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Van She - Jamaica [Modular Studio Sessions]

by Modular People • 91,820 views

Directed by The Silentlights A live clip taken from the forthcoming 'Modular Studio Sessions'. Van She's new album 'Idea Of Happiness' out now on Modular Order the album now from: Van She Store:...

Still waiting for new stuff from them. 
Jeff Bridges ITS YOU !! ??????????
this is so fucking epic
I love this song so much
автстралийские дела
#VanShe - "Jamaica" Con el gentil auspicio de... ♪ Dididididididyeiiiii +Paulo Bejarano ♪
Gotta love how much fun Michael is having :)
in jakarta tomek didn't play the drums, only snare and toms. i wanna see this version...
you will be dancing strong, you know it
anywhere to download this version?
The studio sessions makes Jamaica even more real. Because of their talents. And btw... Cocktail!
This Ludwig drum kit is sexy as hell!
What is the instrument the drummer is using for the intro? I like that a lot
Amazing like always, Van ♥
AWESOME! This must be the official videoclip!
You guys made my year! BEST SONG OF 2012
what are the lyrics to this song!?
This is very very cool, can't wait for the album!
ITS greats seeing talented musicians really Love the music and just having really having good fun making nice sounding music like this. Just look at these blokes really enjoying the music they are making. :-)
freaking awesome song!!!! cant stop replaying!
Australia, where musicians don't give a fuck what everyone else in the world is making. <3
So good. Can't wait for the album!
It's a Live Session .. Not lip-synched. Having said that, some Out-Of-Sync shots were cut in. And the footage is shot at Linear Studios in Sydney. It's not the bands studio ..
Great song and video ... But Beats Audio headphones? No thanks. Very mediocre sounding. Get yourselves a pair of Grado, Stax or Sennheiser ;)
Sounds so much cleaner than the disc version.
my heart skipped a beat when I read that...anyways...
dkw but i feel like ive heard this before..
Hope this gets in the jjj top 100...
Yeah, the whole thing was shot live in one continuous shot, which is why you can tell it is lip synched, you fucking idiot. Song was recorded live, clip was put together from footage collected during recording.
Wooooah this is just stupid good :0 I don't even remember how I got to this page, but I'm glad I did :)
that is the lamest fucking comment i have ever read.
is that an Ashton guitar? hah awesome
What the f..k is this?.. are u kidding with this crap your trying to feed us? this guys have brand new snickers on.. jajaja dang! guys, come on, ur trying to sell this "modular" shit and with those sellouts.. u need try a little harder.. the information generation is up! we got smarter than the 90's... dont try to manipulate music and us that way.. be true to music and yourselves.
are they even playing? if these guys are good musicians they shouldn't be putting this lipsynced crap out there
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