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Hakuouki - The Guys of Shinsengumi are Sexy

by Exorcist069 • 41,145 views

Ah, yes. Another Hakuouki tribute of mine. This song makes me laugh, and the fact that I'm using it for the Shinsengumi guys makes me smile. May as well have "fanservice" stamped all over it,...

Okita-san; not only is he making tuberculosis sexy, but spreading the loss of blood to fangirls everywhere
LOL! Making tuberculosis sexy! Hahaha! That really made me laugh! =D
omg :D that's perfect :D
major nosebleed why the hell does Hijikata and Okita have to be so drop dead sexy and hot?!
Sano is perfect. He doesn't need the Raisetsu. He's already perf!
major nosebleed why the hell does Hijikata and Okita have to be so drop dead sexy and hot?!
oh man~~ i totally recommend the song "oh oh oh sexy vampire" when they are in their "oni" forms. xD xD <33333
hahahahaha i never can decide between hijikata and sano :d
Saitou's so seeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy sex sex seeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy O///O I need him. In my pants. Right now.
the main guys of shinsengumi are sexy and i love every single one of them :3 i love the series that i had to rewatch it again from the beginning ;P no matter how times i seen the medical exam scene, i have to lol since it's so damn funny and it reminds me of full metal alchmist *cough armstrong cough*
@buizerdlover12 Shit, you should have thrown a spoiler warning on that. I havent seen the anime yet, Im still working to get all the endings on the game. I guess Ill pass on the anime if they all kick the least in the game I get happy endings!
The song fits really well with the video :D
i really really have hard time to choose which one i like better, it took me like....almost 7 months then i finally choose harada ♥♥♥♥
ahdlafjalk. the nude scene totally fried my mind. AND I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. ;D
Its a good thing that shinpachi isn't real because I would probably rape him like a million times. Gooddd why does he have to be so hot!
it is such a waste that the all died it's not fair now there can't come next episodes i want to know what happend after the whole battle grrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry for the bad english
i know right why did he have to leave he's so cute and funny XD
@Exorcist069 not even, my friends think imma crazy for liking a guy who's not even REAL....
@covington17183 IKR!!! T.T God i was depressed after he died >:O Hiji should suffah but atleast thatw as only in the Hiji path of the game :3 Good Grief i wish it would come out in America ALREADY!!!! <3
Sano ~ Heisuke ~ Okita ~ Saito ~ LOVE THEM! <3
1:25-1:33 is the best sexy part!! hilarious!! and perfect sync with the music!!
Saito Souji Heisuke PLEASE BE REAL
well I think that all the guys that cut their hair in the second season lost half of their sexiness, but the only one who remained entirely HOT was Sanosuke Harada <3
I like Souji :D Actually I like them all! ^_^ puahaha curse them for being so hot in this anime. Too bad they didn't actually look like
I love Souji!! He is simply perfect *,* Oh, of course I'm in love with Hajime, Sano and Toshi too ^^
Thank you for making my day better. I really needed a good laugh. Awesome video and music. I vote for Saitou as the sexiest male anime character : )
@Exorcist069 Waah, I love Sano too! ~ <3 I thought he isn't liked since everyone's squealing over Saito, Hijikata or Okita.... Dx Nice video btw ~
I love Souji, Saitou, Kazama and Yamazaki <3~
@Exorcist069 omg, the same with me! i mean.. that man couldn't be more perfeect ♥
I forgot how good this song is.
Whats is the epidsode where there shirtless?
how come real guys aren't like anime guys??? Life is really unfair
1- Saito 2- Hijikata 3- Harada 4- Okita 5- Shinpachi
Ye gods, hear me. Let me ravish one of them. Just one, I beg you.
Sano : "I thought it must be tough being the only girl around all those men" => Tough ? Noo ! ... ME WAAANT !! *Q*
@MsBeesknees63 Shinpachi WAS real :D
@TobiChan0014 I KNOW!!!! e.o after Kazama died, I went into depression.I couldn't sleep that night. e.o I SCREAMED AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN! xD
This might be weird but Harada matches the song well *w*
@covington17183 i dont blame you kazama is sexy to a whole new extreme ;D
Me too! Hijikata is drop dead gorgeous *_* Don't notice your friend, love him as much as you want, we know the truth, right?
eeek! i love this anime!!! i so cried, tho... especially when they all cut their hair... T.T
@TobiChan0014 THANK YOU!!! He is Sexy ;D xD I like him, and Heisuke. xDD Kazama shouldn't have died xD <3
No doubt these guys are the most sexiest I've seen
Heisuke <3333 Souji <333 Kazama <33 Sano <3 (I really love all of the Shinsengumi ....even Sannan.)
Heisuke is my all time Favorite
Sexy anime men, tis true. Hot hothoothothothot. Hot. X3
i don't think there'a song that could fit them any better :3 'course, saito, nagakura, okita, and harada are the sexiest~
I have friends who hate anime, but hey, don't mind her when she says something hurtful or wrong about anime when she isn't even a fan (Not trying to sound rude, but it's true).
Haha This Song Iss Too Funny ;o Loved This Video XD
Shinpats - wouldn't mind being married to him, either - or Sanan for that matter XD
@Lisange48 Sano's my favorite, too! My friend's think it's creepy that I'm in love with a Samurai who died in the late 1860's, but the whole reason I watched Hakuouki was because of Sano!
i can't ever decide between all these guys they're all hot and WHOO SEXY!!!!!!!i would love to marry them all LOLZ <3<3<3<3
I luv Kazama he is so mine and my friends laugh at me too but I luv Kazama hehe<3 :)
Whyyyyyyyy they don't even exist?!?! SO UNFAIR
im in love with them :) the video is great but where are kazama and shiranui there are hot too :) wahhh there are so sexy
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