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Hardly Working: Spitballing (All-Nighter 2012)

by CollegeHumor • 325,898 views

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Where is Murph's oscar
It's right next to the five for Leonardo DiCaprio that Satan keeps in his extra fridge.
Murph's acting always kills in the him.. sincerely , your grandpa
Everyone's talking about Murph's acting, but Josh's reaction to the skeeball was fantastic.
I can't tell which one is my favourite bit
The farting owl with "two scoops" was hilarious, but I don't get it... the explanation at the end didn't really seem to explain it.
Just balling here, but... (Shoots basketball from out of limousine)
+Taylor Bass You mean bawling. And here, have some tissues. ( •_•)>□
I'm just moth-balling here, but... I'm thinking of coming out of the closet
this vide is for nams and it sucks the nicholas dickolad pooey pidgen passifier
Good job Murph, someone had to be the voice of reason with those tyrants!
Murph's rant was amazing.
the owl, her dress, and streeter's hair were the coolest things in this video. also murph is crazy steve
I think it's safe to say that this is the pinnacle of all of your collective careers. It can never possibly get better than this. Especially for dan.
Lol amir just laughing in the background
GOD, Murph is good.
guy chucking a tantrum is trying way too hard
Now I'm just pokeballing here but BULBASAUR I CHOOSE YOU!
2:01 The resemblance to Olaf is striking... chronology glitch...
2:29 lol pause it that face doe
Look at Amir during Murph's breakdown, you will not regret.
I spelled every word right. Just because my structure is off you say my grammar is "absolute shit"? Get off your high horse. His humour is actually much more mature because he doesn't make low-brow jokes and potty humour all the time. This is a bad example but keep in mind that they filmed this in the early hours of the morning.
This is by far one of my favourite videos from CollegeHumor!!
Murph's girlfriend turns into a pumpkin and all he's worried about is Cat Man and Bat Woman?
Im just paitballing here but your out.
Suprised they didn't use speedballing
Josh's scream at the skiball ROFL
idont get it. mybe bc i am not dumb
1:50 Josh is so god damn funny.
Murph makes me think of Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh
Murph is so fking epic he should rage more
haha i finally get it, it's all about balls
what happened to the "snowballin"?
0:19 is jack or burnie from achievement hunter
Amir looks like a cat in this vid lol
I know. It wasn't the best. He's funny in other sketches, and he co-hosts the bleep bloop series which is a pretty funny series as well.
Murph makes me think of a skinny Chris Farley.
Murph is sick, what are you talking about... They're all hilarious actually.
Perhaps the greatest rant of all time towards the end. Murph is a living legend.
Leave it to Murph to bring it all home, rofl! Even Amir wanted to laugh.
After watching "All-nighter: Write that down", I know why Murph is like this.
Hey. Jake and I wear the same underwear...
Hahaha! Josh's and jake's teh best ones.
Hey look everyone I'm going to kill myself just because someone on the internet says so!
Whats her name, the girl on 0:41 ? She is really beautiful
cinderalla's carriage turns into a pumpkin.. not cindarella..
anybody caught amir laughing at 2:23
cinderalla doesn't turn into a pumkin her carriage does! XD
That girl with the red hair is beautiful :)
Even though he's been at collegehumor almost since the beginning. Idiot. He also has his own podcast.. soo joke's on you because he's popular and actually entertaining.
im just Spitballing but what if instead Batman dies, the Audiance dies
So THIS is how nice Brian Murphy turned into Crazy Evil Murph
In just meatballing here but... *clump*
amirs not even trying not to laugh lol 2:23
Who's in charge of collegehumor
2:23 Amir can't keep a straight face
Is no one gonna comment on Murph's emotional breakdown here?
Murph and josh <3 my favorite college humor hardly working workers they are hilarious but amazing actors :D
Kevin needs to get his shit together
Cinderella doesn't turn into a pumpkin lol.
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