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Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo

by sment • 28,433,240 views

♬ Super Junior-M Perfection ℗ S.M.Entertainment ♪ Download on iTunes = ☞ For more Information :...

The way Hangeng carries himself in this video (or actually any time he dances, really) makes him so fucking god damn sexy. 8||| That look on his face every time he dances, like he's just owning whatever fucking dance floor he's working on makes my ovaries explode into smithereens.
I like my body shivers just see them, blessed luck Korean
Am I the only one who isn't able to handle Siwon's "kan wo, kan kan wo" and Zhou Mi at 1:40? My heart can't take it.____. They're unbearably sexy T.T
I feel the same about siwon
Why is Jessica in the mv like foreall they should of picked like another member but i love this song.
Rosa D'Liss Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Sensacional (★‿★)
Lol I'm surprised no one made "hansica" a thing after this...not that it matters now anyway... :'(
This is really the best of the best song from #SuperJuniorM  for me..really like arrangements of this song^^
This is seriously bringing back the memories of Skip Beat Extravagant Challenge.... woof :3
why does some people comment that this mv doesn't have any moral lesson just bcoz Jessica not in love with the guy when he look nerd n when he becomes hot,jessica just fall in love with him ? come on people it's just a music video lol !! what u expect ? expect them to do a music video which full of moral lesson in just 3+minutes video ? haizz.... o.o
this was a sign all along !! Hangeng left SJ (change the way he dresses) to pursue a healthier way of living (completely understandable btw) and then Jessica got pushed by her friends (SM and GG) to go with Hangeng... The director of this video knew all along what was gonna happen 8-)
There's a SUJU-K and a SUJU-M, but no SUJU-E....Why?
جمييييييلة جداً خاصةً سيون كان الاجمل ^__^. D-: ~
OMG I can't deal with Ryeowook's voice. loved his voice since 2009 tbh
why does the people change in this band 
2:10 am I the only one who notice that Donghae looks like martin freeman's hobbit character?
Me when I joined the kpop fandom: My friend: Have you listened to super junior yet?? Me: My sister had the song Supergirl by them on it Her: Ummm don't you mean superman? Me: no I mean super girl Us: FWOS FPNFUUDWHNFPUMDII YOURE WRONG NO YOURE WRONG BLUH Me now: We were both right wowa
how superficial was the concept of this video tho...he basically had to change himself to get the girl..Like who doesnt love a cute nerd!...she  basically dissed him and knocked the cam out of his hand....she would have got strong armed js lol...on another note everyone looked great per usual!
who is the boy at 0:20 - 0:23 
+miraclay Haha I see what you did there... ;D But NO!! Donghae is the most handsomest man on the planet!! >_< Kyuhyun is the cutest!!! xx 
Actually realizing thats Jessica... and I used to be obsessedd with this, omg.
Francielle Martins Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ Music…:
Omg, when I was watching All About Super Junior DVD 4/5, they featured the making of almost each MV and then the Super Girl played and I was like: " familiar... I'll search the video after". And it's so embarrassing but it has been on my phone and became one of my favorite when I was 4th year high school and I'm like what, I'm in my 3rd year in college but it's my first time to check this video! I'm an ELF since 2009-2012, became a fan only during 2013-2014 and was back this year after watching Poseidon. Iykwim.
what the fuck he just transformed //transformers 4
Now I watch this now, I realize Henry looks like a drug attic in this video. I never realized it was Jessica in this video ;=;
Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸)  #ILoveSuperJunior   #Sompiaward2014  
uououoo super girl omay super y no se quemas asi que lalalalalalal
Hangeng and Sica 😭😭😭
I thought jessica's gonna sing.
S. ..團體 韓庚。好久不見。他們的組合也很棒。也可惜已分開了需久。有引導到...S..的民生。就是粉絲團的心。從訓練到魔鬼般的嚴厲。你們都忘記了下地獄時候嗎?要組合是不容易。要拆散是很快的。應該是要好好珍惜這難得的緣分吧。。。。。。
I didn't know that there wasn't Sungmin and Eunhyuk yet :/ o:
oh my shuper girl
I like Han Geng &Jessica so much.  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3 
I just realised... Hangeng left SJ... Jessica left GG... and they're the main couple on this clip... weird, lol.
Its Tyler tho (close enough) but I agree ><
I used to love this song so much
This was my first KPOP video ever, back in 2010. Now it's totally different xD
Donghae is perfection ♥♥
I just like this song,but artist not
Kyuhyun's voice is perfect for Super Girl. Saranghae Kyuhyun and even though you left, saranghae Hangeng.
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Sooo after my 4 time listening to the song I start singing along with the lyrics.... wtf. 0_0
SamY Yune Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I might be being really stupid but did anyone else notice that Eunhyuk isn't in this video? Is there a reason? He is my fave :L<3
Eunhyuk joined SJ-M in 2011. before He and Sungmin wasn't in SJ-M. after Hangeng left they were added.
0:44 At quick glance I thought it was Kyuhyun with a wig lol, Or maybe i'm just seeing Kyuhyun everywhere XD
Is Suju M supposed to be Chinese?
Mandarin Chinese, yes..:)
Woah, this is in Chinese. Thought they were Korean?
Thye are Korean but this sub unit Super Junior M sings in Chinese =)
GOOD IS Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ Super Girl(슈퍼걸) _ MusicVideo
Oh, my Shupergil... :D
this is my jam for the gym lol
Who is he at 1:41??? He is so handsome !!
That's ZhouMi ~ He's just released his first mini album 'Rewind', you should check it out
Thanks :D yeah I watched it already 😃😄😊
The guy in 0:16 looks like a young Jang Geun Suk I MUST KNOW HIS NAME SOMEONE HELP!
Thanks Kind of figure it out in there Mamacita video but thanks xD
Hi! I'm a new E.L.F and I have a question. Did they replace Hangeng With zohmi when Hangeng left.
Welcome! No they didn't. zhoumi and henry were always members of Super Junior- M from the get go. The members they added after hangeng left were sungmin and eunhyuk. :)
I... I was listening to a group called on/off and idk how I got here wut. But there dancing is so nice I had to watch the whole video...
I miss them all so so much.
My third kpop song I've listen to and the reason why I'm an ELF today
Who is the boy at 2:11 ? He is soo cute
That is my fav he's hott super hoyy
Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins should file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and Super Junior because the man at 2:11 looks like Bilbo Baggins, this is a violation to J.R.R Tolkien's characters.
LMFAO that was so funny! XD Btw that's Donghae...:) PS: that was just old Kpop hairstyles back then....
kyuhyun te amo oppa capitán cho
KAng wo kang kang wo
i can tell you the first line of this song is "see you see see you."
It's "see me see me" not "you" because it's 我
希盼林 Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
曾秀玉 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
欣賞Super Junior-M個個都十分帥氣~
Are they Korean or Chinese?
And this is a subgroup (Super junior- M) M stands for mandarin, so their target market is China market. That's why they are singing in Chinese. The main group is SUPER JUNIOR
In this video there are 3 chinese members but one left. the rest are korean. . 
why does the people  change  in this band
They are not changing but this is a sub-unit that sing just chinese ( mandrin ) but niw hangeng ( the nerd one ) is out if the groub since 2010 this groub called Super Junior M and there is also another sub-units such as KRY(that sing only ballad and its formed from three of Super Junior (original groub )Yesung who is not a part of Super Junior M , kyuhyun , reyowook ) , Sj T & Sj H all the members in Sj M are the same ones in the original groub except Henry the one at 0:15 & Zhomi the tallest one ✌
hi 。。。。。。。
沒˙銀赫?我不太清楚Super Junior-M跟Super Junior的差別
SJM是SJ面向華語樂壇成立的小分隊。 銀赫和晟敏是在這張Super Girl之後的下一張太完美才加入SJM。
i didn't see the Kyu mannerism... where?..
Es versión China o Coreana? D:'
Do you know the name ( I`m sure you do) of the guy in gray suit?
Gloria Vargas Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
what happened to Shindong?
+maya s  before.. when hangeng was in SJ-M there was no Eunhyuk; but when he left i guess Eunhyuk joined them  and for sure there is no kangin...
+Teki Shikke M.B UMM...Sungmin had not been in SJM as well before Hangeng left SM. Right?
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