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T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]

by TIvsTIP • 7,599,136 views

Directed by: Motion Family Buy single on iTunes: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

We should give praise to our Johovah thank so much for my kindless to you
still waiting for Krits verse
TIP & K.R.I.T. need to do another collabo, If Krit was to make a king of the south remix he should put T.I. on it that would be dope
How does Rittz have the same car on his album cover? lol.
might be, but the one on Rittz cover have some orange or red in the rims
I'm here cause of the beat. Thanks krit.
BLACK PEOPLE HERE for t,i, and krit 
Tip's flow on this track was sick as hell 
Krit's production is insane
I love that roll call TIP! Boi u remain so TRU, so A, so westsiiiiide
T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]:
Only came here for Krit. TI weak for real!
I remember when T.I. perform this at the BET awards and K.R.I.T. was in the crowd I was like aww c'mon how you featured on a song and not up there performing.
" I rep the town..hold it down all around in my ol school ! " favorite line. .. you feelin that line if you got a ol school ride !
This Track never gets old!
Did krit produce this
Tip don't wanna pass DA crown, cuz he know if krit could of rapped on dis he would b done son...stick a fork in em...krit is DA king of DA south
Fuck this, this is illuminati music. 
Tip when you gone ride through.I like your lifestyle and music cum scoop me up.
Big K.R.I.T. might as well have not even been there
He made the beat and hook picture this song without those factors
Tip was scared to go up against KRIT on that beat.
overall I never liked T.I. but damn when he raps like this he really shines and makes me see what's so special about him I mean he killed this shit.
Everyone, big krit produced this track so there
Reynaldo Cordero Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]:
I wanna fist my own asshole, but i ain't flexible enuf, my nigga
Krit shoould hop on DA track
I was waiting for krits verse all the time
Mississippi stand up!!
i only went to this to hear big krit  dis some ole bull shit
If only Krit had a verse
If only Krit contributed a bit more in the hook
he no better than to let krit on track wit him
This beat is krazy I know krit produced
lil Cope. Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]:
This man has been making anthems like this for over 10 years consistently even through 2 years In prison. The King still has the illest flow and sickest sound, hands down over everybody!! And not to mention the most versatile artist of his peers. Ladies and Gentleman, you are witnessing greatness unrivaled since the days of 2pac...#ONLYONEKING
+Naked Ten Year Old About To Get Head Cuz I Be Swaggin On Yo Main Chick In Some UGG Boots You Mad Asf  A child your age shouldn't be on this youtube page swearing at strangers in the first place. I'm not replying to start an argument with you but come the fuck on dude.
Kevin Harris Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
T.I. - I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T [Music Video]:
seriously no big k.r.i.t.verse?!
that car is tough as hell.
How k.r.i.t not get a verse really
Best rap in 20 years!!! Prrfect beat for the lyrics; and tight ass rymes us olheads can appreciate
This song was streaming for a K.R.I.T. verse.
That 2nd verse was crazy
Real shit fuck with me !
Top back, Big Things Poppin', Trap back jumpin', and now this, it's getting mainstream, but I still like it, no hate
ti spent all his money on production n couldnt afford a krit verse?
Tip is in beast mode on this track
Jamming ♥♥♥ IT!!!
What kinda car is that?
I want that car
This is dope. Thumbs up!
im high as fuck on that bong hit O_o
Niggas talkin shit bout da south. We original tho. If it wasnt fo us. It wouldnt be no grillz, twerkin etc etc. IJS tho
Ti sure does have done great songs tho
Am I just fucked up or did KRIT not have a verse?
how could of anybody done a verse on this?  besides maybe a reincarnated 2pac or somethin
paparazzi everywhere i go... got cameras all in my business... KRIT was probably like i think he handled that
One of the Best Rappers period...
this song would be twice as dope if krit went in!
KRIT should have dropped a verse
Over the years I've REALLY enjoyed alot of TIP's videos with the rides and how they go with the music! DOPE SHIT
krit produced the track.
TI's flow is sick
This joint is a car banger HOTT
K.R.I.T. 4eva n a day T.I. is good too XD
if i made a music video it'd look just like this
es EL en ese chevelle rojo♥ 
This video is the same as every other rap video
T.I. flexin like always.
One of the rawest songs out there
I love TI! sometimes listening to the skill involved inspires me to write more of my own rhymes. "Rhyme so fast, choo choo I'm a runaway train don't complain about my rhymes that spin like rims so insane. Keep it real is what I feel baby check my deal if life is approval, my favorite animal is a seal. Riding in my beamer light it up, baby watch me, my homies "we going for a ride" that just translates to hitting them curves so wide don't hate.
I like this video. Nice beat
That beat tho... K.R.I.T. #Mississippi  
I'm gathering that you like drop tops Tip
im doing a daily freestyle video your all welcome to come check it out
haha b.o.b getting that hair cut
The Grand master Dj    , tell yooo friends!!1
if your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To undo this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck sorry I CAN'T RISK IT
Sony ASUS Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
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