another, I want to at least meet a super sexy guy who can sing like Jonathan Davis. PLEASE. lol
I loved this movie. Still do. And the music was awesome. Vampires where supposed to look like this. Not like Twilight ._. that was just a horrible way to make a vampire look like a bitch.
This movie, despite it's overall quality, and I'd say it was alright, just has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Some of the sweetest goth rock was written for this soundtrack. Strange but true.
Meh Chester Bennington sang it better
Read the books, the movie was beautifully mastered but the book is ever better....
I have Chester Bennington version... Where can I buy this version??? I like it better...
Okay so the song is Korn but the video blatently isn't
It wasn't Korn only Johnathan Davis (Lead singer of Korn) not the whole band.
+Alex A actually its not even johnathan davis singing Jeff Scott Soto is actually the one singing davis couldnt sing on the songs because his contract forbid him to use his voice in he trained jeff scott soto to sound almost exactly like him for these songs....he did write them its just not him singing as most people think...
For u people out there that do not like and subscribe to this video well just got one question were did your mind go !!!!!! ?
i love the movie and the sound track. especially this song. 
It doesn't look good without Chester from LP
cette musique est juste magnifique -
"The original motion picture soundtrack to the film Queen Of  Damned is Jonathan Davis's first musical output outside of Korn. Originally he was to perform vocals on the soundtrack, but due to contract limitations with Sony, he could not.[2] So, he hired five singers from other bands, each that are good friends of his, to do the vocal work for his songs. Those five singers include Wayne Static of Static-X, David Draiman of Disturbed, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, and Jay Gordon of Orgy. Drums on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 are performed by Vinnie Colaiuta, and Colaiuta and Terry Bozzio on track 8." so on the movie is his voice, on CD are those guys :)
All this time i thought it was tom cruise lol well guess i was way off
We'll be fine, then your body will be mineeeee.
It'd be funny if this were really how Korn looked
Actually, this isn't a Korn song) This is Jonathan Davis voice, but Linking Park music
Don't remember this from the movie really, its not bad, the chorus is good anyway.
Ironically I watched this movie a lot, was years ago. Good movie, good music.
is the perfect Jonathan Davis from Korn ! <3
Excellent video and song. Great work! That girl is BEAUTIFUL! thanks.
My god this song turns me on lol
lestat lacks jonathan's drama when he sings, he just looks like hes on a fuck ton of heroine.
love this song but this is not korn dumbasses this song is not gay either
It was chester bennington not korn lol, check the soundtrack first before upload
It was Bennington on the soundtrack, but it's obviously Jon Davis' voice in this song.
The official soundtrack does not contain the same artists as the movie, there were some issues with contracts, so other artists were used. This track is the one from the movie and not the CD.
Marie Ginette Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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Yir Le Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Korn - System (Queen Of Damned):
I love the soundtrack so much omg
I mean, vampires used to be cool.
I love this version but I prefer Chester Bennington's version. It's something in his voice that makes him one of the best singers of my life.
Sting Tomaro Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Why won't you die that's me favrote part when i play call of duty or halo i say that
Casey miller Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Korn - System (Queen Of Damned):
Curto tanto a musica quanto o filme "Rainha dos condenados"
This is korns cover....
Werid song and werid azz ppl
This movie is still one of my absolute guiltiest pleasures: it gets cheesier the more I watch it, but damn if Stuart Townsend isn't still my favorite Lestat. I feel like he nailed the arrogant vampire rock star feel. I also like the changes they made to the band to make them...well, not quite more serious, but slightly more believable than the Bela Lugosi-costume-sporting version in the book. So yeah, the movie's not accurate to the books in the least, and ham and cheese and plot snaffus abound, but I still love it with all my black little heart.
I live. I bleed. I love. <3
I happy Stuart is back on screen soon.
One of My favorite movies & soundtrack 💖
Love it hell yeah yea
Emilio Nilges Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
He. Is. Soooo. Cute. In. This. Video
Love this song and him
Mauricio Ruiz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Retomando una película que +Esteban Carvajal me recordó y que buen soundtrack!! Korn - System (Queen Of Damned):
One of the best tracks. 
Love it even after all these years! Soooo sensual......
This video is so sexy lol wish I was a vamp in that situation
if this is korn now it sound like they r doing crank wile being goth
He. Sooooo. Cute. In. This. Video
molto meglio i Korn !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :)))
Gummygod Slocum Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
whats in my mind?
Andrew Picard Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Korn - System (Queen Of Damned) Why is everything so fucking hard for me.
Para quem gosta de Rainha dos Condenados. Ótimo livro. Boa adaptação.
I love this song and the movie
TheNox606 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
PERSON AL Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+dominguess66 Korn - System (Queen Of Damned) Uploaded on Jan 8, 2009 Korn - System  Soundtrack of the movie Queen Of Damned Purchase "Queen of the Damned (2002)" ( Category Music License Standard YouTube License
O-St E Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Regan Starr Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Korn - System (Queen Of Damned):
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