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Minecraft: Treehouse REBORN w/Nova & Kootra Ep.1 - ITS BACK!!!

by UberHaxorNova • 1,278,570 views


I miss Novas southern-like accent. lol
Like this comment if your watching this in 2014
like if your watching in 2015
Like if you suck the D
It's just so cool to see how they evolved in the community Minecraft series. They started these series using nothing but skype to talk since they were not in the first Creature house and now they just play together in the Creature office without using skype and for my opinion, I think that CreatureTopia is more dynamic since they're all in the same room but the Treehouse series still remain a classic. It's so good to go back and watch this series :)
This is the series that got me into the Creatures. Fond memories, these.
Oh god! The Nostalgia! It's all coming back to me, the memories, awww, you guys inspired me to play minecraft and make youtube videos! I love you guys (Not gay, but there's nothing wrong with being gay)
Why can't I find the original series, this was the second reboot right?
man its been awhile since I last watched this
Like this comment if you were waiting for the next episode to come out and was checking nova's channel every day.
So where does the whole gay tony thing come from?? how did it originate?
I actually subscribed to nova because of his walking dead gameplay videos. He's actually the person who got me into minecraft because before that I didn't like minecraft. Then I saw Hershel's Land in his playlists and I thought "Well I like the walking dead, so lets check this out" then after that I've been in love with it. But yeah, I don't mind aleks either, but he does just keep doing things with aleks and kevin now. He doesn't play anything with seamus now unless it's on the creature hub with everyone else. And sp00n just kinda disappeared from their videos
his walking dead videos were incredible, i actually passed by them for a long time without watching, then one day i started watching, then i got hooked and it was a good thing i started watching later because all 5 episodes were up so i didn't have to wait. we need sp00n and seamus back doing videos with nova, there like the perfect partnership, and plus i love watching seamus in novas videos, i dont really like watching him by himself, i dont find him entertaining, nova makes it a good balance of funny and serious playing, its not so funny when there are 2 jokesters together who make fun of literally everything in my opinion .    
God damn it's been a while since we've had a gay tony
Never seen these videos when they first came out because i thought they were just too boring but seeing the new one makes me want to see the old one.
This was the series (including the original) that first for me addicted to nova 😂😂
do you know what the original series is called?
just tree house right?
Watching this in 2014!!!!
am I a little to late???
That's so one year ago.
this was the first video i ever saw by any of the creatures
I got so excited when he did his Gay Tony jumps. I miss the little things.
I agree I went back and watched the montage
Awww the good ol' days :,(
After Treetopia, I started watching all the treehouse videos.
Ahh classic Minecraft, Classic James, Class Jordan, The golden days :)
Aaaaah TEH good ol' Times, not like there's anything wrong with the current series... It just gets me nostalgic!
Oh memories. I remember getting home from school and being excited to watch the new treehouse.
What's the texturepack
this series right here. this and happy wheels made nova. these were the good old days when nova only had a couple thousand subs. i miss the originals :'( not saying his newer stuff isnt good. its just not the same
he speaks differently now too. Its weird but this is like my late childhood here.
See! James videos where better bAck in the day now it's shit I want this to be back come on what happen to minecraft?!?! What happen to the seasons! Plz someone anyone lets go to twitter and spawn hi so we can get tree house back!! And all the gay tonies and the good stuff!! Plz let's go to twitter we want this back!!!!! WHOS WITH ME!!
AWWW I miss those gay Tonies that he used to do! :,(
Watching this in 2044!
Watchin dis in 2014 :D
Thats what Im saying, But this here wasnt my favourite Series ya see, It was actually the first series I seen, Which was Nova And Ssoh in the little mini series they did.
man I miss the gay tonies...
Novas voice is soo different lol
Crazy to think this video is 3 years old. Time flies.
came here because of Treetopia
When this came out, most thought of titans as gods. Now they're giant man-eating monsters
+Assassinbutt Fumare ta hana no namae mo shira zu ni
Time to start this series over again :)
Great series!  They sound so much different (younger?) than now.  Better recording equipment may help too.  I enjoy not hearing constant GD's and F's that plague their more recent stuff.  Maybe it's time to return to your roots?  :)  Keep up the great work!
Is the titans a mod or a very old thin in minecraft
Chef Nova's ribbon looks like a Swastika...
Where is the previous series?
3 years ago,i remember when this just started
 I from the future.....
Like if your watching this in 2k14
>=( get spoon BACK.
ur video r awesome don't ever stop making minecraft video ever or other video EVER EVER EVER EVER THEY R AWESOME
anyone watching this in 2014? :D like if u r
no im watching it in 2011
I'm watching it in 1843. o/
The good ol' days (':
lmao still watching eheheh pitiful crying
Watching this again (especially after the entire treehouse series' are over) is very interesting, especially the nostalgia I'm getting.
This is the first video of nova that I ever saw
What's the first/original Treehouse series called?
Hah... Zombies dropping feathers, cows giving only leather, no bats, no witches, no silverfish, no aimbotting skeles, no hyperintelligent zombies, no silverfish or magma cubes, no cosmic anvils to descend from on high and no starvation... truly these were the good old days.
did Nova just grab that crafting bench? WTF is this shit
I want that texturepack.
I miss old nova:-[
where and how to buy or download minecraft
This video is how i met nova
No,I can't do it! I can't watch this,it's just...not the same :(
HEYYY! You were the one who stole my Mango! :(
what texture pack is this
I love going to watch old ass vids when there's nothing to watch and you just can't sleep
3rd time watching this.
Interesting... The different treehouse series (treehouse, treehouse reborn, and treetopia) really show the different stages of the creatures' carreer...
Jordan, coco bean hunter.
Re-re-re-re watching this again
i have watched the 1st treehouse series and i want to watch it again because it is hilarious, so can someone send me the url of the part 1 of the 1st series. PLEASE I NEED THIS lol
Woah, you sound so young nova. XD scared the crap out of me...xD
One of the funniest minecraft series on youtube.
Always good to revisit the classics
Minecraft used to be super ugly
Watching this again 2 years later, the memories, does anyone remember if this is the series with the Church and the Ogers and cats and peguses
Never get tired of this series
did they record the first treehouse?
i havent watched these videos in a LONG time back when i sarted playing minecraft :) this is what got me into minecraft thank you so much guys! :D
I can't find the original.
Lol their mics in the new series gave me a headache :P
Is this old minecraft? Or just a texture pack? confused face
Having a throwback sunday. yay!!
this should be a playlist
the nostalgia is pulsing through my veins and dripping out my ballz jeebus
Watching this in 2014 can't wait for watching the whole thing
in this koots isnt as annoyying
i hope they post the first treehouse vids
I was looking for original but this is all I can find! :( I need to see the original!
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