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Jungle Temples and Trip Wires - Snapshot 12w26a

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,216,905 views

Simon has been playing about on the new snapshot and shows off some of the new features to Lewis! ♪ Outro music by Area11 ● Yogscast Gear:...

I love Simon's maniacal laughter.
@morganjames16 Searching in my chest for a fuck to give
tripwires? notch your a genuis
i watched another video about 1.3 and it was so boring. the yogscast make it so much better :)
more rare then emerald. temples are right cunts to find is a great server its survival and pvp and we promise youll have fun if you join us here at that server well hope you join!
epic vid i love styling of temple
oh...GOD god god why why why LOL
Very nice temple you have there. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it
You don't even need to tell them the IP. IF they're in the same house connected to your internet it will appear in their multiplayer menu. :)
The trip wires should spawn creepers
Who said the Creeper was named Rick Astley... the Creeper's name is Mr. Astley.
He didn't say he saw temples in 1.2.5, he said he has played since 1.2.5 and seen alot later on. I however have been playing Minecraft for over 2 years since Infdev (In Final Development)
6:14 creeper: when in doubt scare simon and lewis with hisssssssss
I'v been playing minecraft ever since 1.2.5 and seen a lot of desert temples, but I'v never come across a jungle temple...ever!
Its weird simon is the smart one here
does 1.3 have single player commands?
are you able to make a lan world with mac and pc and how do you make a lan world
at the end when simon was looking out thre window I think I saw herobrine?
i've just recieved word that there WILL be RUBIES in 1.3.0
i have found a temple before
tripwire is brilliant, i mean the pressure plate is sooo hidden
Simon does better puke noises lewis
Thats a very nice temple you have there
:D keep making vids and ill keep watching :)
Don't we all adore his laugh? I fall to the knees laughing hearing it.
the temples just want to blow up
has lewis changed his skin permanently now, then?
I know.. thats why i decided to be a ass and say it was for PC....
thumbs up if you found the village!
the creeper just wanted a hug lol :P
I don't push the levers to get in the room i just break the wall with the levers on them :D
i have, on a ftb server. Couldnt figure out if it was vanilla MC or FTB! :p
6:14 my earphones bursted when he said "OH GOD!!!"
A really nice temple you have there :)
Set Phasers To Stun and assume battle stations, Report this trace of "Intelligent" Alien life to the CIA.
did you know that there was a time when minecraft did not have enchanting or potions or any fancy stuff? not saying that you dont and youre a noob, just curious. ive been playing it since it started
On my channel you can find a video in where I show you a seed where you spawn next to a jungle temple! Good luck!
I agree with dinoman705, this makes it easier to catch thieves
Did anyone else spot the creeper at the beginning of the video??
they say gold bt they mean to say budder
that's a very nice Tripwire you have there
Super funny that he got trapped in there.
Thatssssssssssssss a very nicessssssssssssssss temple you have theresssssssssss
Not really, saying "no shit" accomplishes even little no matter what the topic is about, it's a pointless snarky rebuttal with no real meaning.
Oh God!!! Why?! Why?! Best part!!
The first time I saw one of these before watching this I thought it was herobrines house
nice timing there creep explode when arrow is shot
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