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FARTING FIREWORKS!! (Hang With Shane : Day 129)

by shane • 285,075 views

Get "THE VACATION SONG!" on iTunes here: and watch the music video HERE THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! :) I have 3 channels! Check em out! :)...

Favourite junkfood is Ben and Jerry´s "Half baked" ooohhh myyy goooood!!!!!!!!!! Favourite healthy food is vanilla yogurth
I dare u Shane 2 pretend to be 8 months pregnant with shannas baby
Fireworks are illegal in la??
Coincidence f watching this around Fourth of July and I'm restarting my health kick!
I would do it but I'm only 85 pounds to begin with so sorry shane
Barbecue chips Blackberries
I love Reeses. And apples
I'm gonna go through your trash.
Shane you. Are so skinny!!!
what happened to their wicker lion?
Fav crap: nanaimo bars Fav healthy: strawberries so any kind of sugar...
junk food: fries healthy food: damn i dunno
I want to loose weight
Gordon Farrar Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I only eat heaalthy
Greens,potato chips:any kind
Wheres episode 130 please someone answer
There's a link to the next episode in the top right corner..
my favorite junk food is chips & salsa.... my favorite healthy food is green bean casserole.......... yup... healthy.
chips and fruit :)
Lo mein and romaine lettuce.   I did something similar back in April when my grandpa died a painful death from heart disease at the age of 67.  I completely flipped out because I didn't want that to happen to me.  I started running like nuts, I stopped eating refined sugar (or any artificial substitutes) and stopped eating meat.
Carbs are my temptation....the evil seductress >_<
i wanna loose 100 lbs, i am 13, and i weight 200 lbs, every time i go to school i get torrmented, i am the laughing stalk of the school, if i were to loose weight it would let me escape the hel that i live in, sometimes i consider suicide, thanks shane you have inspired me to stop.
Unhealthy=Double chocalte chip fudge. Healthy=STRAWBERRIES :3
since u started videovlogg i lost about 26 lbs (for real)
Good inspiration. I wanna do this. And for once... I hope I'm successful!
i'm around 140 pds. and i'm only 12 years old :[ I want to lose 20 POUNDS! Wish me luck!
Combining both: baby carrots with ranch
Fav Junkie: Cotton Candy Fav Healthy: Samon Teriyaki
I am joining you. school is about to start. and I want to look good. So I am hoining you guys. :)
junk: sundae dashers with browniesss and healthy: spinach with eggs
fav junk food: birthday cake ice cream, healthy food: asparagus ugh i love it!
junk if it is junk sushi healthy kiwi
Junk food: Doritos and cupcakes Health food: watermelon with salt(:
thats funny...i'm eating taco bell rite now
Junk food Chips, healthy food watermelon and strawberrys
he said he puked in his mouth and then put us inside his mouth! doesn't matter. i still wanna be in there.
I have been riding my bike for 1 and a half everyday and instead of soda water and if i want a hamburger i eat a salad
unhealthy junkfood thing: CHEESE CAKE! && healthy: Steak! 8DDD steak counts right? XD
will you quit flinging the camera around and show me the goddamn moon already!
I hate taco bell it's disgusting bit I'll tell you what Oreo ice cream is amazing and nacho cheese doritos are amazing :) -3
Heathy people poop more?! well my DAD is Soo Heathly !
I agree with u with the fav junk and healthy foods
junk food: kfc, burgerking, mcdonalds, fish&chips, wendys, the list goes on! healthy food: water. (i am alergic to vegetables! not really but they make me feel sick, so, yea) im fat.
''To me..cookies dont spell healthy they spell FATASS!!'' ahahahahhahahahahaha LMFAO!
I feel that I have food poisoning and watching u guys talk this much about vomiting and having diarrhea makes me feel even worse and vomit and have stomach aches more than usual and my usual is each ten minutes vomiting and taking a shit!!!! :S
Junk food: Crisps healthy food: salad or just lettuce
My favorite junkfood is probably anything McDonald's has, probably the fries and chickennuggets, but I love watermelon and all kinds of fruit as well.
lisa looks like she has down sindrome hahahaha fucking idiotic bitch
Junk food: chocolate cake healthy:fruits
omg when its my freaking birthday on this day :>
I'm 13, and I'm 90 pounds. I wanna loose 10 pounds, besides my anorexic side, I also, of course, want to get healthier I don't eat very healthy. I'm going to start next month because I'm moving this month and we can't afford healthy food :| but I will because my whole family is too.
dooooo iiiiii seeeee a coffee french press?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ahhh love it :)
Ummmmm candy and shit I don't kno a healthy food umm an apple
I'm a vegan but I love chocolate
I recently got jaw surgery and I haven't been able to eat anything in 3 weeks besides soup broth and drinks so when I can eat again I'm planning to pig out on junk food... But after that I'm with you Shane! Healthy foods for the win! (: And my favourite junk food is... I can't choose, I think sour peach slices. Favourite healthy food is probably pink grapefruit, it's so good!
Favorite junk food: I can't choose just one :P favorite healthy food: strawberries or cucumbers :D
My cookie got stuck at the bottom of my milk !!!!!
junk food: pizza healthy food: fruit salad e.g grapes, blueberries, strawberries etc
No way I love eat food sooo much but I'm not fat at all
i thought fireworks are legal to buy now.... i think thats only in michigan....
Cookie dough is my favourite junk food and salad iSync favourite healthy food!
Why aren't fireworks legal? We have a firework party every year in our garden :P
this is the last hanging with shane
Junk food=chips Healthy food=turkey (or cereal!)
Your lucky you had a 4th of July. In Colorado we had 2 sit in font of a TV watching fireworks going off in Florida!
Im watching this video while eating cinnamon toast crunch
hmm um healthy is brussel sprouts and unhealthy is um red velvet cupcakes the mini ones with nut or sprinkes or something on them
i just relized i was eating a piece of chocolate while watching this
It's illegal here in Norway too... It's allowed to fire up those battery-things but not like BIG fireworks...
im eating a king size hershy bar RIGHT NOW!!!
My fave healthy is broccoli with garlic and olive oil!!!
who the fuck eats fruit covered in chocolate? the only fruit ive heard of covered in chocolate is rasins and i keep away.
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