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Top 10 Things That Suck About College

by ALwizzelTV • 54,431 views

Sure everyone loves college. But there are some thing that are just sucky, and here they are! THE TOP 10 THINGS THAT SUCK ABOUT COLLEGE (No specific order). Top 10 #10 @ 0:20 #9 @ Apparently I just...

Lmao!! this is sooo true!! 
Fire alarms suck, especially in the cold and when it is someone who decided it was okay to smoke inside. And laundry sucks too, especially when your stuff isn't done and taken out. Next time someone messes with me and my laundry I'm taking a pair of their underwear too. xD Or tying their socks in knots…xD
Lol this actually made me laugh. I'm so concerned about the hype of college that I forgot about the sucky parts. . GREAT VID!
lol who the fuck takes a bus to college. Get a license...
4. I understand that as I dealt and deal with that living in the barracks, but i'll finally be rid of that come fall once i'm in college in my own place complete with washer/dryer 3. I know that too except when I was in Germany, it was stupid local delivery food advertising who had access to base. That's life though. It's called junk mail. Get used to it. 2. This is honestly my only concern 1. The bus? I dealt with public transportation in Germany, but I have a car now and will in San Diego.
I was promised 10 things that suck NOT 9!!!!!!
2 and one i thought i was going to puke cause it was sooo fucking hysterical!!!!
I just love the deathnote poster in the back! Hella Funny!
lol that junk did sound like it hurted
@transfan1988 I know one person that is not going to college right after high school, and its because hes joining the military. You obviously have no idea what college is like in the US, so keep your fucking comnentsv
omg number three is so true like why you gotta knock when your gonna slip it under lol then they just pass everything to you like da fuq i look like
they were having sex when the first person said "is chris here" -.-
LOL number 5 from codename kids next door!
Number one is so real lol, the falling part was hilarious
LM to the FAO, this shit had me laughing the whole time, " Is chris here, lol" that might've been me around last year this time lmao
lol. #8 is everyone now! lol. good shit!! don't 4get to add profs that actually take attendance--as if it was fucking highschool.
nice keyblade and n64. funny video .
Nice! Another PD fan! You know its coming to 360 rite?
Fuck guitar hero lol I have to go to some community college
i could not stop laughing in the first 10 seconds
I love this video BTW DanielaPaulino was my old account lol I forgot to tell you =P
yeah i peeped the fact u had the perfect dark music playin in the background in the
#6 is why I'm setting boundaries with my roommates the first day!
I wish i could go to a coolege like that :c i go to my community college :/
@transfan1988 about 70% of US students go to college right after high school.
5 stars for shocked prairie dog cameo.
I love how I knew it was state when it showed the police haha... good times at state
lol yeah I just got this program that can alter audio files and I was checking it out...
Ahhh i hate alarm clocks that make that noise
There's also the people who live on your dorm/residence hall floor that destroy property and cause everyone to have to pay a fine.
Did I spot sticky spelled stiky?
What about fire alarms. At 4 am. for burnt popcorn. in January.
You go to college (or did go to college) and you can't count to ten, nor can you spell 'there' correctly. Oh dear.
party that was hillarious
hahahahahah im the police respect me MOTHAFUCKAAAA !?!?!?!?@@WRKLJE:RLKJ!#:F!JK#EF!KWEFQ
2:22 Wats the name off that cartoon ?
Move your hand? WHAT?! that still gets me!! >.<
the fuck is this??? this is not mine, takes a pantie LOL
@ALwizzelTV I go to Western Illinois and your top 10, I can totally relate to.
2:40 Many colleges/universities has clothes stolen. Have to buy a washer and a dryer for your dorm room. This is how I'm going to help you college students.
lol this was actually really funny! andd i work at domino's :p
Good movie that's surprisingly from a Spartan. ;)
0:47 Nice keyblade and Death Note poster.
Are you serious!? People slide fliers under your door!?! cos if they do, ima have to stick a towel under my door :P
OUCH!! lol i hope that fall didn't leave a mark xD
NVM I got you confused with an english major I was bitching at on another channel.
genises and perfect dark 4 life
You forgot dumb straight out of high school over achievers... :P
Well, the image that I have in my mind regarding college in the US (I´m not from the US, as you may assume) is that it´s very fucking hard to go, almost impossible, the aast majority of highschool kids have not chance to go to college, so hearing someone from the US complaining about going to college is just stupid to me.
grades really don't matter that much as long as it's decent. school and degree type matter far more.
Wait... i get to sleep in till 8??? WOOOO!!!! I have to get up every morning at 5 so i can be at zero hour on time at 5:30
ummmmmmmmmmm. the dumb blonde post. did u just switch the 6 and 5 XD
Yea, suprised prarie dog is the junk! LoL Thats my favorite scene...
woah u got a death note poster :D
lmao @ "im the police mutha fucka!!!!!" loved it
do an internship, then grades go out the window because you have actual experience.... but then again you should add that as your 7. Getting an internship
Mines... no roommate XD Yeah! lol sorry about that... can't keep a straight face all of the time...
Yeah, the party promoter part was my fav lol (Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!)
surprised prairie dog cameo??? LMAO!!! AND LMFFAO AT THE PARTY PROMOTER SCENE!!! OMG
You went to MSU? Lol thats what the campus and dorms look like atleast. Thats where I am now
LOL!!! my dorm is across the hall from the office of campus security. We can't get away with anything.
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