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Pepsiman Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 1,192,003 views

This is the greatest running soda of All Time

Hmm, man this game really makes me want a Coke now.
It's all about that orange juice.
I'll have water, thank you very much.
Things Critikal requires of his video games 1) a pit to fall in 2) Pepsi 3) Human interaction
Don't forget the titties.
+Tohstie Holden Titties are not a requirement for Cr1TiKaL's games. Simply because if there are no titties to begin with, he will make the titties.
This game must be remade for the PS4.
We should all make a petition KilluminatiConfirmed
Pepsiman Remastered 
"Like Skyrim with Pepsi. 10/10 Game of the Year" -IGN
5:20 *City Escape Theme Slowly Fades into the Scene*
This game was actually made before Sonic Adventure 2.  Pepsiman is an inspiration to anybody.
Oh my God, my childhood....
LOL , yeah I remember some happy old times with this game :)
You know all the speech is in English, its just the subtitles that are in Japanese. Was you playing with audio off?
Pepsi invented the very first Temple Run? 
I love the fact that Pepsiman collects all of those cans of Pepsi but ends up buying one from a vending machine. Maybe this game is a subliminal advertisement for recycling alongside Pepsi.
I weirdly want this game. I like Pepsiman's aesthetic. Hell, i might be Pepsiman for halloween.
5:25 reminds me of Tony Hawk..
Why the hate on horses ._.
Ahh the good old days when I used to play these games...
"Wait, there was a woman back there.  Pepsiman, slow down.  We've gotta make love to her."
The dialog at the start of the game, the guy is saying how he can't deliver the Pepsi because of a flat tire. If it doesn't get delivered, the people will riot.
That makes sense. Thanks for the translation bro
Ahh the first video I saw from him :)
Ahhh the first video I saw from him
Mmmmm .Makes me thirsty for a Coke. 
with great pepsi comes great responsibility
Not only was that skateboard thing like SA2B... The boss level with the giant Pepsi can chasing him is just like the truck chasing sonic in that same level.
follow me, set me free, trust me and we'll escape from the Pepsi.
Who wish Critikal would write the storyline of a game?
Maybe Pepsiman could have escaped that pepsi if he havent had so god damn many pepsis... the diabetes didnt help either
Good thing i have a can of Pepsi in my fridge. Because i'm soooo thirsty right now. Lol, this game is working better than any drink advertising
We need not a hero, but a man.  A man we can relate to, a man that is like us.  They gave us a god instead.  They gave us Pepsiman.
My friends and I are making a Project M (which is a SSBB mod if you didn't know)  machinima and we're using Pepsiman as a deity in it.
Ah yes, my first cr1tikal video. The best line in the video 8:45.
Pepsiman went to the Prometheus school of running away from things
I really should be doing homework :/
This reminds me of the Paper Boy games.
Holy fucking shit that story analysis
This game was released in south america too I believe.
"You don't even care anymore pepsiman. I can see it in your non-existent eyes."
You have definitely earned a sub. That was the funniest commentary i have ever heard in a lets play. I had to pause the video to catch my breath so that i wouldn't miss it because i i was doubled over in laughter. I commend you good sir.
Welcome to the Critikal fan base. You're going to love him.
Hilarious, I'm subscribing to you right away! I actually might get this for the PS1 if I can find it 
coca cola's better
pepsiman was being attacked by the government just for spreading love and happiness.... pepsiman is basically jesus
I literally thought this was Sonic Adventure 2 once you got on that skateboard
I watched this video while drinking Diet Coke fuck the police
He gives up too easily, still hilarious
You talk too much. And you just say words.
Well normally you read nut peelings
Hmm... a commentary without comments, I think you are on to something. 
I could go for a coke now...
lol i was laughing non stop
Was this actually a game people paid for or was it some sort of bundle? Either way I would like an English version remade
they cant make better game than pepsiman
im thirsty for pepsi now...
+Zach Chandler exactly,it was all one big pepsi advertisement.
+Radiatical You haven't had quality coke... sniff sniff
My dick needs scratching, hahahaahaha!!!
Thank fuck you said that level looked like sonic because I was saying the same thing!!!!!!!
Thought the same thing about Sonic
What I can get from the plot: Pepsiman is on his usual stroll, the Pepsi truck driver tells him his pepsi has been stolen and littered all about. Pepsiman then decided his goal was to get the Pepsi and take it to the vending machine. It all goes well, but then Pepsiman's doppleganger RCman frames him. When he goes to the city and blasts Pepsi all over, the government attempts to assassinate Pepsiman.
Now I want a Pepsi, damn it.
For some starnge reason.... I like this game xD an I just keep staring at this... why lol
He didn't say "Let's do this shit!"
In essence is pepsi, and im being hunted by pepsi, and im getting my ass kicked by pepsi:)
For some reason this game looks fun
i dont know what i was thinking when i bought this but i dont regret it. im thirsty now.
Drinking Pepsi right now :o
you're not funny and you suck
I love your videos
"My dick needs a good scratching" always gets me lol
pepsi maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
Oh the nostalgia :P used to play this when i was 5 or 6..
I reckon the level 2 was a huge rip off from city escape from sonic adventure 2. And instead of the giant truck chasing you, the giant Pepsi can chases you :/
Sonic Adventure 2: June 19, 2001 Pepsiman: 1999 So... yeah.
After all, it is Pepsiman's world, we're just livin' in it That earned you a sub, buddy
This game is now like rare and valuable for an original copy lol
Pepsi MAN was crushed by a Pepsi CAN while he RAN to the Pepsi BRAND vending machine...DAMN! O.O
holy shit do you know how to jump
This makes me wish I submitted Pepsiman for my college assignment.
why r they always really old games?xD
This is why I drink coka cola also San Francisco
Best watched while drinking am ice cold Pepsi
game is cool your not
The only video that started without "Let's do this shit" :D
It looks somehwat like Driver1 for the PS in that San Francisco part.
Holy shit, I thought I was the only person who thought that.
+Quan Rush good for you. Bitch. Go die in an asshole
"Go die in an asshole"...such...creativity...
+B Martinez lol your comment has a translation option
Speaking of sonic, you should play sonic 06.
lol sorry meg i ment to tell the guy on youtube to play that horrible game lol
Aww, ok :3 Well, thank you anyways buddy! ^w^ <3
Over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a new original copy of tbis game for the PS1. I will be getting a used version for 50 dollars thank you very much.
2:59 p sure it's pronounced with a hard C sound
Pepsi is way better @sup negus
where the hell does he get these games LMAO
Where the hell do you find these games?
Mountain Dew is the best soda.
He'd understand the Text if he'd play with sound.
I can't believe this is a thing.
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