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How to Get Sharingan With Photoshop

by TheMewMewFan2 • 8,287 views

Here's a REALLY EASY tutorial on how to gte SHaringan, its extremelly easy. I downloaded Photoshop for 30-days trial. DO da sme ps = REMEMBER TO ADD ME N SUB !! =]

d-gray man opening by abingdon boys school :) if i recall that is :P
Um, Excuse me saying, but about people stealing your videos, I understand this one, cause you did it by yourself, good job by the way. But the picture videos.. Didnt you just go to different websites taking the pictures? Or did you have permission from them to use their image? You shouldnt get mad about someone using it somewhere, I'd be happy that someone thought my video was good enough to steal, so what's the big deal? But your videos are all very well put together ^^. 5/5
*thumbs up, smiles* nice, like it..! ^____^
lolz yeah really really easy but i think it can be done better anyway 5 stars
A) Whats AA ?? B) The whole point of this video is for it to be basic
now its work ej dude do you now how to do with chidori or somthing like that or do sharingan with a video if you no plz tell me thanks
the color was too solid u need to make some shades
which kind of photoshop is this, i have ver 6.0 elements. or is this cs2
abingdon boys school is the one who sings the last ed of soul eater ???? im i right?
its not working when i press overlay nothings hapens
never seen anything as bad as this one, thx for wasting my time.
Correct, the sang STRENGHT the last ending of souleater and this is Innocent Sorrow the first opening for D gray-man =)
nice xD the sharingan looked really nice.
What's the name of the song? I felt like i heard it before in an anime...thx
Thats not how the sharingan is. You put all three at the bottom instead of them being all around the eye
lol. Your "comas" aren't all going the right direction :P
why the heck did you not turn AA off? And this is ridiculessy basic.
this is the most dumest,rubishest video ever made in life
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