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Rouge In Love

by Michelle Phan • 4,830,237 views

When you are chasing love, who knows if it is chasing you too. Behind the Scenes Photos Follow, like, share and more: ♥ Subscribe! ♥ My...

But.. the lipstick on the napkin was darker than the shade on her lips?
Yeah it was just the filter
the lipstick on the napkin looks like the bullet and it never looks the same on your lips. My nude shade looks nude on my lips but in a bullet (and on a napkin) it looks almost brown
why does beautiful stories happen to foreigners in Paris but never to people who live in Paris?! T^T
Well Dom lived in Paris before he met michelle. I dunno if he still lives there or not probably not haha.
oh really?  then I have a chance! yay and btw I think Dom and Michelle live together in the US now
this is so cheesy no offense
My life? Yes it is actually
Am I the only one that thought the lipstick print on the napkin looked much darker than the shade she put on her lips?
I really like your profile pic I'm a lovatic as well
I like her, good for her being a spunky entrepreneur. However, after watching this video in 2015, I have to sadly agree with the detractors. She does look like she had work done on her face. I guess she doesn't want to admit to it because she is worried it might send the wrong message to her biggest audience i.e. teenage girls. But she was super cute and perfect before so it is a bit sad that she felt the need to do something to her face. And to people who will respond to this by saying she "lost weight"... I know what that looks like. This isnt that. And its her life if she wants to do that. But interestingly, Dom fell in love with her even when she looked like her previous self (which was already very cute to be honest).
Maybe because of her teeth? Look closely when she smiled back then and now.. her teeth have changed. I think that is why her look in 2015 is complety different.
Cant believe he agreed to this? I mean wat if the relationship went muddy? It would hurt for both of them to have this video up
That's kind of like saying freinds shouldn't make videos together incase they fall out . Get where you are coming from though
I get it, it's like Cinderella, but instead of a shoe it's lipstick, and instead of a prince it's a celebrity. So, he met his fans, a girl helped him, she left a lipstick print and he looked for her all over Paris and then, he found her...... AWWWWWWW
What's wrong with her mouth? She looks different ! 😮
So sweet almost made me cry😘😘😪
If it was this was so cute and romantic
I have a question, why was he like running and looking like that in the beginning? xD 
He was running from paparazzi. Like the cameras in the start.
run from paparazzi dat crazily really nigga dont thinkn so
Michelle Phan, You'r Vietnamese?
Like the video and everything but WHY would you wear lipstick just to wipe it off 4:33
To remove excess lipstick and avoid getting it everywhere, lol.
Had Dom been REALLY heavily drinking?? 😂😂
Aww this is soooooooo cute, hope everyone reading this has a brilliant day!😊
He was looking like douche at first lol, but look how this could happen by looking at napkins. Ladies grab a random drunk and kiss the napkin and this will happen lol . 
Lol he's going to pass out, and she took him to dinner and started chatting to him like nothing is happening. A hospital or clinic would have been more appropriate for the condition he was in.
I'm going to Paris today with my love to put a lock on that famous bridge Pont des Arts! <3
I am going there too, but I ain't got nobody to lock
Michelle Phan I use to watch you what I was 3 that's how I learned make up now I am8
You and Dom are so awesome cute together !!! Best wishes for you guys and keep going ^^
is this too much to ask for?
A simple like is not enough...
i cant watch this because i already know what's going to happen! :(
No fair I want to live there sooo bad
The lipstick colour looked a lot darker on the tissue
@aridelight are you still allowed to? I heard they banned it after a bridge fell from the weight of all the locksmith
This is soooooooo cute. Cheesy maybe a little. But so romantic and sweet. You guys are such a good looking couple. Hope you stay together and it all works out for you 😜❤
So on e their married she'll be michelle car prank
Did this happen when after they met at the cafe or before ,I don't get it, meeting like you don't know each other two times
The song at the end is called it girl
Is he à french boy ? Beacause i'm french. :D
he's italian, german and swiss but he lived in France!
There's no boys like that in this generation boys doesn't fall in love XD Probably because I've no luck with boys XD They always end up with another girl ^^"
I love that bag! any idea where its from?
At 7:28, the lock at the bottom says "Szeretlek" which is hungarian for "I love you". Nice surprise. :)
Wow, I really wasn't sure what to expect, but I had to hold back tears! So cute! I was rooting him on, like, run Dom, run!
Does this ever actually happen? When will we find guys who are willing to do anything for us? I'm waiting to find someone like this.
Awwwww........ So romantic! :)
Errbody be like "OMFG DOM AND MISH"
Why do you two have to be soooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? :3
So damm cute, I love Love storys
Was this how they really met?
I just loved every second of it, I'm such a sappy person :) 
I wish this could be a movie oh my gosh. 
Crying. So much crying. The cuteness... The perfection...
They live in Paris 😩
Does someone know where her jacket at 4:14 is from? I like it very much!
U 2 are perfect for each other.
L'un de mes meilleures court-métrages ^^
is that true that was the time you found dom as your boyfriend
sort of, she actually met him at a cafe in paris. Michelle was trying to make her order but she couldn't speak french very well so Dom translated for her, may I answer your question
This is like Korean drama/
I was thinking the same thing
She looks so different now, how???
michele, how petite are? even with heels you are small... i share the same destiny but i dont wear any heels
That's great! Super bien fait... :1
How did you met him? <3 Does anyone know how did they met 
She has another video of how they met it's called a love story something like that
I want to know the last song? Help me
So cuteee <333 OMG! >///<
okay but why does everyone have to hate on this video?
it was so sad but i laughed at the boy gives her tissue at Dom :P
that was very good! I love the whole story!!!
Dom looks so handsome! ^^
at the end the second photo is so cute!!!!!!!
The beginning was idiotic . You see a drunk person on the street and you take hin to a restaurant. ?.
Is relly how they met
you guys are the cutest couple <3
MORE OF THESE <3333333333
chessyest 10 mins of my life
Wow we'll made. Daebak unnie~ya
translation at 2:35: Dominique has the search for the mysterious unknown to red lips :)
It is such a beautiful love💞💗
Oh gosh that guy lol (>人<;)
Watching this while pooping.
I still dont understand why he was running in the beginning.....
He was running from the paparazzi I think haha. He was meant to be famous.
What did Dom say at the end when they meet I think he said I miss you or I love or come with me
he said thank you in french
J'adore Michelle tu merites tellement ton succés !
She looked so different and yet she is still beautiful!
what is the title of the song the ending song???thanks
It Girl by Jason Derulo
This is kinda like Cinderella
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