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=3 - FAT RAY - Ray William Johnson video

by Ray William Johnson • 8,124,413 views


1:15 to 1:30 and I was eating chocolate :(
I am to , Still am at the moment.
My special move would be the circumcision
It would be called anusisgainus, it's where I kick them in the ass so the fall into the fence and bounce off. Then as they bounce back you trip them and bring your elbow down on their throat. It's effects are pain and embarrassment
Final move: Hippo butt explosion
It's even worse because i am eating chocolate :/
1:17 I was eating breakfast :(
Did u have a cereal guy moment
You asshole I was eating mcdonalds!
Ray's smash move would be spitting
I was eating a brownie.
Final move: the almighty reacharound
hi Phill, nice drumming on green day  
That hippos farts sound like 10 chainsaws going off at the same time :)
Disverginityzer would be the name of my signature move,my finisher would be the 69 lock.
My move would be the back penetration
HIPPO BUTT EXPLOSION!!!!!               ^^                                                           I              ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I don't know lex luthor who would win?
Ohhh we all get the question now!!
#.# demonic grip Try to touch the for head of a person and start crushing the skull^^ you need just a 100kilogramm force for an instandt kill^^
Slut drop ending with my balls in there mouth
My move would be the McMuffin Truck!
He said eledgedly 3 times........ha
My special move will be The God slap
my special move would be flying press
dick slap barage ex gold
My finisher would be back fire
He said eledgedly 3 times........ha
McMuffin Turd Cannon (now with chocolate bits!)
the flying squirl is my move
I feel bad for watching Madagascar as a kid now..
Running death grip face lock
My final move would be "Cock Smash".
Mine would be, the stare, I would walk into the corner and stare into my my opponents eyes and cry so they can see my loneliness.
Final move: the almighty reacharound
batman would win he already almost won and he has sooooooo much spair kryptonyte  
I was drinking a chocolate chip frappe
batman would win hes too badass ta lose
Heck yeah, Christian Finnegan! Hes my favorite stand up comedian
XD Most faminine wave ever
my move would be the hippo butt explosion
When sh*t hits the fan
Mine would be the homing ass drop
As n vs as n. Winner:batman
Face fucker 2.0 (;;) crab face I'm meannnnnn rays fat wares what o my eg mic muffin nooooooooooooooooooooooo
First time I have seen the "Troll's" eyes open. (._.)
The back Breaker,I'd lift them up over me then SLAM them on my knee,I don't care if it breaks their back!
Ha! Hippo Butt Explosion!
I know i am late but this was the first =3 i seen and now its over :'(
I dare you to play slender. Wait ....wrong video....
I ate melted chocolate then puked
Special move : jack frost
fat ray would agree
My science teacher showed us this....but she also once dressed up as a bananna and did the banna song
Tombstone piledriver and Batman
1:16 he's hiding a weed whacker.
Hippo sounds like toy copter
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