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Metronomy "Corine" (YouTube Presents)

by Metronomy • 76,247 views

Metronomy perform "Corrine" live for YouTube Presents in California. Click here and subscribe to Metronomy's channel Check out Metronomy's albums: The English Riviera...

is it just me or the bassist really looks like welbeck :))
the drumer is so beauty.....
This song is all kinds of brilliant!
Damn it!!!!! what happen with the volumen???
god i love her voice, sing on more songs!
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I guess you've never eard of a bass player called "Les Claypool".
This song has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks, 3 days, lol
ok i could understand you saying you don't like it,its far from terrible though,that house pop in the charts is terrible not this
I love Metronomy, when we could see they in mexico?
that drums line + singing = talent
Gbenga is fucking with his bass :3 hahaha 2:20
weirdos are great not anm insult either
Did they just make a typo in the title of their own song?
Gbenga is probably the most badass bass player I've ever seen. I wish I could have seen then when they were in Edmonton.
what a great band! the way the singer plays the guitar is so funny but it works and this bassist!!!! i don't speak about the drummer.... she's juste incredible!
Balotelli!What are you doing there?
pero que le pasa a esa multitud, si yo hubiera estado alli estaria como loco
I love Anna's voice, more of that please!
Es Corinne no Corrine, brutos estadounidenses.
It's spelt differently in the description and title
They're both wrong.. the album official name of the song is Corinne.
thank you soooo much for postink it!) i like metronomy soooo much)
I think by dance, he really means have sex.
My GOD! They are Excellent! I love this Band!
This album has really grown on me. Shame they didn't play "The Bay" though. :3
songs about a gun and the guy in the army or force got kicked out for a dishonorable discharge
Ive never even heard this song!! How? I love it! --> wap giải trí số 1VN
I like how they gave it a more up beat feel and started it with the riff for the live audience
weren't they at Festival NRML in MOnterey.... or weren't theyat VIVE LATINO 2011.
I'm Glad Lamar from revenge of the nerds continued with his music career.
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