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Mega Man Legends 2 Very Hard Part 1

by Darkkefka • 131,574 views

Final Fantasy isn't the only game I play you know. A classic game that needs more attention..Mega Man Legends 2. The Quality gets fixed on part 4. This is NOT a speed run. I don't do those. This...

Sigh, I miss playing Megaman Legends 2. I stopped playing it since early 2005, when my old PS (Playstation) console broke.
Oh wow, didn't knew you played this game as well. I never really did, but recently bought Megaman Legends 1 & 2 for my PS1. Is it recommendable to play those? I would have bought them anyways since I'm a collector of retro games, but oh well. :)
@ronzanio Well, some MMOs do suck, but it mainly depends on who's making it and what it's based upon. A few good ones are Lego Universe, SWTOR, and Champions Online. Those were very well made. Anyway, it just depends...
39:52 hardest boss I ever faced in my entire life
@RaioShii2021 Dear mr. REAL TROLL , Letter format would most certainly help wouldn't it ? No , not really . Actually that's just being a smart ass . I DO respect people's opinions , but what you said was "piece of shit trashy garbage 3DS" and that's not being very opinionitive right ? Maybe some people here LIKE the 3DS . Maybe some people here HATE it . but the real reason why I even got to this point of the arguement is because you inuslted it . -Kaine
@Darkkefka OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-, forgot you could play playstation games on ps2, damn im so used to xbox 360 not being able to play xbox games.
@blashyrhkRAAA Wow... where the fuck have you been? lmfao
ahh ,,, i can't forget this days ...:( thanks darkkeka
@Darkkefka Holy shit man!! Exact same scenario, I went to my local Target while in High School buying this game as I fondly played Legends 1 and when I saw it in the display... there was no hesitation! And I don't ever regret that purchase and still have my copy. :-)
Ok yeah I admit I still do too. Her cuteness is just too appealing! D:
@RaioShii2021 as much as I'm inclined to agree, since I too am 23, its a matter of opinnion regardless what anyone says. Indeed if these games did suck why did they sell? Couldn't have been that bad could they. Video gaming is indeed not what i once was and I hate it myself, but don't try to force an opinion on someone. Nothing is set in stone to indicate your 100% right.
Megaman Jupiter Buster Power Blast!!!
I remember grinding so hard for zenny in this game lol
O M G nostalgia! I remember playing this game over and over again as kiddo, this was THE most epic Mega Man ever <3
@BiologicallySuper The idea for that kind of Game sounds great, but not for Megaman. I think that would ruin Megaman as an individual Character such as other Cartoon/game characters as Link and Spider-man. But there are good games kind of like the 1 you describe such as Phantasy Star or World of Warcraft
@BiologicallySuper yeah i guess youre right, i guess what i kinda dislike about mmos is that you have to spend lots of time in it to level and stuff, you have to wait long before you get something worthwhile. and in normal games with multiplayer it is much quicker, and i like that.
@Darkkefka do you know if i could still get ether legends 1 or 2 now because i miss the first one and i want to play the second one but don't know if i could still get them but i would need them on ps1 if you know plz answer back
Don't get me wrong I kinda agree, but Roll just has too much nostalgia appeal to me.
wow the songs in the background have been stuck inside my head ever since I played this when I was younger and forgot where it came from. Cool game I use to like playing this back in the day :)
"do you smell something burning?" sniff sniff "DATA!!!"
Yay I found this game in a store and brought it for 59.99!! Really difficult to find that game since that store only had two and the others are probably lost or something...
14:40 the room is on fire and the creature says "its hot in here" WTF
they canceled Megamag Legends just to let u know lol i know u know. :< im sad
I'm here because this game showed up on my recommendation list on amazon... and it's 300 bucks! This is the kinda game they need to put up on the psn for like 4.99 :)
@BiologicallySuper i would buy it if they made it...but they cant even afford to make a part 3 to this game. But the way the gaming factor is changing am sure capcom is bound to make a game of that sort sooner or later
@DavidTran74 umm bad news they stop making this game years ago and in Gamestop they dont got anymore copies...but you could still buy a copy off of Amazon or eBay
Just bought this game can't wait to play it!
-sees the sailor moon!....NO!! D8 Its not possible AHHH!!!! -jumps out the nearby window-
does they still sell this game?, i would like to buy one
@RaioShii2021 and last , go make a stupid hater website for nintendo if you hate it so much . or better yet , go put it on your facebook status , or myspace , or twitter, or some shit . now shut the hell up . fucking troll .
@RaioShii2021 Thanks for calling me nerdrage , that made my night . and by the way , you disturb nintendo fans dumb PHHHHH-------UUUUCK .
@paul81286 I played the original one on the n64 nearly the day it came out, this wouldn't be a new experience for me.
you call megaman legends as claaic game? play megaman 1-6
@Darkkefka FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, getting a playstation at this point would be fucking impossible unless i pay out of the ass, i only have an n64.
I can't tell you how many times I've been so happy to see that monkey..
tha bitch sold your shit ;O!!! jkjkjk
How is it that I never knew about OR played these Legends games!?! This is friggin awesome!! What a great way to take the Mega Man franchise!! I want to find these right now! eBay here I come!!
@AdditivePlacebo ive done what youve done with both megeman legend games..all you need is a UBS controller and it works fine, and its like playing on PS.
Anyone has Mega Man Legends 2's soundtrack? It brings back memories.
@blashyrhkRAAA I actually envy you then , you get to experience now. what we all expierenced over 10 years ago :(
@blashyrhkRAAA i mean from playing 1 and 2.. they are different plots , game play is the same obv..
@lappenstomper8 So you're gonna sit here trolling me just because I had an opinion about a game not being as good as the ones they made for the PS platforms? You're just being irrelevant and incoherent, what you're saying has no value and meaning. You're the one trolling here, my latest comment was never directed toward you or anyone else with any anger, you however are the one flaring up and need to calm down.
7:50 looks alot like Lugia! :D lol 46:50 hey! I thought this game was rated E! D: lmao
Megaman legends 3 was canceled... :(
I remember I would put this game on and let it sit there on the Main Menu screen just to listen to the music. I loved that menu music
what was megaman legend 4 the ps1 or n65
@pimpingrlsallday Your name made me lol. I hate it when people mention WoW. It's a failed mmo... It's just failed... Besides, Capcom has already claimed rights to the title "Megaman Universe" so who knows? Besides, any of the MegaMan series' would be perfect with an MMO version. Megaman IS individual, but I'm referring to a city of Reploids and etc. You could BE one.
when i see the megaman costume i just say shit. it's so win it gives tamed underfed monkeys wearing diapers a reason to do the monkey.
@D3Vi1SKi113R at this point, they are rare games, but you can order them online from amazon or e-bay.
Can't believe it's been twelve years since I played this
FFVII is definitely not overrated, and last time I checked all those games you mentioned are not underrated, they are some of the most beloved games of that era, and pretty much my childhood, they don't make games like they used to, we need more classic style RPG's and adventure games and classic style horror games like the original 3 Silent Hill games, everything is trying to be an action game nowadays...
all the memories as a kid are coming back to me... teareyed*
@firemaster2007 Two voice actors were used in the MML series. Corey Sevier played MML1 and Susan Roman voice acted for MML2.
Tenho um ps2 e ainda amo este game I Get one ps2 And Love this game
Wil both megaman legends 1 and 2 work a 40g ps3? im considering b getting both games for it.
I remember have a crush on Roll.... yeah I was a sad little boy.
@RaioShii2021 Dude , I have only said one sentence . you have the problem . you started it by putting a troll comment on this page . Listen man , i don't care what you think about nintendo and how you think its garbage , but the last thing anyone needs here is to see a stupid troll with not enough to do go prancing around being a bitch , if you hate something , then SHUT THE FUCK UP. here that ?SHUT THE FUCK UP . SHUT THE FUCK UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP .
i played this game for the ps1 and it was ok i guess. not one of my fav games but it had its good charm
MML is really much more like a combo of Legend of Zelda and Metroid games with some mild RPG flavors added... there's dungeon-diving, exploration of huge maps and an overworld, an epic storyline to follow, and item-hunting/building - probably the best feature in the game is Roll's item creation! :D I'd say your comparison would be more accurately levied between FFX and MMX: Command Mission (FFX is in my opinion the most overrated game made for the PS2, and spawned a cavalcade of lackluster RPGs)
Whatt the fuck?I've never played legends 2, didn't even know it existed, was it released for n64?
This is one of few tittles that made you forget about the low poly count and affine texture mapping done on the HW it ran on.
Have you ever heard of Konami Wai Wai World? Or Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon? Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
jesus christ that health bar on very hard is huge ... anyways dude you're fucking pro, you said near beginning that you havent played for forever yet you're treating very hard mode as if its easy shit. Same as I do lmao.
IF you'[re fr away..the ice has a better chance to hit you.
it took me a hard time to finish this game when I was a child,, but when I grow up,, it took me again a hard time but not as much hard as the one when I was a child XD
fml...., I played this game 7 years ago and this is the first time I see a shop to buy items!!
OMG!!!!!! ITS SAILOR JUPITER!!!! i feel like a sailor moon groupie now lmao!!! how the hell i not notice this what...damn near 10 yrs ago??? anyhow. Megaman Legends is such a great game!! cant wait for legends 3!!! took capcom long enough!!
@Darkkefka I'm sure the rom image of this is Infinite in supply.
You are way too close to that reaverbot!
@Schwartzdying Search here Megaman Legends 3 Project thats what he means i believe
@lappenstomper8 dude you're the one trolling, I never said I hated nintendo, I grew up with nintendo. wtf are you talking about? All I mentioned was since the Megaman Legends 3 is comming out on a handheld gaming platform console like they have for fucking nintendo gameboy advanced and shit, that I doubt it'd be as good as the ones they made for the PS platform. so stfu and stop trolling me ya fucking asshole.
When does Mega Man see Roll naked again?
@BiologicallySuper there is one being created.....
@RaioShii2021 Man your trolling on nintendo ! dude you need to shut up , cuz how the hell am i supposed to know what your comment is supposed to mean when you say "fucken piece of garbage " so go to hell you sonyfag , stop TROLLING , YOU TROLLING PIECE OF SHIT ON THE DICK OF THE WORLD .
Search Ancient Astronaut/alien theory and compare what you discover with this game.
My child hood :] ive spent countless hours getting everythin in the game and when i did, well found every glitch in the game hhaaa fuck capcom for canceling megaman 3.. Such a shame... I could come up with a great story but it just wouldn't be the same fir me man..
Megaman Legends 2 was amazing, but the voice acting was terrible! The first game it was alright, but this time.....Well, Megaman never got any good voiceovers later either...
Megaman and roll are a good couple :3
What is it you're supposed to do with the Reaverbot Claw you get at 22:33? Do you sell it? That has always puzzled me.
i just finished playing megaman legend 1 and sooo loking foward mml 2
@TheDevilBreaker Yeah, I knew about that, matter fact it was the reason i searched old megaman legends/64 game videos, I never even knew there was a legends 2.
DATA: "I was just tryin' to cook Pizza! >_<" MegaMan: "Couldn't you have had a Banana instead...-_-;"
@raijuko Personally, my reaction would've been somewhere between "WTF" and "Bitch, I kill you." I guess that's why neither of us are MegaMan. :3
@BiologicallySuper rather have like a four player co op or something or 16 players online, mmos suck
@AdditivePlacebo i played them perfectly fine with no sound problems. also, i used my ps3 controller plugged in the usb port on the computer to play them so i didn't need to use keyboard. but to use ps3 controller you gotta download some stuff.
I wish i had this game, but its hard to get.
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