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Red vs. Blue Season 9 Preview

by Rooster Teeth • 3,806,261 views

Get the Pelican music score: or the Carolina Score: on iTunes! Go to for the first 6 episodes of Red vs. Blue season 9. Big thanks...

Don't know why, but I've just been going back to all the old stuff and rewatching it all. So good, not to say the new stuff isn't, but it's that nostalgia! :)
+Vxrun so are you, but I'm even later.
yes, one of the many smosh appearences
at 3:24, is that Ian and Anthony from Smosh?
I want a red vs blue freelancer game
i would play as meta
+O Sears hi  five bro... if you're a bro
I think I'll cap off #MontyOumWeek  with this #RedvsBlue preview ad/video. Lots of fun stuff in here, and you can see influences from the very first video he made,  #Haloid .
This shit is so cheesy
Love to see you do better.
+haleyb130 So that means anything you've ever called bad or thought was bad was wrong because you couldn't do better? Can you explain how that logic makes sense?
2:15 - 2:16 "Switch" SAO Anybody? Kirito and Asuna Anybody?!?
I would totally jump back into halo fanboy mode if gameplay could be like this
3:25 Its Ian and Anthony from smosh 
Just watched this yesterday and finished today and thanks to you I REALIZED xD
remember when rvb animation was flawless? ahh the good old days
Back when Monty was in charge? Yeah, that was great... Until RUBY came out.
That picture. I approve.
I miss the old RvB. It wasnt a ninja show, but a comedy show. sigh, but i guess it can be the next Kill Bill.
Omg if u notice, the coffee mugs said Charon Industries and Charon industries is mentioned in season 12! This is so amazing 0.0
Rest in peace, Monty. You were such an inspiration to me. Probably the best animated battle choreographer of all time, next to Genndy Tartakovski.
Achievement Unlocked : Smosh Killer
For a sec i thought that was tex
Just watched the Season 12 Finale, take a close look at those coffee mugs, holy crap, mind blown...
Charon industry mugs :O
3:40 i just realised after watching this video about 5 times that those 2 soldiers are Ian and Anthony from Smosh
This is how i imagine real spartans would fight 
we need moar smosh!! :D
3:55 Looks like someone got the dark wood grain ring….
N. Mk. Ur cftchcghyguftu
This looks like a cutscene for crazy japan game about bad corporation lol :D
this had me hyped when i first saw it
thumbs up for Smosh
3:52 dat friendly fire in the background though
Can't do this in halo 3, what no Shields?
I just realized you can see the Charon Industries logo on the coffee cups.
Yes A rifle I'm saved! Why do you think having a rifle will help. It's not helping anyone else.
Smash was in the awesome
I haven't seen much RvB in a while what the fuck is this shit?
was ot just me or did south shoot one of the guards heads off at 1:20
What's Carolina's theme when she enters called??
Ian and Anthony from smosh are in it when the rifle part if you don't know them type down smosh :)
As a guy who just started watching on the old stuff, seeing the switch to straight up action and drama is surreal.
Never mind, just found the rifle joke.
It was so cool when it turned out to be 2 cups of coffee on the heat sensor xD
Im just like anthony, when I play reach I always use the DMR.
+Dr.Wankenstein II Yes I know but I just say we all have our personal rifles, and im just like anthony cause I always get lucky when I use my favorite rifle, the DMR
+GreenJacooobCake ah , I see . I'm the same with the DMR and Battle rifle
Im guessing that im the last person to find out that the two guys arguing over a rifle is ian and anthony from smosh
nope i am XD and i got it from the comments  :P
HOLY SHIT 3:30 THATS SMOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that smosh it is that's funny
Holy shit! What just happened?
hey man thats the rifle i sleep with at night!! XD ian and anthony
What's the battle song caled
So pumped welp guess im watching rvb instead of sleeping tonight.
that is the best godamn teamwork i have seen in my entire f***ing life
Even after all the shit North did for her (taking fire for her) she still betrayed him
still a better movie than forward unto dawn
3:25 Ian and Anthony from Smosh?
and thats how spartans fight .... i guess
wow, just wow, thats was awesome
dang that look epic as hell..i wish the halo game would actually be like this. wow, just wow. i like the light neo blue one she would be one tough girl to beat hand to hand combat 
I wish you could this in halo 5
holy crap i heard smosh! smosh!??!!?
they overdid it.. but still cool
Smosh!oh yes a rifle uh I hate to bother you but it think thats my rifle your holding
Fucking smosh how did they even get in to the army
"hey man, hate to bother you, but i think that's my rifle you're holding."
Amagine them vs tex
Why is it so funny whenever the coffee guy keeps turning his head back and forth? That part gets me every time!
Ya Ian and Anthony was in there from smosh
Guy soldier: *Going about his day, following orders, doing his mission, keeps chatter to, "Need to hear" basis" Girl soldier: YAAAAH WOOOH! LOOK AT ME GO!!! Guy soldier: Ow... Please stop shouting... later that day Girl soldier: her and her partner surrounded by white troops OH COME ON! Guy soldier: picks ear ... and later Tex: punches the crap out of some guys MY TURN >:) Girl soldier: RAAAH! Guy soldier: Will you two please stop shouting... Ugh... New age feminists I swear...
Amagine them vs tex
Hold on a sec, am I hearing Ian and Anthony's voices?
3:40 ian and anthony from smosh lol
Love the Smosh cameo. 
The is way better than anime fighting
No no no anime fights are better than anything :p
how about mix this with anime fighting style :D
OMG How come I have never seen this before? Is there a whole season of this?
i know it's hard to believe
Roosterteeth just has a great fanbase for the most part.
whats the outro song if anybody knows plz tell me
Was ut Ian and Anthonys voices those two dudes talking about the rifle/rifles?
ok I AM a Halo fan boy but spartans arent that cool...
These guys aren't Spartans though.
+Igarappappa and just who the fuck are you douche-bag
WoW.... How was this made? I think i missed something. How are you making all these cool moves????
South is so cool right? She got taken town by caboose
went a bit over the top huh
Wow, never even heard of this despite playing reach for like 3 years. Now want to watch this / play reach again. 
Red vs Blue season 9 is my favorite!
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