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Megavalanche 2011 Top Race (Part 1 of 4)

by rchewdy • 1,097,224 views

First part of the Megavalanche Top Race 2011. Watch for yourselves where shitting bricks at the start, messing up the racing line and no punch in the two-cylinder engine lead to ;-) Anyway - having...

you would have had better control if your handle bars weren't on backwards
Megavalanche 2011 Top Race (Part 1 of 4):
perfect view from camera!!!
funny funny funny!!!!! love it! i wanna try!!!!
My dream is to make this race
Чувак на видео там проскочил, реально в костюме то ли коровы, то ли долматинца.
The frozen tundra they hit at 7:00 minutes looks interesting :]
3.33....... did that dude just fall down that steep drop???
11:01 - "Here, take it! I don't need it anymore!"
ich finde es super geil ^^
Where is this ?? Bolivia?
This is Downhill Domination in real life.
No i have my own music, I want to hear whats going on in front of the GoPro
They need to roll out some barbed wire to make it more difficult.
Put some landmines down too while they're at it. 
awsome i want to try this
I LOVE YOU MAN! Thank you!
Mexi f.b Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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mi sono scaricato anche La Canzone per gradire ...
Artur Skraba Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
класноо)мене б туда
what's the song in the beginning called?
im sure most of these guys were all thinking the same thing until the race started
Was ist war das für ein rennen. Ich würde Sogerne downhill fahren aber wir haben keine Berge in unserer Gegend
Whoever came 1st in this race, deserves a million pound!
If it looks steep on camera. Then its very steep in real life ;) and imagine doing this on a hardtail....
WTF is this!!! And where do i sign!!
No it doesn't! Looks very dangerous in fact. All that snow and rocks are just a recipie for disaster.
Dioss me acuerdo cuando participe como si fuese ayer.Era el numero 325
WHAT IS THAT SONG!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
@ 7:50 what did you guessing like ahhhh shittt?
miese strecke aber wirklich ^^
a bunch of madmen on bikes, i love it
haha smiling from ear to ear fucking awesome shit thsi race xD
great video, worst music ever!! next vid you upload dont put any music at all, there is nothing like swearing and the wind on the videos
If ur seat was slamed to the lowest ud be able to hall the mail down those hills with so much control
Looks lame.. Sooooo many lame moves...
Gotta love the dude dressed as a cow
a la 9:33 il a du être bien trempé
moooo! moooo! cow comming through
Oh man, wenn man nicht gerade aus der ersten Reihe startet, ist man ja schon chancenlos das Rennen zu gewinnen...
Ganz ehrlich wer kam auf die Idee so viele gleichzeitig starten zu lasse?
What's your bike man ???? He looks so cooooooooool !!!!!! Like the race !!!!!
Geile abfahrt du bist gut gefahren
are those guys using pedals cleats?
No, this is the original Megavalanche race held at Alpe D'Huez in the French Alps.
Great effort but music is too much distraction,,, i watched the other 30 minutes qualifyer without hesitation and the original audio completes the intensity of the visuals... on this 1 i just had to stop
Half of this race is like who can run faster .
סתם נחמד לראות עוד ישראלי שרואה את זה :) וישראלי שמגיב לישראלי על תגובה XD
I love that guy in the cow suit!
Is there like a age restriction,or special training for this?I would totally do this.
chciałbym z tą zgrają tam zjechać :)
fuking awesome!!!!! love the 2000 or how many racers? :D congrats for fihish the race dude,respect that,need balls of steel to do it!!!
people like you are gonna love a tv series called House M.D. .. either that or you're taking sarcasm to a new level.
Clearly health and safety guys day off!!! hahaha Awesome :D
nobody died or flew of a cliff?
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