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Simple Plan show off their limited edition tour poster - VLOG

by SimplePlan • 18,010 views

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Chuck: And we'll see you in your bedroom Me: WHAT? - Chuck: Hanged on the wall Me: Damn it e_e
Awesome how they upload this right after the Vancouver concert..
You see, most stars will sign one and have them photocopied These are real guys who legit love their fans more than anything.
GOSH ! Can I get one if I'm from Europe ? Is that possible? UGH NEED.
i love you simple plan , i hope to see you at Quebec Canada i will go live there this year !!!
"Something very special! -To Chuck... -Yes. -...the love of my life" Love those guys! They are simply amazing <3
I wanted one of these, but i didnt have enough money after buying my shirt and glow stick :(
Did they have these in Penticton? Either way I'm mega choked I didn't get one.
I've been a Simple Plan fan since 2004, and I just now noticed Chuck has an accent xD
my mum says I want never gets, but I want, I want, I want ;P
yes of corse, i bought one in Italy in the european tour.
I would like to have one of them :(
I am so going to get one of those posters :D xSTEPHx
Por favor disponibilize o video para a versão mobile.
Seb's laugh at the end!! LOVE it♥
I want one of those posters *_* <3 I love you guys!
omg how much will it cost?!! :S and Seb's laugh is just so adorable!!! ^_^
when are you going to be in my room to see it?
"Can i pleeease get a poster?"
NOOOOOOOO, I don't live in Canada! O: Can't you just send them all to me? ):
I didn't see them when i was there on saturday. :( must have been sold out
I want one!! It looks so awesome!! *sighs*, limited edition....
Sebby is SOOOOOOOO adorable,I'll die! <33333333333333333
did anyone else scream "BUT I'M NOT GONNA BE THERE!!!!" at their screen when he said you can get them at the concert? no?
Woohoo!! 4 days!! :D :D :D SOO EXCITEEDD!! :D
ahhhhhh feb 19th early entry and meet and greet CANT FREAKING WAIT
That's a crazy vlog, man! I can't even deal right now!
i love this poster with astronaut!!! it's hard to get their posters in taiwan > <
DARN IT! I should have gotten one when I went to the Vancouver show on Saturday... :( I'm so depressed! I got in so fast too!!! :'(
always make my day more excited evrytime sp loaded up new video :)
even tho I got really jealous because I'll never get one of these posters, this vlog was totally worth watching because of the last 15 seconds LOL prerty sure Sebastien was on drugs LOL JK
You guys were awesome yesterday! <3
Peut même pas lire sur mobile. Pf dégoûtée
the merchstand at the concert i went to didnt have those posters!!!! :'(
I saw the concert that they were signing those posters for!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an amazing night I hope you guys come back to Edmonton soon :D
Really? You guys couldn't make a poster for when you toured the US?
Lol, I love it when Sebastian just shows up and is all like "What?!" xDD
Hahaha , Poor Sebastien ~ And OMG ! I Damn want that poster too T___T but I'm so far away from Canada T___T Haiz ~ Sad case , anyways , Happy V day to SP , Happy Bday to ppl out there and Happy Astronauts day to all the Awesome Astronauts :D Peace !
They do this because record companies fuck them over they fuck all artists sad
Will the posters be available at the tour in the UK? *_*
The best thing about this video are the last 10 seconds. Seb, SO ADOREABLE!
They didn't even have them at the US tour :(
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! now i wish i lived in canada now ;P just so i can have a astronaut poster......and more lol aw Seb best timing and looking cute as always ;D
Alaaaaaa! Why Canadian Tour only?! :(((
I would love to get one, but ya'll need to come to New Orleans. Just sayin'.
Oh boy do I love you guys. Please sell another 40 online!
i got 1 of the European tour :D
I will frame it and you'll be hanging on the wall of my room for sure ! Encore une fois, une soirée magique au Centre Bell en votre compagnie ♥
holy crap i saw them in concert and got a poster
If i could just fly to Canada now..............
Love you guys!!!! :D Go rock Canada's socks off!!!! <3
OMG Sebby, my cute baby :) yay he is soooo cute in the end :)
OMGG SEB'S LAUGH !!! *ME DEAD* !! <33333
@SimplePlan I want one really badly but you aren't stopping in Saskatoon. What can I say or do to get one of those posters!
Aw man! I wish I knew that last night in Calgary! I would have gotten one then. :(
'hopefully we'll see it hanging in your bedroom, on the wall' how will you see my bedroom chuck? that's slightly worrying... :D
pierre is welcome to my room anytime, i love him.
love simple plan, love you guys.
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