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MW3 MOAB MONDAYS 2 for 1 special! by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 327,057 views

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Next monday get a MOAB using the Mp7.
Is it just me or did Whiteboy fart at 3:39 ?! xD
I think he should get one not in infected he does this a lot
I actually dig on the dual scorpions way more than the FMGs now. I know this is infected so STFU. Just sayin.
Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get 1 free. My math teacher told me.
Can u tell us what wepons u use
thats why you pay for internet and its the same thing as ps3. dont say you have better servers because i played on my friends ps3 and its the same thing you still get host migration on xbox
Trololololol FMGS fucking rule cunts
Go check out my channel i got 2 funny dumb rage videos.
I still like these M.O.A.B's They get intense plus they're fun
dude ur fucking funny and awsome "speaking of small things my penis
Actually i get more than 1 moab a day and i have plenty of friends :D
Check my Chanel out and 360leader
Why u use fmg9s... ): they are so over powered..
your the boss man i just stared waching your vidos man and ther vuny and asom
Hey WhiteBoy, do you think we can play sometime? Ii've realy been wanting to play 1-on-1 with you :D?
Buenas, soy nuevo aqui en youtube. Subo videos de mw3, necesito que deis consejos por que soy novato. Perdon por el spam pero no se como hacerme grande aqui, pasaros por mi canal que siempre viene bien, like y favoritos. Gracias!(:
White boy i tink you should get an xbox so you can get Halo 4!
Add me if you only get moabs my kd is 3.4 legit , I need good ppl ins a party add : xMoDs-_-
MOAB'S might be easy to get on infected but he is still a beast GOAT!
it cant be DRY and HUMID at the same time....
if you watched the killcam in the first moab you would have gotten the kills
Modern warfare 4 gameplay at my channel
yay this time he didnt get infected when he got the moab!
i hope you feel fuzzy cuz imma suicidal squirreelll
If i got the moab i would get infected THEN call it in to win the game
Today I was so close from getting a Moab on dome btw I was playing infected I went 21-0 with type 95
Doesn't matter how long the Playstation systems have been out for, that doesn't make them better. Just because Motorola Razor Flip Phones have been out longer than the iPhone doesn't make it better. If your gonna try to make a point, get a valid reason to support that thing you call a console and try again. PC is superior to all anyway.
Wow, 2 M.O.A.Bs with 2 OP guns...-.-
more like stealth bomber saturdays for me. and sundays. and basically every other day i play mw3.
No he's gunna get god of war 4
pleaaaase add me on psn giancarlito2000
wanna watch reak quickscoping (: youll wont be dissapointed .. GO TO MY CHANNEL (:
whiteboy y dont u play black ops anymore
Fudgeeee i suck 11 - 1 was my highest never got a moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i can use tips :l
fucking stupid theres scavenger packs by the place u came out
2:50 Actuallly a Bank in Florida said Anyone who deposits 1 Mil at their bank will get a Free mercedez Benz
whiteboy do u use kontrol freeks?
i moab the like button then it disappeared
am i the only one who counted to hit the like button like a moab
he gets regular moabs all the time let him relax once and get an easy moab
well my personal preference is xbox but i do have a ps2
FUCK NO ps3 is way better than xbox sure xbox gets maps for every game a month before but u have to pay fucking 60 dollars every year ps3 its free BITCH
WhiteBoy make a video like how to play MW3 XD
Yea your right!whitevoy dropped sat Moab,then he teleported to the desert! Good moans btw
Watch my frist introducing please
a moab is a moab no matter what game type
Lol, it's a game. If you play THAT much that you get a MOAB every day, you need to go out, get a date... or some friends. And PS3 > Xbox. The PS consoles have been around longer than the Xbox's.
yeah but which system got hacked like a bitch? oh yeah thats right. yours did. i'd rather pay 60 bucks than risk having my ass hacked and everything taken
Agree with you on get a life. But how long a console series is out shouldn't dictate how good it is...
ummm hi i am new to youtube and i have ALREDY FUCKING NOTICED OVER 9,000!!!! PEOPLE ASKING FOR THEM TO CHECK OUT THEIR FUCKING CHANNEL SO STFU!!!!!!! hi alex <3
Dude you are crazy. Add me AceTracer13
@OMgGirRaFe that made absolutely no sense.
What gametype are you playing the most? Great vid :)
@Malte3000FOREVER Fuck u little bitch we know hes better than u just cause u got a mod u talking all that shit go suck a cock
suicidal squirrel dont got no more nuts lmaoo
I have a motorcycle and the bumps aren't that bad
Who care's if Yoteslaya got a MOAB everday? If you haven't noticed, Whiteboy Does different things everyday. Xbox is just a Rip off... Like seriously, who the hell pays $60 for online multiplayer? You should really work on your grammar and spelling, It's terrible!
If u really make good content u will get noticed... but if u beg for Subs u will never get it..
Can you make another skyrim video
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