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Great Moments in Battlefield 3 History

by xMissyChrissyx • 573,953 views

I like cupcakes.

How the fuck is this "In battlefield history"?
He probably means his greatest moments in BF3
Gets a few kills with the Knife on low level players. Your Battlefield skills and definition of "Greatest Moments" need Jesus.
Well when the guy was up on the thing like a coward he actually lived because the guy name start with p and the guy you shot with rocket launcher start with c so sooooory
Fuck VPN tunelling connection without ping 😈
how yyou get dogtag oh your player? :) i have a lot of them but i don't know how to use them :(
u can't do this in asia server
gamers wif shotgun and snipers specialy shotgun, r the bigest no life pussies!! they dont have the damn balls to fight wif let say"normal"guns, so they go on akilling spree wif shotuns....pussyyyyyyy
+HayabusaDubstep easiest way is to"use you´re grammar"say and that´s it! so, fuck you and you´re motherfucking grammar...ohhhh i forgot, you´re the one of many pussy as shotguns users who running around and take ppl out haha..ok ok, if I hurt you´re feelings, i apologize! :D
+Ivan Štrbac I rarely use shotguns I use assault rifles and snipers mainly.
I don't try to go for knife kills I will if there is an assignment I'm gunning for but overall knife take downs is not even close to being awarding you don't get to use the dog tags you take from enemies so I usually just gun them down.
People... If you aren't using a shotgun in close range that's your problem... I'm sorry I'm using the gun IDEAL for CLOSEQUARTERS
USAS 12. Oh back when it was good.
3:51 Hilarity at its best!
I love this video,But I STILL  have to say : ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+ Il███████████████████].      /▌    Copy and Paste this all over   ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..  / \     Youtube if you are with us ..
2:59 i got 3 knife kills in a row at that spot.
dude, i think he is Missy chris... thats y it keps shoin up.
its called using the weapons in the game. stop whining
The USAS isn't OP. It's been nerfed pretty hard. Personally think it's shit now!
You suck.I have seen much better guys than you
hahaha BF3 logic fixing a tank with a repair tool all good, try to fix a civilian car nope ..... BOOM :)
what editing software did u use
if you've ever played MW2 with the model 1812's before they patched it, you wouldn't be saying that. Dice is too busy making DLC's and BF4 to worry about OP guns. Why do you think that the mortar is banned on most servers?
3:51 made me laugh my ass off.
1. True 2. True 3. Seriously? If someone wants someone's dogtags they're going to get them,so just stfu and let people play they wanna play.
It would be cool if there were special animations for water where you dunk there head under and then knife
They put the usas in the game so you can use it, stop complaining.
Is this a original or a pirate game? Sorry, I am planning to buy it and I want it to know.
wen he blew up those camper bitches he shoulve added a clip of wen the snipers in saving private ryan were blown up by tank lol
yeah soz i kinda figured that, but my ''S'' button sticks somtimes so ya know :P
How do you play big games like that ?
you give it such a video on the Internet? everyone to know that you noooob to play with USAS? :-D can not be serious .. and all shotguns USAS + igla, stinger are the biggest fuckers who would not warmed up without shit .. congratulations are among them, but at least you have admitted this video .. peace
must have been enemy's vehicle there on the last clip
hah that was reeally good - not one of the best like epic trolling but still :) that tickled marine XD
yeah a couple knives and shooting an rpg at someone standing still this vid is real impressive, try shooting rpgs at jets and hitting them like me :)
i never played this b 4 but why do u take there tags when i knife them? and why not take them when u kill them with your gun? whats the point of this?
you should play tdm on the canals, i always go as recon and plant a spawner then fly behind then :D
I am Colonel level 100 and I love to flank with the USAS-12 with my support class
@3:10 you see p0d66 kill you, and you go, 'my turn' and then @3:24 you shoot Cricketsw, 'owned', wtf?
Flank linke a boss With usas sure good joke
I myself am a sniper and I'm the rare one that actually looks around, ALOT. This makes me fell like a good player.
OH MY GOD YOU ARE MLG PRO!!!!! UBER HAXXXORZZZZ ELITEZZZZ!!! Did I make your e-peen feel good?
How do you play big games like that
USAS+Frag rounds is nerfed. No longer a n00b cannon. But you sure as hell can get tons of suppressive points during squad firefights.
1:33 Stepehen Hawking plays Battlefield? Awesome!
do exercises between rounds, derp jumping jacks situps, run in place.
I got 6 knife kills on the highest tower in Firestorm, jumped from a jet and got all those suckers :D
i stopped watching AS SOON AS i saw the usas smh
lol she disabled likes and dislikes because she knows this would just get super disliked
lol a 4 20 c sance reparer mais sa explose ^^
in have the best rank in bf3 but i still use the m16 is the best gun in my opinion
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