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The Godfather (3/9) Movie CLIP - Killing Sollozzo and McCluskey (1972) HD

by MOVIECLIPS • 898,765 views

The Godfather movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Michael (Al Pacino) takes a gun he...

I like the fact that he wasnt a perfectionist in this scene like these generic action movies these days.. he was taught the art of homicide by clemenza and still was aching with nerves knowing his life would change forever ...he was supposed to shoot as soon as as he came out the bathroom and let the gun slid to his side while walking out ...nothing went as planned because he was nervous ..its organic,very relatable in terms of our day to day conscience
Well put. I've had similar thoughts as well.
I was going to post something like that , but you beat me to it. Just the trigger hooking on to his finger as he was hoping to let it fall out with his hand at his sides...yes, very relatable, very realistic. But would have such a caliber bullet go through McCluskey's head?...evidenced by the window breaking behind him? (Yes, I know I am just watching a movie clip)
I love it when that piece of shit PIG got shot in the neck :D
+NexisFilms You are a joker "Je suis Charlie," ??  just another hoax/psy-op.  France needs to borrow money. 
General Ripper has quite the track record for getting shot in the head.
Did he just shoot Bill O'Reilly?
There are many things I am.... But a "liberal" is DEFINITELY not one of them.
What if someone was using the toilet that Michael needed to get the gun from?
+missy18251  Then why would the Corleones' and Hagan agree to go there in the first place? Wasn't one of their concerns with meeting Sollozzo and McCluskey was that it was a safe and public place?..Actually nevermind, the place is still public but they can't control how many people are there when the meeting takes place..
Lol yeh they didn't know there wouldn't be any customers. Also as it goes in the book (I haven't seen the movie) the Corleones have a hostage from the Bocchicchio family as part of the arrangement - this family isn't very powerful but whenever there's a meeting with the possibility of one side turning on the other that family provides hostages and if they're killed it turns into an all out war which no one wants. if Michael is killed then the hostage is killed and that family would go after Sollozzo in vengeance.
He lasted pretty long after getting a round through his head. . .
+Kerry Colwell And in real life someone survived a metal bar shooting through their brains. All he suffered was a personality change and very minor brain damage.
I actually read a book about that when I was younger. For some reason, our elementary school had it as a "recommended read," which is pretty fucked up now that I think about it. 
One of the things I always loved about this scene is the woman sitting in the background.  The entire staff was in on it and the reaction was 'And that's that."   Perfection.
no they weren't. wtf are you talking about.
Are the sounds of the train actually happening, or is it Michael's head getting overwhelmed with the moment and what he is about to do?
+seudotrofio  Michael would probably have to sit down and finish his dinner, instead. Michael: "Sure is a noisy restaurant, huh? Lots of trains. Ummm, did either of you guys find a gun in the bathroom?" :)
In this moment the live of Michael will change for ever.
+12luri Yeah except this was the moment where Michael started his transformation into the godfather
(Micheal aims the gun at Sollozzo.) BANG!!! (He then aims it at McCluskey.) BANG!!! (McCluskey puts his hands to his neck and begins to cough up food and blood.) McCluskey: (choking) But... I haven't finished yet. BANG!!!
gunshots from 1972 look more realistic than 2014...
Yeah, just watch Robocop 2014. They think people that doesnt bleed after being shot hundreds of times is realistic. The reason: Hollywood wants everything to be "Family Friendly"
Wouldnt it be so embarrassing if Michael missed. Then ran out of bullets. He would have to apologise then carry on the conversation from where they left of.
I love the way McCluskey instantly smashes his face into the table
I can't believe that steaming pile of dog shit movie Part 3 has an imdb rating of 7.6 ! I mean wtf !? Only Part 1 is the absolute masterpiece . Period . :)
They ought to do a remake and let pachnio just come out with a dick in his hand.
classics should never be remade
0:56 he fixed his hair because he want to look cool when he kill those bastards
frisked a thousand young punks
My favourite scene from such great movie.
Micheal's darting eyes before he shoot is a brilliant bit of acting!
no one is better than Al-Pacino when it comes to acting in a gang style NO ONE...
2:06 How McCluskies Eat their Food. 
love this movie, always have since i first watched it but one thing i can say is you can certainly see how this movie has aged with continuity errors, poor choreography and just unrealistic outcomes. examples being mcclusky already having the bullet wound in his head before being shot in the head, still being alive for a while when being shot in the head, the way the table falls over is unrealistic, sonny's infamous fight scene with that missed punch, sonny being riddled with bullets and still making his way out of the car somehow, when the big guy kicks the other into the elevator to shoot him, the guy falling down the public steps when shot by the guy posed as a cop and so on........but despite being unrealistic, still gotta love the film, its always gonna be engaging.....and yes, they are obvious mistakes and no, i definitely could not do better lol.
영화 대부의 장면인데 안구운동뒤 총에 운동을 시키네요 의자에 앉으려할 때 입을 벌리는게 사악한 미소같아 보이네요 The Godfather (3/9) Movie CLIP - Killing Sollozzo…:
lol no one in the background seems to care.
They've seen it happen a million times... probably at that resteraunt too.
Cena memorável de Al Pacino no primeiro filme de O Poderoso Chefão, repare no olhar e interpretação de Pacino antes dos disparos
e gracioso.....ja ja ja
Sorry about the mess folks. Tell you what: Dinners on the house.
is so funny how te last guy falls, its like, hes desperately kissing the table lolololol
Favorite movie of Xi jinping
cold gaga Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
성추행만 안했어도 죽이지 않았을텐데 동성 성추행 금지 광고로 써도 되겠는데 The Godfather (3/9) Movie CLIP - Killing Sollozzo…:
ol fashioned gangsta shit
This has got to be one of, if not the best gangster movie ever made.
They cut out the best part - when Michael forgets to drop the gun for a split second.
Should have gone to a better restaurant guys.
I lived around the corner from there and often went there.  Back then the Bronx was loaded with good restaurants.
+Steven Carinci Cool, you were there the day Michael killed Sollozo and Mccsclukey?Or at least heard the shots?
they cut out the very end of the scene for that obnoxious menu thing they do... 
Hide the kids when you've reached this mark 1:59.
superb bit of dying from  Sterling Hayden . still very disturbing. 
this movie is the most boring shit you can watch...................said no one ever
Oh there has been some people, (mainly chicks) that don't understand what true art and storytelling is.
The most intense scene ever, still cant get used to it 
if you haven't already, see The Counselor. You'll know which scene I'm talking about when you see it.
GRRR I wanted to see the part where he walks out too!!! God damn, why couldn't they just make it 30 seconds longer -______________-
@ 2:03 after the neck shot, the forehead shot is present before it was fired.
+imblessedso That .38 special travels about 760 feet per sec. not supersonic,subsonic( not breaking the sound barrier) good point though.
I hate the way vito died in this film, wish he lived to atleast godfather 2
+Aaron Bourke  it wqas very symbolic for him to die in the first movie 
Here Heisenberg was born...
It would be cool if that expression became popular. When someone begins to breaks bad, they go Heisenberg.
that's my Uncle Marco as the waiter. he was a waiter at the Blue Grotto back then.
Best mafia assassination ever in movies
al pacino the best actor
Don't forget James Caan in the first one. But I agree these movies r the best!!!!
I like Al Pacino and Marlon Brando  and Robert Ne  Ne Niro they my favorite.
1 of the best films/scenes ever!
There are no oranges??
when he heard the train go by he thought this is my opportunity to make noise.
Great Scene!! probely one of my favorite scenes in film history!!!
They didn't show the part where he drops the gun, that part was fucking golden man.
one of the best death scenes in film history
Fun for the whole family.
Imagine if they had forgotten to LOAD THE GUN???
What do we really about the book, Forever Psychosis, what do we really know about John Gotti, what do Americans know about the mafia
First time I saw this scene my heart beats skyrocketed. 
Bu sahneye bayılıyorum a.mkym
1:28 to 1:58- Me gathering the courage to ask for a job application. 
GAAHHHH what is the name of that song played just as Micheal leaves the restaurant I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!
It sounds like a horn variation of Michaels theme, try listening to Halls of Fear or The Godfather Finale on the film score, you can hear the theme in them. Hope this helped.
This was the best scene in the Godfather.  Al Pacino was actually the leading actor in this film, not Marlon Brando. 
And this is where it all began..
say hello to my little friend! you wanna play rough?!
this scene is so brilliant and I love Al Pacino's facial expression right before he shot them. he still had to think it over if it's worth it to shoot them. then he reached his conclusion and shot them both without hesitation.
great scene, but ends to early
You want that with some peptobismol
I guess the food sucked...
Idiot Now who's paying the check
I've frisked a thousand young punks...
My man was still chewing his food up ctfu!
Jews don't have anything on Sicilians when it comes to beating a check
best movie ever made 
2nd guy seem to have a lot of motion in his body after taking a bullet to the head.
I was so tense during this scene
@CarGod2011 yeah that never happened...
I feel like it was this moment where Michael has a taste of the dark side.
He was in the war before this. Way tougher shit than anything he ever dealt with afterwards.
How did Michael get the gun. Didn't Sollozzo switch meeting places at the last moment. They mentioned a different restaurant for the meeting place. Did I miss something?
This was just on again this past weekend. What happens is while driving, they were ready to switch the location to somewhere in Jersey.  As they're heading there, however, they think they're being followed and turn around, ending up at the restaurant. That's where they had the gun hidden.
Also One of Sonny´s contact in the police told him they were going to arrange the meeting at louis.
So intense. Pacino's character's a direct contrast from the loud, swearing Tony Montana here.
The guy who was shot twice had punch Michael on the face earlier in the movie. Michael was supouse to shot once each. But Michael shot that guy twice. "I want to do it for business, Sony. It's not personal". ha ha.
Best movie ever made
2:10 is absolutely hilarious, straight face plant into the table. I laughed my nutsack off.
Dude check out The Godfather behind the scenes the video is on here (v=NPhFTsAnZMM) Coppola himself says who are you going to believe Coppola saying on film or the Daily Mail which is probably the most unreliable newspaper out there. They were all facing the sack...
Absolutely! How could they do this? The way Michael drops the gun, with disgust, is very important to the whole scene.
It's boring for those who can't understand it. This isn't your average film. You need to observe each scene, every moment to understand the story. That's what makes The Godfather stand out from other films.
Hey!!! This is NOT trolling, this is the winsome thought process of a gorgeous young oriental girl, you fucking shit kicker
President of USA Lincoln live that long for 9 hours while he had a bullet in the back of his head before he die? Holy crap... I thought he was killed at Ford's Theatre. @___@
Being a classic doesn't make it entertaining. I am only mildly entertained by the first Godfather, if not for Marlon Brando I would never seen a point to watch this movie again, it is somewhat boring. I love Good fellas and Casino, The Godfather is just...not particularly entertaining.
What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?
Two things a/ Why was the gun taped? Does the glue mess up fingerprints? b/ Someone please send me the scene with the fishtank. I want to know what kind of fish Don Corleone kept. Black Moors?
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