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MW3: VORTEX Easter Eggs!

by PrestigeIsKey • 7,214 views

There are a few easter eggs on this brand new map for premium elite users! Not only does the map play well in a face off but it also has some unique treats! Below the secrets are listed. 1. "The...

In the barn by the house where the doors are moving if you look in there there is a pig that was stabbed by a knife
dude were that vortex is a wizard of oz easter egg
Have you ever tried t bagging the pigs
Im glad all the good folk out there care so deeply about pig pussy. :) (Or balls)
hahahahaha i put out a vid on youtube before u did showing the pig pussy. go to my channel to see proof. thanks
heyy can u get me to join the ps3 clan ur in ?? please???
So much detail on the animal's genitalia? I think that the artist had a little too much time on their hands...
On village under the bridge there's other pigs with vaginas
i was reffering to the pig vagina easter egg, which is actually balls
COOKIES!!!! and if u will excuse me i must go feed my baby dragon in the backyard who seems to be nibbling onto my horse's 5th foot. like for total randomness
Have you not found the IW knife in the pig yet?
Lmao its a pigs balls not va-jj u fail...
if you cant see difference between testicles and a vagina, you obviusly havnt watched enough porn
i hope that the dicks do not come to your channel and dislike the video (cuz their are people that dislike everything)
They are shemale pigs, they got nipples and a penis
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