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Subaru BRZ vs Ford Mustang! - Head 2 Head Episode 7

by Motor Trend Channel • 2,661,066 views

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Angus MacKenzie pits the 2013 Subaru BRZ against its American rival - the 2013 Ford Mustang V6. After carving up canyon roads in both cars, Angus hands the keys over...

Honestly these 2011-2014 v6 mustangs are some of the best cars ever for the price. 305 at the crank thats enough power to have so much fun stock and it gets good mpg's. The brz/frs is also a fun little car but the lack of horsepower is what makes these cars less appealing than the sixer.
+Mustang Milf  I had to wait 7 months for my manual BRZ.  Subaru had no Idea the manual take rate would be so high.  It is at 50%. Many like you took the auto waiting for a manual.
+fatboy19831 yeah thats a long time but  my next car will make up for it. 
Hear that JDM QUEERS somebody finally tested a stock ricer and a stock, base muscle car. Your little toy was blatantly declared a DRIVERS CAR, not a race car. And a V6 fucking mustang beat your little foreign piece of shit by a second and a half on the drag strip. Is that enough motivation to buy a real car? This base subaru rice-mobile is $26000 and comes standard with a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine. The base mustang is $22000, and close to 2 seconds faster. Its time to come clean. Go buy a stang.
+Shniggit True this, I wouldn't say more agile. But speed isn't everything either. I think the Subaru would be a more fun car to drive. Plus a more "race track" car. If I was more into straight line drags, I'd be leaning towards the Mustang. Not interested in arguments on YouTube, so as one car guy to another, I value your opinion and hope to see you at a track day. Have a gooder.
The colour of the Mustang... honestly... I swear, it's going to make me puke!
I agree, I really enjoy darker colors, or just simple white.
American cars are shit in the following categories: -Unreliable -heavy -horrible drag coefficient -horribly unbalanced -ugly -lacks innovation Japanese cars are shit in the following categories -.... -.... -....?
+shadowrundas Almost all Japanese cars that are Turbo charged have significant turbo lag. Most dont make usable power till 3500 rpm.  The Germans and Americans give up peak power for better driveability and good bottom end performance. Even the 1.6 Juke Turbo has significant lag. That is as good as Japan can do with a Turbo in the states. The WRX and STI both have horrible lag.
Japanese cars are shit in the following categories: Boring Weak Hideous Common Cheap
All you  guys who are arguing here just look at the numbers. Mustang has 100 more HP than BRZ but the lap time is just a second faster. If it was a true drivers car it should be faster on the track. And as it was said in the video, Mustang had a track pack as an extra. I personally think that BRZ/FR-S is really good because it does so much with so little power. It doesn't weigh that much, it has a really good front - rear balance, low center of gravity and good steering feel. It's an efficent package that works really well. Just a good point made by Subaru and Toyota that you don't always need 500 HP to make a fun sportscar. 
+Abraham Moua Duh, the Porsche "SUV" still packs 450+hp. It's a "SUV" in name only. The only thing saving the Mustang is a much lower center of gravity.  On a straight-away, it's going to be the Porsche SUV. There are very few SUV's that are built like Porsche's.  It's an assassin in disguise. Of course, the Mustang V6 retails for under $30K, whereas the low end Cayanne runs just north of $70K, so.. more than double the money.
+eriks82 The 32k Mustang GT is faster. The new GT350 will be much faster than the Cayanne.
God Damm what's up will all those import hatters..?. Jesus christ...both cars are good for you like ! Mustang or any American muscle = Straight line, import means turns and straight lines ! Like 0-60 go for American muscle ... like to enjoy driving and the connection with the car then go import.
American cars break down easily, and are ridiculously heavy, lumbering clumsy beasts. They go fast, but only in straight lines. The so called "ricers", are better cars in terms of manufacturing, precision, and design. 
I hate Ford stupid company !!
+leo messi Lol, please tell me you're trolling. Oh wait, if you're trolling why would you tell me?
Ford V6 1 second faster whilst being several hundred pounds heavier and having a live rear axle, can't explain that. Oh wait, you can, overpriced subbie :(
Why would anyone even consider buying a toyota gt86/subaru brz when they can buy a mustang, its a bigger,more powerful car with a much much better badge and its even cheaper!
Buy a Toyota gt86/fr-s/Br-z because of the thrill of the drive and comfort, not saying that mustangs are terrible, it's just that the handling with a mustang compared is not as good. I would rather ride a mustang on track, but for a daily road drive, the BRz is a take.
+supbrotv you must suck my dick, im a JDM fanboy and an American hater so read this, I will smash every point : Ford's build quality sucks... OMG its realy bad! Actualy, the mustang is bigger so in the City its worse to park and overtake. A Gt87 will smoke up any Ford car in the corners... Shit this mustang dont have 1/10 of aerodynamics that the FRS have... And... Lower = lower gravity center = more stability in every way... Thats why every mustang that we see in rally, drifing and track, the only thing that have from mustang is the logo Lool
I like the people saying how American cars are only fast in a straight line even though the Mustang beat it around the track.
True, but the Mustang beat it only because it has a 100hp advantage, not because it actually is a better handling car.
Mercedes can make a 2.0L turbo engine make 360hp but it still sounds shit, gimme a throatier V6 any day.
Im sorry but owning a 6 cylinder mustang I could never wrap my head around. I don't care how much hp improvement comes its way. You either own a mustang with 8 cylinders or choose another option.
HEY! those 4 cylinder turbos are NICE test drove one recentlyh when i was getting a new car and ive heard you can get insane amount of power (just shy of 400HP) with less a grand! but honestly i feel the same way Pony cars just Have to be * cylinders to be worht it though id REALLY love if the camaro and challenger also dropped the N/A V6 like ford plans to and make a high output I4 turbo engines! It;d be like like revy small turboed engines with tuning potential for us poorer/ younger folks who have 20-25k budgets or raw power and that beutiful V8 rumble for those willing to drop the extra 10 grand!
I got a 2014 mustang gt track pack with moderate mods and I'll tell ya... I'm taking this car to the grave!
so ford beat the Subaru 3 out of 4 and still lost? lol
V6 Mustang??? ha Ford doesnt even try. Get the brz or get a V8
Why do ALL white people I've personally ever seen pronouncing Subaru say su-BU-ru?? Come on white people, there's an A for a reason, not a U!!!
Wow, Mustang is much cheaper than i tought!
7:06 "you don't have to slow down too much" Yeah cuz this turd isn't going fast to begin with
It's not "surgical precision" that makes the Subaru easier to drive. It's the fact that it's WAY smaller and lighter. The most poorly built go-cart in the world would handle corners better than the Soob just because of the massive difference in weight. Some drivers aren't pussies, though. Some drivers want a car that is fast and exciting, not a car that is easy to drive. Just sayin, lol.
+Adil Baig Thats what I was trying to tell him... but some people just don't understand so its pointless typing paragraphs.
+iawrence Tian Actually we agree. I'm glad to see so many people here who are educated. It's just that when you first said "stiffer", you meant GENERALLY stiffer than stock, which is true. The mistake some people make which I was trying to correct is that they think that all suspensions should always be "stiffer" than they already are. There is a point of diminishing returns and that point depends on where you're going to be driving. Tracks don't have so many dips, etc, and that's why you can get away with relatively stiffer suspension, but if you drive that same car on the street it can cause problems because of irregularities on roads that aren't there on the track.
BRZ plz or GT86,FRS same thing
It all comes down to personal preference...power or handling. I like the BRZ but ended up getting a Mustang...originally planned on a Performance Pack V6 but ended up springing for the GT and it was worth every penny. You don't know how satisfying that V8 sound and power is until you drive it. Another area the Mustang wins in is comfort. Although that's not what you buy one of these cars for, it still matters. The BRZ is a sardine can inside. I'm 5' 11" and I felt like I could barely fit in it. The Mustang on the other hand has plenty of room, at least in the front. The rear seat is still usable though, unlike the BRZ.
I'd be willing to bet that with wider and stickier tires on the brz, it would match the mustang or even possibly beat it. these cars aren't really comparable though, one is bigger, comfier, and faster in a straight line. the other is a no frills handling car with driving as it's center-point.
I wonder how the BRZ compares to the new 2015 Mustang. Please make a comparison video!
Took a v6 to beat a 4 banger by one second. \/ such a tough guy you are.
I'm wondering how the BRZ is compared to the Camaro
I have always loved Subaru. They are my favorite cars.
Ugh I want a BRZ or a WRX so bad..
+My Dream car is a 944. (no not the turbo the front bumper is ugly) Also, I wont stop til I get one well I was comparing practicality versus the WRX but of course the BRZ is practical compared to the likes of a Miata or S2000 but that is a little unfair since those are roadsters. I have a FRS so for me coming off cars like the MR2 and 240SX they are comparable for DDing but my point still stands, most any coupe is not really going to be practical in general.
To me it looks justva tiny bit like an frs
He said that mustang wasn't a secretary's car. My legit my schools secretary drives a cherry red one. I find it funny :)
Serious question please don't be a jerk when answering please. Ok, So right now I'm driving a 2004 pathfinder le and was thinking about getting a car so is the S Scion FRS a good car? Or I just stay with my pathfinder?
Go to a dealership and drive one!!!!! Then go to your next car choice and drive that car. That's why I picked my mustang over the Camaro, 370z, and challenger. I drove about 7 different cars before making my choice. It's a lot of money so don't half ass it. Find a car that suits you. I hope you find what you are looking for though.
Both of these cars are great, put a smile on your face, and Both at a low price
The level of stupid in these comment sections is astounding. So many noobs that have no clue what they're talking about. Let's sort this all out properly. First off: The BRZ and Scion FRS are exactly the same car. The only differences are trivial, like the name/badge, factory options/dealer pricing, and apparently suspension tweaks. Personally, I refer to all version as "GT86" or "new 8-6". Second of all: as it said, the price as tested for the mustang was a good $2K more than the BRZ. Maybe the base model is $4K cheaper but in reality that isn't that much of a gap. Start crying when you have 10 or 20K price differences. Finally: there is nothing wrong with either car. The Mustang has come a long way since the 90's. It actually looks good, the new V6 isn't a pile of shit, and it can actually handle. If you like extra punch over handling precision then the Stang is your car. There's nothing wrong with having a preference, there is something wrong with being a biased idiot. Speaking of which... As for you xenophobic yankee dumbasses, choke on this: the GT86 is also a good car. The handling and precision is sublime, and the whole idea was to dial back the power and grip levels to make for a more enjoyable road car. It's more involving, and more rewarding to drive quickly thanks to the perfect balance and low center of gravity. You can use all of its' performance on a winding road and is also highly adjustable at and beyond the limit. So for those of us who prefer a good corner carver and are willing to trade off extra power, then the 8-6 is the perfect car. The only reason it's slower at Willow Springs is because there are lots of straights and uphill sections, that course favours power. That doesn't mean gutting a BRZ, tweaking the suspension and fitting better tires couldn't make up the difference, despite the 100 HP gap it's only a second and a bit behind. If the Ford was as precise as the Toyburu it would be a much bigger gap. Instead, it's more of a muscle car, whereas the 8-6 is a bit more sports car. Technically neither are actually sports cars, but are sport coupes; but these are just trivial definitions rather than levels of status. I hope this post was educational, there is no excuse for ignorance.
Easy...... Mustang v8 GT      35,605 (not the premium package)         ......Subaru 2015 STI    40 000 (premium) after ONLY 5 years              Mustang lose more than 10 000 to 15 000 dlls in price              STI         lose only 5 000 to 10 000 maximun after 10 years             Mustang Price 5 000 to 9 000 dlls (if under 100k miles)             STI         Price 17 000 to 22 000 dlls (check princes your self) Maybe not eveyone think about YOUR money....... but i think the best option is SUBARU Sorry for my grammar is suck i know
Thing I like about the 86/FR-S and BRZ is they're still fairly unique/uncommon on the roads (at least where I live) due to them still just being so relatively new. Stangs are a dime a dozen yawn. I test drove an FR-S (which I later bought =D) around a movie theater parking lot and some dude was taking pictures of it. That by itself says something. Not to mention, Rocket Bunny.
the Rocket Bunny kit makes them look super nice. I would gladly buy one of these frs/brz fun boxes but money has to go somewhere else at the moment. good luck with the frs i bet your face hurts from smiling everyday you drive it
the mustang by comparison to the sub.. is out of its element when it comes to handling ..its like the fat girl that still want to compete in belay...not a pretty sight  lol
complete neutral, no dog in this fight and I'd take the Subaru over the Ford any day the Ford will get you from A to B a second or so faster but you need to fight it all the way there, life's too short
Pssst. The stat sheet in the video says the BRZ has a turbocharged flat 4, but it's actually naturally aspirated..
Nice typo right up front. "Turbocharged inline 4"? That would be nice lol
Fuck I hate v6 muscle cars..
Then don't watch a video about them...?
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The mustang has 100 more horsepower and much stickier tires and still was barely a second and a half faster? What a joke
Coohoohool!!!!!!! I always wanted to see this! 
Anyone know where the road the reviewer first drive these cars is?
Fuck this you don't like ford you who makes this video go to hell
I think the Subaru looks the sexiest in this video. I just don't like the look of the mustang.
Price wise And performance wise the mustang wins and i'm not even a fan of the mustang.But facts are facts wonder what the mustang could do with performance match of the price difference that it cost compared to the brz.
Just wondering why this guy hardly ever gets any tire squeals while doing a hard lap? If you watch Top Gear UK, the Stig always has the car`s tires squealing as they struggle for grip on a corner. Does Randy not drive as hard or something?
They had a track package on the Mustang so stock suspension on the Mustang is going to feel even more sluggish with a lot more roll.  A few of the simple mods on the Mustang (CAI and a re-tune) and it would strip another 1/2 second at least off of some of those numbers.
I bet the Subaru gets twice the mpg of the Mustang, too. :)
+C Chalmers You have the Automatic? My manual dips  into the high 20's above 80 mph. To get 39 mpg i have to be going around 60 mph.
Anyone else notice in the chart it says the brz is turbocharged. How did they not catch that
"The top of the powertrain in this car is no higher than my knee." Yeah but you're one tall SOB.
What a bunch of haters on both ends. No once of respectable car enthusiasts here. It's obvious both cars have there pros and cons and it's all about the type of driving you do that will determine the vehicle of choice. Clearly the BRZ is not made for straight line performance and the Mustang is not intended for track/autocross. 
I find old school muscle such as the 69 gto or your "hot rods" more valuable than the new chargers, mustang's, challenger's. I believe that's what muscle is (my opinion is like your ass whole we all have em) I drive a 95 wrx coupe and in the process of buying the 2013 BRZ limited. I have a love for the way it feels while driving, like your handling the road rather than the road handling you. I like the feeling I'm not driving a beast other wise I'd buy a truck. It's great and all that the mustang beats the suby by 2 seconds oh boy...2 seconds cornering or accelerating better can make up that w seconds and they weren't necessarily neck to neck at the same time in the video. If it were an actual race who know what might happen. I'd like to see them actually neck to neck. Props to mustang but I think BRZ <3 all the way. This is a Chick critic so in advance fuck the negative comments. I am a drag strip, rally, Baja running, track, and much more enthusiast. I have 4 years experience as a diesel mechanic and absolutely love the power behind many motors small and big. I saw some muscle sick talking about how the 6 cylinder was faster by 2 seconds (let's think about this...the Subaru is 4 cylinders and if 4 more cylinders only gave you 2 seconds on the grid I gawk at this) so let's put this in theory of the Subaru had 6 cylinders it'd put the stang in the dirt. And that is all. Mwah xoxo
go test drive a fx4 with 3.5 eco, fricken rocket and as you're a chick driver....fx4 + U would be a man magnet!
+Dirtyharry70585 I don't see myself buying a truck anytime soon, I want to stay sporty...I already drive the impreza coupe and want something a little different. Not only that I'm not a hug Ford fan the only way I'd associate my self with Ford it to work with them. I'd make more money fixing them than driving them. (that's again my opinion and preference) although it looks sleek dolled up. I'm more a dodge fan. Diesel at that! I really want to have a collection of vehicles my husband and I talk about needing a 20+ car garage...I don't think a specific vehicle makes a "dude magnet" for me...
Dem Japs simply do dis shiat good.
Dam that guy is tall as Fuck!
Being able to turn is not a very important feature for a sports car. I was thinking about mounting a pulse engine to my skateboard. That would be pure awesomeness. I would blow any car away going from stoplight to stoplight!
Sorry, you're not a car enthusiast at all.
+Dwayne P I was being sarcastic. Just trying to convey that a sports car is not all about power unless all roads are straights. I own a 2014 BRZ limited and it is the only reason I wake up in the morning to drive to work.
I bought a V6 Mustang but I felt that the power was really lacking in the BRZ and it costed more overall with even the cost of operation. I don't mind a solid rear axle as long as I have good mileage and oodles of power.
Mason Barnes Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Just MPO, but I'd go for the BRZ. :) Subaru BRZ vs Ford Mustang! - Head 2 Head Episode…:
People trash v6 American cars that put out over 300 hp but praises the non American cars that put out 300 hp on a v6. I don't get it. Hell the v6 mustang is fast plain and Simple all that v8 is better is dumb because everyone knows that. I drive a 2010 300c and have plenty of power to go fast but I don't because there's no reason to. Most people don't take there new cars and race then most are daily drivers.
Holy shit! V6 MUSTANG can blow away most muscle cars from 60s.13.9 quarter mile wow
that driver sounds like hes comparing the brz to the nsx? anyone else notice that 
Best drivers car?  A motorcycle.  Dam these cars are boring to watch.
honestly, I would take the cash and buy a second hand BMW M-something or a used porsche etc. The BRZ always seems like a cheap and not actually that fast sports car wannabe, and it isn't a head turner. The Mustang is a bit dull now and doesn't do anything for me personally, it isn't and never will be what the name Mustang once was.
+Ricky Garcia Parts for a used M car or Porshe are actually CHEAPER than parts for a brz..... there is absolutely no aftermarket products for a BRZ, and I seriously doubt there ever WILL be a market for cheap aftermarket parts, they don't sell enough to warrant it
+WarmSoftKitty Uhm........ No Aftermarket for the BRZ???????? Dude are you on crack??? It's enormous!!! Much Larger than the aftermarket for say the Boxster or Cayman, and that is from someone who has looked for aftermarket 986 parts... 
Mustang might have been over a second faster, but he was still just driving a huge American car at the finish line. I'd take the BRZ ANY day. American cars are so fail.
Уеs. I russian! Да. я русский
Gotta love the BRZ!
lot of body roll in Mustang you will think you are in a boat in a wavy sea. who would buy a crappy Ford I wonder. its a good for a rental lol
+Ryan Mc yes and it is the best selling in USA (not the same as America!) and not any where else. now guess why? it really is a piece of crap
+koorosh palang Um... I know a bunch of goddamn people like to saying things like America isn't the USA, but go suck a fuck and don't tell me what to call my country. As for the cars I agree I'd rather drive a sword than a mace.
coupe-a. Guys. Its a COUPEA
Does it fucking matter how it is fucking pronounced? Get over yourself, there are different versions of English. 
So the Mustang is faster on the drag strip and faster on the road course and they pick the silly tuner? just checking..
I hate this video say that cars are going to run and do not run anything I thought the car would run and not run the video is nonsense
BRZ vs 4cyl ecoboost mustang next ???
Supbrotv... the reason is... you want a sport car, not a bus car... bigger not means better or sporty car... Toyota 86/Sub Brz.. too much better...
Why would you put a BRZ! vs a mustang!!!!!!!!!!
370z will dog the shit out of it and it's 22,000 and gets 320 to the wheels
James May looks like crap... lol
The Brz looks kinda like the Scion FR-S
My 98 Volvo s70 non T5 could give the brzzzz a run for its money in a straight line and on the track. That's sad.
Well enough. I paid $600.00us for my've got to be some kind of a giant moron to pay $30k + for that turd.
the BRZ kinda Looks Like the TOYOTA GT86 haha
ohw. haha now i know XD
Subaru and Toyota teamed up the make the BRZ/FR-S(AE86 GT). They are basically twin cars with slight differences.
All that smack talk about the brz.. Put some pirelli's on it and check that track time
Good review - pleasure to listen to.  Thank you
Nice so motor trend decided to put a Race car vs a Everyday driver car for a everyday driver test. Makes perfect sense. I also realize trend hates Mustangs. So why not compare the Focus ST instead? Maybe cause Ford would win. 
I'm surprised how subarus brang up a higher base price than that 3.7l v6 Mustang
+MrGimmethreesteps Oh, didn't really think about that. Thanks!
What the fuck is a v6 it is called 1.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 not v6
They made the Subaru look like Scion..Booo. I have an '06 Hawkeye and like that look, the BRZ just isn't doing it for me!
The BRZ and the Scrion FR-S are twin cars. They teamed up to create the vehicle.
Leon McGee Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
there both chick cars, no real man buys a v6 mustang
do they give you a ruler to measure your penis size too when you buy a V8 mustang?
(Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Awards) The Toyota 4U-GSE/Subaru FA20 was named one of Ward's 10 Best Engines in 2013In Europe, the GT86 was awarded the following titles in 2012: Car of the Year by Top Gear magazine (and Jeremy Clarkson) who also crowned it Coupe of the Year and winner of the Top Gear Speed Week (against competition including the McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche 911 Carrera S and Lotus Exige S) Best Driver's Car by Autocar Performance Car by Auto Express. In Australia, the 86 was awarded the following titles in 2012: Car of the Year award by Wheels magazine, Carsguide and Drive (shared with Subaru BRZ); Best Performance Car under A$60,000 and People's Choice again by Drive People's Choice Best Performance Car under A$100,000 by Carsales (shared with Subaru BRZ). 2012 Car of the Year in New Zealand (Toyota 86 & GT86) 2012 Best Affordable Sports Car by US News (Scion FR-S) 2012 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick in the US (Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ) 2013 Top Ten Best Cars by the American Car and Driver (Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ) 2012-2013 Japan Car of the Year "Special Award" (Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ). The Subaru BRZ was also crowned: Fun-est Car of the Year by Top Gear Australia (against the Toyota 86, BMW M135i, Porsche 911 Carrera, Audi RS5, Ford Focus ST and Renault Megane RS265) 2012 Sports Car of the Year by France's Echappement 2013 Best Sports Car by Canada's Auto123. In addition, the Toyota-Subaru D4-S boxer engine was named one of Ward's 10 Best Engines in 2013 (Ford Mustang Awards) The 1965 Mustang won the Tiffany Gold Medal for excellence in American design, the first automobile ever to do so. The Mustang was on the Car and Driver Ten Best list in 1983, 1987, 1988, 2005, 2006, and 2011. It won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award in 1974 and 1994. In 2005 it was runner-up to the Chrysler 300 for the North American Car of the Year award and was named Canadian Car of the Year...
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