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FOOD PORN!!!!!! (Hang With Shane : Day 112)

by shane • 315,310 views

Check out AMYS VIDEO here! Get "SUPERLUV!" on iTunes here: and watch the music video HERE...

😥😳🏯🏰🌆🌆🎠◀️↕️↕️↙️↙️🌺👊🏯🌆😒🐒🐺🐍🐱🐎🐳🎋🎉🎅🎇🔮 I LOVE YOU SHANE
i love to eat subway for lunch.
chicken breast is my favorite thing to eat for lunch......FOR PETE SAKE I WILL EAT IT AT ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!!...
Shane makes me horny <3
I would burn my sterio because it sucks and my fave food must be tuna and cucumber sandwitches with a glass of mango juice <3 (or coke!)
i'd burn my sister AND brother
no need to be mean @awesomensweet and my fav food is chicken or beef patties. I live in Jamaica so to di worl jamrockian food!
sandwhich or a vegie burger
anyone realize tht we r pretty much just starring at shane's eyes for the whole video? eh, its still funny as hell xD
i dont really have anything i would want to burn in my house :)
what about your mio stuff thats clear
I know the obsession has gotten bad when not only do I make references to this show constantly, but I dream that I'M stuck on the island o.O
Waffles , i dont wake up till lunch time i have "brunch"(:::
Im never having a Baby with you, Yeah cause i'll burn it lol ;)
I drink diet beacause I grew up drinking diet...and normal tastes weird to me.
my stupid old desk that has had 2 other owners previous to me,it wobbles and IT SUCKS!
You made a thousand fangirls cry when you said you love Lisa. XD
my lunch would be a chihken saled ( sorry about my grammer im typing fast) i would burn my sister stuff cat that she talks to
i dont know what to say but i always write a comment so noting to say
ooo shit i hate the tart flavor to i only eat mrshmallow and choco flavor
FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K-F-C! K-F-C!
two vloggers vlogging each other. my life
this is supposed to be flan?? OMG... Katsudon it's a bowl of japanese rice with slices of fried pork and on top of it you break an egg and with the heat of the rice it cooks itself as you mix it. Or just a big, GI-GAN-TIC sandwich :p Love ya <3
Hehehe i love watching this video, knowing my name is Ami :D
My favorite thing for lunch us any Hatian food or cuban food. Or a smoothie xp
all schools have filters..they dont usually check it cause they have better things to do. But if they wanted they could
The flowers on fire lol and I would burn the garden shed cos its looked at me funny the other day
Shane you shoulda said "if it's water, why bother" :D
mmmm nachoeeesssss! im eating them now to...IRONICCC!x
Shane, Diet drinks are proven to increase weight gain. The shit they add to it to make it "Diet" and "Healthier" actually can increase your appetite :S
Me, my father, and my sister SPIT ON DIET! well actually im ok with diet but it doesn't taste the same as regular... i prefer Zero... Like Coke Zero or Sprite Zero because it retains the normal flavor of Coke a Cola
I love u Shane I got a app of u on the app store
My bookshelf. It's huge and completely full and there are books bursting out and I have books just sitting on top. It'd make a gigantic fire :) BTW, I've been diagnosed as a pyromaniac!
flan is awesome but tht looks like shit
I'm watching both videos at the same time. Which is like playing GTA IV and GTA TBOGT at the same time
I'd burn my microwave 'cause that shit always breaks anyway :/
Fruity Tutty is awesome its so tasty the yogurt is organic and chocolate
raw veggies and fresh fruits; green salad or an asian salad; and probably pizza lean pockets.
the video length is 815, reminds me of something awesome. (Oceanic Airlines 815)
I can't even watch YouTube videos at my school.. a ton of website are blocked..
why did you have to go mainstream shane
"I"m never having a baby with you!" "I'll burn it.."
Singapore chicken noodle bowl with a fried egg on top and either shaved snow or frozen yogurt :3 yum and I have set my Christmas presents for my friends on fire in my apartment once -.- but it was an accident
I'd brun my futon >:( it smells like cat piss and death and just needs to leave haha
Pork chop sandwich Awesome vid Stop by brookhaven,Mississippi sometime And bring momma T and shanna
Shane, my birthday is this Saturday!!! Can you please do a video that day , even though you don't do vlogs on weekends....
shane dawson is a self-centered, perverted, confused guy.
So uhm am i the only one who notice all of Shane's videos end w/ exactly 22 secs left?
My friend came over and we lit a bonfire in my bedroom
6:07 If it's water, don't bother *
i wanna set my mom's junk mail on fire! there is soooo much of it and it just driving me INSANE!!!! DX<
My favorite lunch is chicken fingers with a side if fries mmmmmm!!!!!
shane needs to hang out with lisa more:p
Peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich! So good!
are you a boy shane are you really just kidding i love you so much and pizza
how dare Geoffrey disrespect his father like that!
Umm, normal Pepsi is brown too so....
I like burning pictures. Anything will do. :D burning things is fun~
what does burnt roses smell like??
I like grandma's homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch. '-' And if I could burn anything in my apartment, it would be laptop because my effing addiction to the internet is unhealthy! .-.
if its water dont bother crack me up shane! :P
My grandma makes flan from scratch
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