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IM BROKE, (ITS ON YOU! ) - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson

by Emmanuel N Phillip Hudson • 5,713,341 views

Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - IM BROKE, (ITS ON YOU! ) For Booking Contact Management 404-804-5579 - Bobby | | Subscribe to our Channel: Subscribe to our...

Is everything straight? & if it aint.... Its still on you.lmaaao
"I can't swipe my card, ain't got no cash, my bank's on overdraft."
is everything straight
Nobody gave you guys your own TV show YET?!?!?? They b trippin'. :)
How about both of yall broke
I like this video because it reminds me where they started and where they at now.  Good work.
BELLA DIAZ Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
IM BROKE, (ITS ON YOU! ) - Emmanuel & Phillip Hud…:
OMG! I am now on video 7 and I am in tears. You guys are sooooo on point and funny as hell. I am lovin it. I will be watching ALL videos.
Good R&B track guys. some funny ish. LOL
Yall need to start uploading more funny videos lbs of yall sining
The guy pay for the meal girl pay she will leave you Queenlaysia16
"We can walk" that's the part that gets me... "So how you got those new J's" you worry about the worry thing
I just act like i got go to restroom and i pay my part leave him there to go jail.
Omg ..... i cant do nothing but laugh about it .... lml
Omg ..... i cant do nothing but laugh about it .... lml
Its on you you you 
hahaha this was def one of ur funniest videos!!
OK so I only gave this song a dislike because they are talking about broke behind fellas and that ain't ever cool!🏧 Dude go get a job. If you got a job handle your money better. Don't come telling me you taking me out but then I gotta pay. Nope!!!😒
Happily married. I believe when a man seeks a woman he should be able to support her.
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Sound like Emmanuel can really sing
I love Philip Hudson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats y I dont date I just hook up
Beats are so depressing..
Look at 3:34 you can see Philip has braces
Wow that was great but how you broke and you got money for vines videos so :-[
Do this one next on AGT
Yeah u broke broke broke broke
Tell me how am supposed to pay for you and me
Can you spot me? Can you spot me, can you spot meeee? 
two waters... Lol! <3 it!
The Bank I Owe Them Lol Too Funny
They crazy and funny and so cute
This is funny steal get in woopins
his face at 3:05 !!!! im weak !!!!!!!
"Baby they talmbout my card declined aint that some shit" lmfao! 😂😭😂😭😂😭
CAN U SPOT ME LMFAO!!!!! haha!
yo unlce is a pastor emmanal
Dat stuff is hilarious lol:)
How much???? 2 waters lol 
Lol jk I am not mean I will do it. XD
Aye I make money and I spend it on my family and my girlfriend so That y I be broke
"Two waahters".lol
I'm broke too .-. My mommy got me doeeee ;)
yall sexy when yall do this song
lol ill pay u back lol lol!!
they both can sing foreal, thumbs up if you agree
i in love with that song lol
Uu can throw that on there.. Yes that too. And that.. Might as well throw that too... How much. Put that back that back.. Yea and that, lmao
BLUESWAG SUAVE Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Gen'o Theus Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
2 Lemonades...oh how much..2 waters,2 waters! Lol.
Lmao, lol ,they wild for dat, but baby Im rich rich rich rich, it's on me, dats always, imma gentleman first, so ladies hit dat number 6783679243, & let's make dreams come true
Never brag about what you got! You will attract gold diggers son! 
anyone know what the original song is?
2 Lemonades....How Much ??...2 Waters...Bofl #Dead lol
taz y i say i dont work lmaooo....
niggas be like Im broke broke broke broke
This is a good song
Sometimes I think they aren't broke
Then how u got them new jades u worry bout the wrong thanggg!!! LOVE IT <3
hahahahaha!!! you guys are exactly my type of crazy!
Hold it. If I have to do dis... I would be like.. Yeaahh no.
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