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Friday the 13th and Triskaidekaphobia

by mahalodotcom • 12,307 views

Get Free iOS apps by email! If you are a sufferer of triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13,...

I thought triskaidekaphobia was the fear of eating Triscuits while on a deck.
wow sounds like a real a hole whoever is afraid of fridays -.-
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH TODAY!!!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fridayyyyyyyyyyy the 1333333333333!!!!! PEOPLE unbelieable mannnnnnnnnn jupieeee
Pray for me..My birthday is this a myth? or superstitious
13 ve cuma ikiside müslümanların uğurlu sayısı ve günü korkmanız çok normal :D bütün gavurlar korkar bu günden şeytanlar :D
Im friggatriskadecaphobic and im terrified becuz my mom whants me to got to kranert this friday and its the 13 this friday so i dont wanna be lilled or ect.
i watch way to many horrer movies i clicked this just because it is a horrer movie
lol i turned 13 on friday the 13th 3 years ago, didn't have any bad luck.
if your afraid ofthe number 13 your a fucking idiot and idc
thats why i hate parents and teacher. trying to put fear in our minds with a number
I am triskaidekaphobic (a lot!) and Paraskavedekatriaphobic (alot, afraid of friday the 13th. --LT
There already have been 3 friday 13th in 2012.
If something bad happens today, i'll know what to blame!
Well, I'm going to the dentist. Damnit...
BEWARE of the Frog GHOST doing his demon dance on MyAniMovies channel. Do NOT watch this on Friday the 13th. If you do, you will be cursed. You are warned.
Today is my little sisters birthday... Seems to fit well XD
April 13 was a friday they all turned on the Templer Knights.
its friday the 13th imma watch friday the 13th today :D
i'd rather be killed by jason then watching this -.-
@orf32 *writing on the walls* "alitar was here" (if you played assasins creed you will undersatnd :P)
woah.. my birthday's on May 13...
SO there's Today, a friday 13 back in May, anymore Friday 13's?
fuck religion. religion is based off of fucking stars.
April the 13 was my birthday! Luckily, lucky day + bad day = average day.
2nd! and WHAT? I just noticed that today was friday the 13th. I went go karting on high speed and SURVIVED! WOOT! and also i now found out that if you don't know its the unlucky day, nothing will happen. Its what you believe in and nervousness...
Thanks, hoped someone would correct me. I always mix them up. ^_^
I was born on Friday 13... in March.
i am currently hiding under my bed cautiously waiting for the 14th
triskaidekaphobia? tris-kai-deka-phobia , in greek means "fear of the 13" or literally , ten past three phobia (03.10) lol !
whoa, i watched this friday 13th (check date for proof if any)
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