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Acting for Action w/ Sung Kang - Lesson 1

by The YOMYOMF Network • 924,045 views

WATCH EVERY EPISODE HERE! YOMYOMF Network's new comedy webseries "ACTING FOR ACTION W/ SUNG KANG," revolves around a delusional actor named...

Dangg I want to molest Ryan like that
Why Sung Kang is so fucking perfect? ♥
That's disgusting
This got me thinking... when I watched this video for the first time I found it funny, but now I think it's just a huge double standart. I mean, they wouldn't have gotten through with this video if the victim in this case had been female, and male rape actually isn't a laughing matter like it's always displayed in videos like this. and when I read some of the comments here... "Lol, ryan got raped!" I know if I get comments on this post they will say "Take a joke, this was a comedy video", but this is exactly the problem I have with that- videos like this spread the message that male rape is funny and that male rape victims deserve to be ridiculed, and it contributes to society's view that male rape shouldn't be taken seriously, that it isn't really a problem and that rape is only bad when it happens to a woman. I'll change my like into a dislike- still a huge huge fan/lamp of ryan.
There was no rape in the video. What was there was 2 guys hugging each other. People just go too far when they link hugging with raping, which in fact involve the action of forcefully spreading... erm in the case of male rape i guess theres no spreading. Or is there? U might say that it was 'forceful' hugging. But there are other things in life that are done forcefully too, which cant be linked to rape.
omg..ryan looked totally genuinely uncomfortable even the after-takes! he was like wtf hahahahahaha
OMG this is so awkward XD but funny at the same time XD
Anyone else notice Protect Ya Neck in the transition?
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! incredible so funny i love this video 
Well then.  Awkward.  Ryan, undoubtedly, can hold his own during lots of kinds of awkwardness, but this... this is a whole other level.  He probably left the set and wept in his car. xD
oh my god... poor ryan
+Rendiemdal Ya know how it sounds stupid when u say "Well, well, well"?
O !! NNOOOO!!!! somebody help poor Ryan ... hes ear become so red he took a slpe on face too ... this is unacceptable .....>_<''' !!!!!
Ryan's like wtf and why me
Sung Kang... so attractive... <3
Han Lue, is that you?
freaking love sung kang
Oh gawd I cringed so much, I think my guts almost fell out.  Poor Ryan, I wanna give him a bath now xD
Oh!  Ryan!  I love you so much more for being so innocent...XDD My stomach hurts from laughing...and then clicking on it again.
Sure, rape isn't funny. But this video isn't even about rape, it's only your interpretation that makes it seem so. Why so serious?
+Jame Wilkerson Why does it matter if the actor were female? Your imposing your views on others. In reality, you don't know these people enough to even justify that they may have a double standard.  I have never heard of a case where rape was deemed "funny" or "acceptable" pertaining to gender. Some don't tell because they feel they will be looked down upon-and that refers to any rape victim give or take. Again, this only proves you're scarfing your views down the throats of viewers of a video that had a tone that didn't even reach the seriousness of rape to begin with.
+Toristryot I'm not imposing my views on others, I'm saying that male rape jokes are somehow more accepted than female rape jokes in society. Pretty much everyone I know who has said "You shouldn't joke about rape ever" has later laughed at a "Drop the soap"- joke for example. For most people I know it's already enough to say "Male rape" and they crack up, and I do think it's mostly because of the misrepresentation of the issue in the media like here, because most of the time male rape gets adressed on TV or elsewhere it's to ridicule it. Maybe the people who made this don't have a double standart, I don't know, maybe to them it wouldn't have mattered if the actor had been female, but we both know, if it had been the case, there would have been an uproar here, because to society, it does matter. All I'm saying here is: People constantly say you shouldn't joke about rape, but everyone always seems to be okay with it as long as the victim is male- I've seen this in real life, on the internet in form of comments and in the media. I've seldomly seen any TV show or movie making fun of female rape, only these extreme off the limits- series like Family Guy (even there people complained only about the female rape jokes) but it's much more common to make fun of male rape and male domestic violence, and no one ever complains. Find me any video on youtube that makes fun of female rape the same way male rape gets made fun of here, I bet there is none. These people here might not have a double standart, but society definitely does. You've never heard of a case where rape was deemed "funny" or "acceptable" pertaining to gender? Good for you, but I've seen that a lot already.
this is freaking funny
OMG!....that's.....awful!!....hahaha...Sung don't know what to say~~~ ryan's innocent....hahaha
i was looking for Sung Kang's videos and wasn't expecting Ryan at all. Hey Ryan, this is your inspiration to be the guy you were
They're all acting right? Or Is the reaction from Ryan genuine?
no. this is all genuine. every single person in this video is genuine and not acting. even when the camera is off.... this is how they all are. Chinese, Japanese..... shit, it's all about the duckits.
i hate it so much
I love Sung Kang sooo much, he's adorable <3
Lmfao and I had no idea these videos were being uploaded suppa funny
that is the guy from fast and furious
Hahaha! I still love you, Ryan. Do Acting for Action with Justin Chon. PLEASE!
That's Sung Kang AKA Han from Fast & Furious!
Sarcasm ring a bell in that ol rusty ball over your shoulders?
Wow.. Must be funny ass hell working with Sung (:
all ryan needs to do is look at a girl...
do one with Timothydelaghetto
That intro,its so cool. Golden Harvest style title.
OMG lol poor Ryan I bet he got some that night lol and maybe with a discount haha 😜😘
came here after watching fast and furious 6...
ooooo i see wht u did there Lol :D
i love how everyone is saying they feel bad for ryan. its a sketch, he acting lol
I love how the beginning of the video is a knock off of old cantonese movies. XD
sure is right, this is really fantastic. and i can tell u, i've been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. you can get it from here:\137nUvB
Because Justin Lin, director of Fast and Furious, created YOMYOMF.
4:46 haahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
asians my friend asians.. we dont need to understand ..
I felt raped while watching this... O.o
who ealse thinks the them song is a little scary?!?!?!?
"SSSHHH don't be scared..." that's when ryan git scared :DD
I.....sincerely...feel sorry for Ryan
Lmfao this was probly the most awkward video
Feel so bad for Ryan... :( Oh well, it IS entertainment... Anything goes... Again: (Poor Ryan)
Hahah i love how Ryan just stood there so awkwardly XD
this series is hilarious, sung kang is a strong and talented and beautiful I love it
People who don't know who Sung Kang is from Fast and Furious wont think this is funny.
are there bloopers for this video? You guys are hilarious!!
Love the Golden Harvest style intro, makes me want to go watch one of those films...
that was so damn hard to watch... o.O
I'm gonna get nightmares tonight 0_0
Thumbs up if your here because of Ryan
Every time i watch Sung Kang from 2:45 and on, i get this little tickle in my neck. He's so hot. I can't even...... -sexual frustration-
They must have been laughing so much! It probably took them 10 times to do this, laughing their as** of the first 9!
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