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by Shane Dawson TV • 7,658,622 views

SUBSCRIBE!!! & leave a COMMENT telling me the craziest thing thats ever happened at UR highschool! BLOOPERS HERE!!!! CHECK OUT THESE PEOPLE!!!! The FIne Bros...

Guys, I think Marco is gay...
+Manila Mark .....He was joking jesus. Take a joke /:
Wait...he should have put a finger down when he said have you ever had a parent call you gay...
+Collin Begue' i thought so too but his mom dose not call him gay though ...
Anyone else watching this in 2 0 1 5
I miss these sketches
FYI everyone....Marco is gay o.o
+Jamie Dash TV I was replying to the original post
" Have you ever had a parent call you a faggot everyday? " Shane should have put down a finger :P
Hayyy shane fan here but can you please stop with the cutting scenes its harassing
degrassi the next generation summed up into one video.
I remember watching this when I was like 7. Oh the memories (':
Shouldn't shane have nine fingers in have you ever? His mom calls him a faggot every day
That's what i was thinking
I'll always be a fan, but I really miss this older stuff!
Lol south park cartman burgers
I still don't understand what made every YouTuber want the Club Penguin music in the background of their videos.
I thought shane took down all of his videos with black face? I'm not hating, but I thought he said he did when he made that apology video.
I feel like Marco isn't really gay but trying really hard to convince everyone else and himself that he is because he has two dads and he doesn't want to shame them by them having a straight son
Claude succeeded in killing himself in Degrassi High.
4:48 I've done that and it made many people uncomfortable... but that's what I aim for!! :D
as it's getting closer to the end of Winter Break, I keep running out of videos to watch by Shane.
When I first saw this I thought "Snorting Coke" meant getting Coca-Cola in your nose, now i know what it really means (Yes i know, I was young at the time of watching Shane's videos)
The ending just like when Rick went psycho and shot up the school. I just remembered when i saw the ending
Wow shan your asome and i wish i can meet u u are rilly funny a and cool and u sond nice and u make good you tude viedeos love them
Hang on a minute.. Assburgers? Is that related to aspergers? If so, that's really offensive. -.-
Wow, predicting the rape of  Zoë Rivas since 2009.
I have asburgers and I find it highly offensive. you suck!!!
heyy marco is wearing shanaynay's jacket haha..
I finally realized that at 9:13 he's rick
Lol i actually watch degrassi its really funny then u think
Aaawwwe kassim lmao haven't seen him on yt in a minute
when i saw the name liberty i was like ..... AHAHAHAHAHAHAH 
Everyone stop it! Marco is not gay. He's just extremely happy and into guys that's all!
Woah, I didn't realize how old this vid was!! O.O Where has time gone?! ^o^
I came back cause this was one of the first videos I ever watched and realized peter and Connor are the fine bros xD
That school is messed up to the MAX
WAIT in the have you ever game Shanes mom always calles him a fagget
That joke about aspergers want funny, it was just messed up
So the first time I ever watched this was before I watched any Degrassi and now I get the whole yellow goop, feathers, and shooting thing ...
i knew emma and manny had a thing, but dude, they fuck like rabbits
8:37 oh poor baby :( Noooooo why???
What happend to the emo girl
(girl inthumbnail) I love Nina Dobrev 
but my name is paige
Towards the end of the video -- you realize Shane's really Rick 
Poor emma it only happened once ok
Anyone reminded of not cool now? No? Just me? Ok
Im sry but i think this is something that should not be on you tube sry my opinion
this IS a spoof/ parody of degrassi where CUTTING, HOMOSEXUALITY, ASPERGERS, AND OTHER STUFF happens. Reality check, the real world is like this too.
This was honestly my favourite series when I was younger, my humour has changed, just as Shanes did. I am so proud of him. This is so good. I love it and him.
I only watched one episode, and the definition of wtf changed
shanes fake mom calls him a faggot everyday so he should have 9 fingers
this is the absolute worst video ever. god, you are so bad.
is it sad this was disturbingly accurate to my high school? 
The gay one reminds me of Danny Noriega 😂👌
my friends and I made the police come because we heard gunshots and saw people in the woods
i remember watching this shit so many damn years ago shit still funny as fuck
LAUREN COLLENS he is so lucky
Kassem is honestly a really good actor
Mr. Simpson only taught Computer Media in Degrassi and was briefly the principal.  There were other teachers. In the 80's original version a guy actually killed himself in the school washroom.
Was Connor played by that dude from the fine bros?
Season 12 one of the hockey guys killed himself
BEST VIDEO EVER I laugh so hard thank you shane!
this was made 6 years ago, hard to beileve
My name is Ellie simpson😂
My Ellia Simpson. My name is Cordi Thomas
Weirdest thing I have ever seen😂😂
lol ellie did go on cw for cult
My second cousin has as-burgers and he has the mind capacity of an 8 year old
hey that hurt's Paige is MY name bich
I have Aspergers...
Jazz Williams Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
In the USA it's the channel where the vampire diaries, 90210, gossip girl come or came on. Nina (Mia) is in the vampire diaries and Shenae (Darcy) was in 90210
fyi, aspergers is not a disease. It is the highest form of autism, of which is also not a disease.
XD my name is liberty XDD
I'm a big fan of Degrassi. I hate this video. No, I'm not hating Shane, I just hate this video.
I love Degrassi too. And i've only just watched the gay storylines. Marco and Riley, mostly.
The fuck did I just watch?
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