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Hypercubes and Plato's Cave

by 10thdim • 216,903 views

NEW VIDEO! Imagining the Tenth Dimension - 2012 You should follow this project on twitter: To read along with this blog go to...

Do a Google Literary search for the phrase "time is an illusion" and you'll get the most eloquent Victorian and Edwardian-era descriptions of what we would now consider to be explanations of Quantum Mechanics and/or SuperString Theory: "...we should be beholding the Past in the Present, and we could travel to any given year by traveling actually through space to the point at which the rays [of light] of that year would first strike upon our consciousness." - British Literary Magazine 'Pall Mall', 1895, Vol 7, p.153
can you believe that we live in 4d world,but we can just see with 3d because we are weaks,so if our sky & earth is in the center i will propose other symetric 6 skys with 6 earths like our earth so we got 7 skys & 7 earths this is what the god said in bible,it's just an idea & i'm not scientiste & just chemiste
I really enjoy the work you do.. Thank you.. 
Maybe I'm understanding the video wrong, but the concept that our universe, intelligence, and so on is actually a shadow of more complex dimensions above it actually makes quite a bit of sense.. That would seem to justify why the universe seems unfathomably complex to us, we would seem to be less than ants when compared to the (if it turns out that way) true structure of reality. Wow. That humans can begin to understand that which is undoubtedly above them is magnificently remarkable, it is in a sense the universe beginning to understand itself.  
Yea, our consciousness in the most remarkable thing that I know about the universe.
Great stuff. Leaves me with loads of questions.Makes one wonder what fractal geometry would be like in higher dimensional space. Is Gimbal Lock in 3d rotations down to the fact that they don't inherit the rotation from a higher dimension, thus our 3d engine breaks?
Let´s play: At the quantum view point is that everything is all ready created by consiousness at a unconsious level, otherwise we can see or know everything. When then the counsous "body" sees something "new" it has all ready been created, ok so far so good. At this point all counsious creatures can only see things that they all ready know and we can not learn anything because we all ready know everything. We only need to observe to obtain from a higher lever to this level of existance. Well, can anyone out there (if there exist such a thing as "out there") suggest a way to test the idea of "creating by observing"?
If you we see 2d images of 3d objects, (if that's correct), then viewing in the fourth dimension wouldn't we see the 3d cube for what it really is? Like, if you observe a 3d sphere, the only way you can tell its a sphere and not a flat circle is by shadows and reflections of light, then wouldn't viewing the fourth dimension you actually see its a sphere. If that makes no sense, simply wouldn't you see through walls in the 4th dimension?
+thaidaddy1337 Im just completely rephrasing what EvilTim1911 said. 
Some religions use Quantum Physics as proof for their existence
it's not a shadow it's a snapshot
@Adwaita100 Wouldn't an eternally erect penis be embarrassing in public? I mean really try going to a board meeting with one; you'll see what I mean.
@phatcrayonz With this project, I try to get people to understand that there's a difference between those potential parallel universes of Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation, and the choices we make as observers. It's the same as saying there's a universe where dinosaurs never became extinct. Those other universes are decoherent to the one we're observing, so they don't matter to us. Try watching Photons and Free Will for one of my more recent videos about this: watch?v=ABh5j2yA_mE Thanks! Rob
This is just a construction of two sets of cube ribs which are connected, and the ribs constantly vary in length, which changes the shape of the construct.
@kellerr13 There are 3D animations of rotating 4D hypercubes, which you can view with 3D glasses to see the effect. But if you look up hypercubes in wikipedia, you can see pictures of the 2D shadows cast by a 4D tesseract, a 5D penteract, a 6D hexeract, and so on. Thanks for writing! Rob
I understand what you're saying, but the third dimension has exactly the same problem. How can something with length, width and depth but absolutely no duration exist? Here's the video where I discuss that quandary: "Imagining the Third Dimension". watch?v=-D4swzK4sKk
Why don't you idiots try and use your 'brilliant minds' and solve some REAL 3D problems in this world that we can PROVE WE LIVE IN such as starvation, pollution, suffering, disease... oh, no, you're too good for that, instead you have to create imaginary dimensions that you have NO PROOF OF. This is ridiculous.
he is so incredibly wrong about pretty much all of it. ask any real theoretical physicist.
@killedbyatreehugger the 3D ego has little control. THe free will comes from You which is much more than the silly ego. AS stated in the matrix, " You didnt come here to make the decision, Neo, you already made it, you came here to understand why u made it." We are still children and thus arent ready to have free will, just like in parenting. Be grateful for who you really are that you cant perceive right now. All layers to the onion.
While I understand that there is more to reality than these shadows that we literally see in our everyday life, I meant the "good", or as Plato phrased it - Justice. This gets into an interesting connection between knowledge and morals and as far as I'm concerned with what you're arguing, we are understanding more about our reality through these dimensions, but nothing about what is the good, as Plato would call it. What I was wondering if these dimensions can be framed with the good in mind?
@10thdim There Must be a way!! i won't give up!! RRRAGHH! this was already scripted that means im a mindless fool...For shame :|
My only issue was him mentioning entropy as a function of our existence. We do not experience entropy as the live forever in an OPEN system where energy is always coming and going. The only things that will suffer entropy are the atoms of which we are made, but theyve got lots of energy coming and going right now. Its gonna take 10e40 years before entropy matters for our atoms. Thats a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time away.
@petrino God is not an idea. God is a theory. Can you debate God without bringing up Christianity? Can you debate this topic on a higher level. I find when atheists debate God they are actually debating Christianity. I am not a Christian. I understand that there is a God. I do not believe there is a God.
I can honestly say that I am not prepared for lengthy debate on this subject. I have limited knowledge of the "4th dimension", though I don't believe in its existence. I'll leave you with that tonight.
Have you watched my video Imagining the Fifth Dimension? watch?v=eN24Sv0qS1w Within this approach to visualizing the dimensions, I would say this is where the largest issue of "morality as it affects the human condition" resides. But as we move beyond that we become more interested in the big picture which includes positive and negative, yin and yang, the dark and the light simultaneously. Imagining the "Zeroth" Dimension is one of my most recent videos and it addresses that. watch?v=emlcwyvnsg0
@reaguirre perhaps but we would not be able to perceive their output
then they're simply wrong. as someone who actually understands M theory and higher dimensions i can tell you this guy is either a troll or an idiot.
I'm not parroting anything. I know what tesseracts are, I'm familiar with Plato's Cave (I've read The Republic), I've taken GR classes and I'm all too familiar with t-symmetry. I've studied the Godel metric and a few related others, so I'm familiar with CTC's as well. I've never taken a String Theory class so I can't comment on that. My objection is about shit like the following: "...we, as beings following the laws of entropy, experience time in a unique way." The video is riddled it.
@reaguirre Tell me if I understood you wrong. I was wondering along the same lines. I may be exaggerating the flatland example and distorting it, but it seems a flatlander would be unable to warp flatland into the realm of 3D space without an extrinsic, uncontrollable impetus, e.g. a human folding the paper for the ant. Similarly, are we limited to 3D space until a similar capricious event changes the field for us?
plato's cave was used in the movie source code he is in a life pod but he invisions a crashed helicopeter thing very interesting
@10thdim Actually we really are robots acting out of a pre-determined script. We are just very complex robots which can observe things and learn from it, correcting earlier mistakes we made during our duty. And we are constantly teaching ourselves more efficient ways of doing things, as well as making new tools and upgrading older tools. What we see as and act of free will is really just whatever our brains decided is the best thing to do given the knowledge we had back then.
Blew my mind....I think I'm starting to get it
Have you ever seen adrian ocneanu's physical representation of a 4 dimensional cube? It really is a powerful teaching tool. (I'd link a photo but youtube won't let me). The lights are placed so that they shine from "infinity", where the outward arms are cut off due to physical constraints. If you look at the bottom arms, you can see the black granite slab BEHIND the structure, as if seeing through it. There are lots of subtle indications of the power of higher dimensions to be found.
I am wholly confused. I wish that I could grasp that fundamentals herein, but they are squarely beyond me!
spacetime is the fourth dimension, time is something else. we defined time incorrectly for so long that we gave it a confusing name--that's the reality--in the same way, nothing can really be 3d without the fourth dimension, even if we can conceive it in that way--black holes certainly would not exist without another face added to spacetime (2d spacetime)
Saturnalia cult and kabbalah have taught this through out the age.
Except, of course, you would be dead too, as would I. 99.99999% of all people on the planet are just feeding the wealthy few. They don't need us, but since we're here and we won't let them kill us all, they have to do something with us. So, currently, we do jobs that could be done better and cheaper by machines. Meanwhile, they develop products, train us with social engineering, and create every way imaginable for us to return to them what little wealth they give us.
i punched myself at "wavicles" ....
i am a theoretical physicist. i do have intellectual superiority. i'm also impolite about it. :)
@reaguirre absolutely. psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine, and lysergic acid are 3 excellent examples. chemical tools that allow one to perceive that which before was not possible. try it; you'll see.
@kellerr13 A tesseract is a 4D object, a penteract is a 5D object, a hexeract is a 6D object, a hepteract is a 7D object, an octeract is an 8D object, an enneract is a 9D object.. where did you get the idea that these are all three dimensional constructs? But absolutely, I agree that our observed reality is a shadow of higher-dimensional patterns, shapes... and interference patterns created by those patterns and shapes, I've said that many times with my project. Thanks for writing! Rob
@10thdim I don't believe determinism was ever meant to be an approach we were meant to feel good about ;)
Absolutely! I think this allegory works whether you're thinking about the underlying quantum nature of our reality, or the string theory idea that our reality is created by the vibrations and shapes of extra-dimensional superstrings. We look around at our space-time universe and our senses give us a limited understanding, but the additional layers of meaning that quantum mechanics and extra-dimensional theories provide allow us to understand that there's more to our reality than these "shadows".
@thespiritinblack um... i cant realy figure it out either but some of that crap he said would make a realy awesome brain movie
i have had premonitions about my life... they all came true... sorry but your on a track going one way...
Wow, thanks for the idiotic generalization. Since Rob quotes many physicists throughout these videos, you're telling us everything those physicists say is wrong.
Damn, every dimension is a shadow of another dimension... i wish i could understand!!! and that's why i do drugs.
I know this would be controversial, but does anyone think that mind altering drugs produce effects that allow some to get a glimpse into other dimensions. I personally feel this way having ingested enough to melt away the reality around me, and feelings of wonderment and pure terror arose out of certain ineffable realizations under these circumstances, and also feelings of bewilderment and confusion. My ego wanted the sanity of everyday reality, these experiences were beyond my comprehension.
Instead of parroting the trolls who call Rob’s work bullshit, try looking up all the info in this video yourself. Tesseracts really are 4D objects. Plato’s Cave really is about seeing shadows and deducing shapes. Bruce Sterling really does talk about spimes as space-time objects. Physicists really do talk about time reversal symmetry and closed timelike curves. String theorists really do say the fifth dimension is curled up at the planck length. The only bullshit I see here is your comment.
I don't get the shadow part, but I can see how the fourth dimension could be linked with all the other dimensions. Try reading Flatland by Edwin Abbot for another idea on how everything is connected. I guess you could say there is another universe where dinosaurs never went extinct. I don't understand how our destinies are already created for us, mostly because I feel like I make my own choices, but if dinosaurs can live in another dimension, why can't we, except with different futures?
why doesn't this guy have a wikipedia page
String theory indeed has many TIE INS to dimensions Pun
We are just lucky (or unlucky) enough to be remembering, or living, this life. Maybe when we die, we switch universes and live a different life. Who knows? Oh, and could I recommend something? PLEASE use simpler terminology, or at least explain everything as if you were talking to a fifth grader! Half of the time I was asking myself, "What did he just say?", and I'm too lazy to pause everything, look up the definitions, and continue only to have to pause again. I'm only in 8th grade; have mercy!
What's interesting about the idea of us twisting and turning in the fifth dimension is that some people, who seem to succeed by their own force of will (experienced as 'luck', combined with hard work of course), may actually be aided by their will, perhaps having a semi-conscious ability to select a path through the fifth dimension that moves them closer to what they want.
@DoctorTachyon wow thats the stupidest thing ive ever read.
Let's go look at the comments you've posted lately, Mr. Science: you call somebody a "stupid fag" and a "dumb fucking retard" on a CO2 gun video, then on a gaming video you say this: "calling me an idiot just means you're intimidated by me. i take it as a compliment..." Oh, I get it! You're intimidated because Rob's visualization (not "explanation" as you call it, idiot) has been praised by Scientific American and Discovery Channel, so you call him an idiot. Now I see who the troll really is.
"enjoy the journey" jeeez you couldn't have ended that any better
@concernedspectator I think the mobius strip example is more useful in this case. A flatlander, moving along the plane of the surface of a mobius strip would be rotating in the dimension above while being totally unaware that was taking place, until he arrived back where he started. Now with some physicists saying that if our observable universe were the size of a quarter, the actual universe would be the size of the earth, we would have to travel a looong time to end up where we started! Rob
would it be possible for me to only be the shadow (or piece i guess) of a four dimensional creature, however unaware of it because im only in the single time line of that creature? in a way even our shadows could be living creatures created from us in the same predicament of not knowing that theyre only a small part of a larger more advanced being.
I've spent a lot of time trying understand higher dimensions. I felt like I was making progress... until I watched this video. -____- thanks a lot haha fantastic video!!
Instead of parroting other people's propaganda, try thinking for yourself. M Theory says there are 10 spatial dimensions plus time, Bryanton shows a creative way to visualize a 10th dimension without time. Everett said his "many worlds" are orthogonal to our observed reality, Bryanton shows how those parallel outcomes are at right angles to space-time in the fifth dimension, the same fifth dimension which Einstein accepted the existence of and which via Kaluza became the basis for string theory.
Yes, you nailed it! it seems like every conscious 3d self is build like a hypercube, the room seems to rotate and change but we are stuck in the middle, just seeing the inner cube.
@SunSwell90 I think it's a different way to interpret the three dimensional world we live in because it's not actually a physical change in the world around us. It is a chemical change in our mind that results in an altered perception of what's really there. Then you could get into how any person with a chemical in balance with say, schizophrenia would be seeing other dimensions. Without a doubt that would be awesome but it does not seem conceivable to me. But then again I am not sure...
So much of what we can theoretically "visualise" is based on our experiences though the sense of sight, obviously enough, but there are so many other senses, sound, touch, smell that can define something. A picture of one of your past experiences would not describe how you felt, lonely, elated, warm/cold Equally when it comes to imagining dimensions I think you have to have an empathical rather than an analytical perspective. Really interesting videos, Thank You!
@yettt10 Well maybe the altered perception is the key. I just remember time slowing down, or seeming to slow down. When my reality around me melted away everything was in prisms, now it definitely could be only 3-dimensional altering. Maybe, though, there is some perception, thought, or experience in that state of mind that gives a closer understanding to other dimensions, hey or just a glimpse, not a full blown realty. There are certainly novel insights to be found in that world.
Thumbs up if your mind has been blown.
i don't know any..i read about it--but for the most part i'm just trying to limit incorrect information---and technically, a theoretical physicist is applying theories--i still adhere to the standard model of matter and so does this--how does it not? i mean are you a theoretical physicist (not antagonizing you)..if you can explain the confliction, i am curious (i mean with this video and his concept of the 4th dimension-not anything else he has made)
Existence is derived of the worst possible outcome when all matter comes togethers.
Mind officially broken; not by the perception of this theory but the fact that I understand the theory and it's being played out over and over in the image rotating in the background, I see a shape twisting and bending without a single straight line miss-forming in any way and it would seemingly look impossible, but yet there it is.
@reaguirre if you notice throughout rob's presentation, we can only conceptualize this 4th dimensional reality predicated only on our 3rd dimensional observances. although it would be interesting to witness.
I cant concentrate on the tesseract the quality is too rubbish...
and then repeat this again for each resulting branch of universe to obtain another scary infinity from each one only to obtain just the next slice of time (like from milisecond 2 to milisecond 3 but infinit smaller slice of time). The result for this would be like infinity x infinity x infinity x.... (one infinit times) only to obtain from slice 1 to slice 2 of time, like from picture 1 to picture 2 of a movie pelicula. And how many slices (frames) per second?
@killedbyatreehugger fight the power, do the impossible, see the invisible, what you gonna do is, what you wanna do so break the rules till you see the truth
@tisilwm The universe is so big that all options are not only possible but are actually fact? That is absolute foolishness. Maybe there is a science fiction page for you to comment on. This here is presented as science. With no empirical evidence of this multi-verse concept then it is an interested idea but just an idea.
2 Eyes need to see 3d space , 3 eyes needed to see 4d space ... ( its that simple ) because a person with one eye , looking at a 3d cubes shadow on a 2d paper , would never be able to fully grasp and understand 3d space ... ( they lack the proper perspective )
How about the idea that out reality is just a simulation? Sort of like in the movie Matrix. Is there any chance of this being true?
Is it correct to put the question like that: 2D square is the shadow of a 3D square (cube); therefore 3D cube is the shadow of a 4D cube (hypercube). So, to have a 3D shadow, the 4D object should: a) exist in several places at the same place (time is essencial); or b) there is a space distortion that allows the 4D object to project the shadow of a 3D cube (time irrelevant) (and now i lost my train of thought and i'm off...) (please contact for conversation about this... i'm a typical mortal)
@killedbyatreehugger well if you think about it if its determined than when u think your changing your life your just going with your plan but, just as people can make clouds and shape other clouds you too have the power to change your desinty
It is possible that another Universe to be absolutly exactly identical with this but only one electron to be a little somewhere else. Now understand how many versions of different paralel universes are supposed to be, changing only 1 same subatomic particle for each version of univers in aother possible position, then repeat with another subatomic p., the do this with sets of 2 untill finish al possible combinations of 2, then 3..., then galaxies,....,.. only for 1 slice of time to another
@reaguirre preactice drawting them. When you draw them you get a funny little in-site that helps you visualize it more. When it hit me, I was thinking of the word "perpendicular"
Why do we seem to be moving along a line in the fourth dimension, rather than standing still at the point we are existing in
i believe two things exist outside of anything material (any dimensions): attraction, and time--i don't think that either is defined by dimensions, only applied to them
i am a theoretical physicist. i can explain why what he's saying is absolutely embarrassing bullshit. but not in youtube comments.
i had to watch this like a billion time to get it, but god damn im getting it! it makes so much sense but it makes noooo sense at all haha i love it
this guy is one of the biggest trolls in the history of the internet.
Difficult to understand but worth following it through...
- YES it's AWESOME stuff isn't it!? - Here's a cool bit o' info ~> Our eyes actually interpret everything we see in front of us in (2 dimensional form)! Even when we see a "SUPPOSED" 3d movie it is really being viewed as a 2 dimensional sheet of everything visible. You would have to be a 4th dimensional being to truly interpret 3 dimension visually. It is impossible for us humans to even visualize, imagine, draw etc. a 4th dimensional shape. Really INTERESTING stuff! I love it! Lenny, #^ {]
Those fifth dimensional twists and turns makes think of dr.who where the doctor refers to time as not athe straight line we percieve but actually more of "a wibbly wobbly timey wimey"
FYI, starting at the 1st dimension and adding dimensions. If you have a light source in the same dimension, it will cast a shadow on that dimension minus one. Imagine a line (1d) put a light source at one end, and the shadow at the other is a single point (0d). Imagine a plane like a piece of paper (2d). Put a light source along any edge, or corner, and the resulting shadow is a line (1d). The same is true with 3d objects, casting a 2d shadow. So, does a 4d cast a 3d? Where is it?
Exactly! But people who don't believe in free will will tell you you're deluding yourself, there is only one future, and that any feeling of control you might be telling yourself you have is only an illusion. And for me the difference between those two viewpoints is accepting what Einstein believed, that our reality comes from the fifth dimension. Try these two videos: You Have A Shape and a Trajectory /watch?v=zlZAMtmHkKg and Imagining the Fifth Dimension /watch?v=eN24Sv0qS1w Rob
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