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VGHS Behind the Scenes - Ep. 2

by BrandonJLa • 556,742 views

WATCH EPISODE 3 NOW! The first BTS for our feature length web series, Video Game High School. Get an inside look of the more traditional approach that we took to...

You should make a season 3!!!!!! I finished the series on Netflix already :(
Johanna Brady is hot
Well the person who plays a brian is married to the girl who plays jenny
Oh shit the rc1 payday2 turret sick.
Its from Team Fortress 2... Dont say that any were else, you will get alot of hate. me senseless with a wet noodle! :)
Its funny how they stopped the music as soon as he said " beat me...."
I want that technology in my house
Lol there is a season 3 Didnt u know that?
4:35 HOLY Cow i got scared!
haha they got me too :-D
4:35 scared the shieet out of me
How I think of the acronym "BBW", and how Freddie Wong thinks of it!
i like the protagonist actor.
Well, it started off I walked in the door and they beat me senceless with... with a wet noodle.
Benji did a mini promo...
First ac is my dad's job on Grimm
Ac means assistant camera..
4:34 scared the shit out of me
Johanna braddy (Jenny) and josh blaylock (Brian) are married. They got married in November 2012
We might nick the sidewalks guys.
Freddie's hoodie at 5:02 - emergency green screen ;D
very funny! quite obvious their not as they have different surnames
You don't have to have the same last name as your spouse, it's a choice
where does itbsay that legoewok? and sentry gun LOL
what mosue are they using? i used to think it was the rat but now it doesnt look like it - _____
The TF2 turret scared the crap out of me... really thought Freddie was a goner. Almost cried :'(
Freddiew you should make VGHS into a movie and air it in cinemas! Yours have such and awesome twist and fantasy, although it will cost alot you could get a sponsor!
holy shit you're right i googled it :O lucky asshole haha i have a girl in my school that actually looks like her
they do. they contain vitamin C (or D, I forget) which improves eyesight
04:39 i nearly shit myself
The wife doesn't have to take her husband's name. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie, etc.
I wish I can buy the keyboard and the mouse.
They are married, i don't think anyone knows why her second name hasn't changed.
The camaras (fail) look like cannons o.o
Yeah,but as if my parents want to buy me THAT gun...
freddie u need to update this vid and change Johanna's last name to Baylock.....
yes and apparently they got married after shooting this
you guys should make a real movie
4:34 that caught me off guard really good
You guys should do a making of, with like how the show idea was created, how you recruited the cast, their personal responses etc.
skateboards dont do damage the wheels are made of polyurethane. aka a bond between oil and plastic. so if any thing the wheels ware away. and if they where to do tricks the wood on the tail and the nose would wear away as well with friction. @0:49
is the guy who plays freddies son actually freddies son
you should being in real fps gamers liek whiteboy or hutch
Ding ding retard alert! They are married, dipshit. Look it up.
4:33 GOD LOVE OF GOD ! Heart attack right there
Wow like actually. I just checked wikipedia and Johanna Braddy (JennyMatrix) is married to Josh Blaylock (BrianD).
Johanna a.k.a Jenny Matrix is also Princess Yue's voice from Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series
Well I walked through the door and they beat me senseless with a wet noodle. LMFAO
1:54 wong's razer shirt!!!!
"When I came in the door they beat me senseless with a wet noodle." Freddie! How could you!
In Real Life, they even have a website of their wedding.
lol yeah i checked it out after i watch this, i was like :O thats awesome
how much money is spent producing these episodes/ whole season
where do they get theyr guns??
yea in real life. There wedding has its own website.
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