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بعزفنا موسيقى اسبانية مشهورة Gipsy Kings Pharon

by meromero989 • 64,248 views

بعزفنا على الجيتار والاورغ مقطوعة اسبانية مشهور لفرقة gipsy kings صولو الجيتار امير رائد وكونترول الاورغ احمد رائد Gipsy Kings Pharon by two iraqies guitar & grigin players guitar solo by ameer...

بس صحيح كانو لاغنيه لعمر دياب
ياخي اللحن كآني سامعه علا اغنيه لعمر دياب
@numancia100 alikoum al Salam my friend .. thanks for your comment i'll as soon as possible greetings from Irak
Great sound! Great playing! Thank you for your friend invitation. Greetings, Uli
اتخبلوووووووووون عاشت الايادي شباب ومتظرين المزيد
نااايس والله ذووق ياحلو
bravo les jeunes, il y a du talent, continuez, vous irez loin.
Nice video Guitar man hahahaha
@meromero989 yea it is more , different than the eagles , version , but i think it is the best one. i can play the eagles version to a certain point, then the solo comes in ,
حبيت العزف كتيررر
@declanacdc thank you so much friend so far i didn't think to play hotel california in gipsy kings version it's hard and different more than eagles version
جميل جدا واحساس رائع واندماج في العمل
thank you for your invite and , love this song , brillant guitar playing and i was wondering if you do hotel california, the gypsy kings , version
@mazazezo في اغنية ويلوموني ويلوموني انا قلبي راح من غير هواك
تحفة تحفة تحفة جداااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا بجد انت عزفك مدهش ما شاء الله عليك
@meromero989 you to thank you also posted this up on facebook :D
ten stars out of five :D:D:D:D
Love the Gypsy Kings! Great Job!!
@declanacdc i love the two versions and i can also play the eagles version my regards to you Declan :)
I love Gypsy Kings!! you should so do Bem, Bem María or volare!!
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